Terms of Service

In order to continue with the registration process, you must read and agree to the following Terms of Service (TOS):

  • The BBS Organization (hereinafter refered to as "The Provider") will not be held responsible for any damages incurred directly or indirectly through the use of the Provider's software or services.
  • Under no circumstances can The Provider be help liable for more than the cost of service for any damages.
  • The Provider makes no warranty either explicit or implied as to the fitness of its software and services for any particular purpose.
  • The Provider reserves the right to cease to provide service to any member (to "cancel their account") at any time without prior warning or explanation for any reasons it deems appropriate. The sole conditions of this cancellation are that
    • The Provider must make an attempt to provide notice to the member whose account was cancelled within one week of cancellation as to the reason for the cancellation.
  • The Provider reserves the right to deny any username to any member at any time on the grounds that the the Provider finds the name inappropriate in any way. Upon the Provider's request of the member to change their name, the user shall have one week to furnish the Provider with a replacement name, after which time, if no name has been received, the members account will be suspended.
  • The member must furnish accurate information on the online registration form.
  • The Provider is not responsible for the actions of their members, and assumes no liability for damages done or for crimes committed by members using the provider's software or services. The member is solely responsible for the actions he or she propogates through the use of the Provider's software or services.
  • Any donations received by the Provider will be used to help cover the expenses of providing DNS services to the community. Members that donated may or may not receive extra benefits. Any and all donations are non-refundable.

  • Click the I Agree button to acknowledge your acceptance of the Terms of Service and continue registering.