Utilities for ProBoard BBS


PB216Y22.ZIP (5K)
Year 2000 patch for ProBoard 2.16. Fixes all date bugs in ProBoard!

Russian language

This patch makes ProBoard 2.16 to change cyrillic 'H' to latin 'H' automatically. Usefull for russian users.
Some patches for qwk.pex from ProBoard 2.16 distributive.
  1. Changing exit button from 'X' to '-'.
  2. Automatically change cyrillic 'H' and 'y' to latin 'H' and 'y'.
Russian language file for ProBoard

Miscellaneous utilities

Converts message areas from areas.bbs to Proboard config.
Replacement for standard download routine. Using this utility users can download their files quickly and easily. They can download all marked files or, as in standard Proboard routine, select only needed ones.
TOFITAG.ZIP (4K) [pex]
TopFilesTagger v1.0 for ProBoard. Shows the most popular files to the user. User can mark these files for downloading.