29-Apr-99 Two days ago, on 27th of April, I was celebrating my birthday. The birthday party will take place on Saturday, so I think a number of new photoes will appear in the Photo Gallery soon. I even can't tell you an amount of congratulations I've received from different people by ICQ, e-mail or with a voice. BTW, postcards, presents and congratulations are sill welcome :) Also I have one piece of news that will be pleasant for all the people who like BBSing and Internet (WWW). I hope, in the nearest future you'll be able to see it with your owm eyes.
23-Apr-99 Sorry, now I write news very seldom, because I'm very busy with my work. Soon I hope to have some free time to maintain the homepage and for other pleasant things. Today I've got three pieces of news for you. First, the homepage was moved to sun.nord.vostok.net/~konst . I've updated i.am/konst redirector, so if you want to bookmark my site, please add i.am/konst into your list. Second, new feature was added to my software's homepages. Now you can receive files (Hector and Tornado distributions) via e-mail, clicking "receive with e-mail" item on the "Downloads" page. And third one is related to my contact information changes. E-Mail address konst@quake.vostok.net is no longer valid. If you want your messages reach me, please send them to konst@adel.telecom.nov.ru (I check this mailbox when I'm at home) or konst@sun.nord.vostok.net (my e-mail address at work).
18-Mar-99 Yesterday I took a Spanish handbook from the library of our university. So, today I tried to start learning. That's great! The language appeared to be very easy and I like it. BTW, if anyone who speaks Spanish wants to help me with learning, feel free to mail me and we'll try to speak your language.
27-Feb-99 I have two peices of news for you today. First, a few photographs were taken during this week with a digital camera have been added to the photogallery. And second, yesterday Igor Naumkin, an author of the Guard utility, sent me new version of his program. Now it's already available for downloading on the "utils" page.
23-Feb-99 Alex Kireev, a friend of mine, was very kind to give me his digital camera to use during a week. So, a lot of new pictures will appear on my photo gallery soon. BTW, as I promised now you can take a look at me with cutted hair wearing a millitary uniform.
21-Feb-99 Whole week passed from the date of last piece of news. So, what I was doing during that time period. First, my web site has changed (just take a look at photo gallery, Tornado and Hector homepages). I did a lot of work in PhotoShop and now you can see the result. Second piece of news is for Tornado users. Now they're able to register their copies of Tornado directly on the Internet. Just go to GetSoftware site and answer its questions.
14-Feb-99 This night my girl-friend Oksana and I were celebrating Saint Valentine's day. Also I had to cut my hair because of starting of my studies on the millitary chair of our university. Hope, photo will be available soon.
27-Jan-99 Today Konst's art gallery has been opened. Now exposition includes works of only one painter, my father, Nickolay Klyagin. I plan to add more famous Kharkov artists to my gallery in future.
22-Jan-99 New photo of my face was taken. Click here to see me :)
01-Jan-99 Happy New Year, everybody :)
26-Dec-98 Today I've received a message from a patriot of Ukraine who doesn't like my site :) Click here to read his letter and have some laugh at his arguments. You can send him your opinion about the message to mic_spm@hotmail.com. As to me, I hate fanatic bastards like that one.
03-Dec-98 New photos in my gallery. They were taken on the Eskhar this autumn and in Tver this summer.
01-Dec-98 Tornado 1.65gamma has been released. Now it's an Unlimited shareware.
28-Nov-98 Today I've written new poem. It's about sense of life :) If you know Russian, you can read it clicking on "MY POEMS" link.
27-Nov-98 WARNING! My e-mail address has changed. Now you're able to write me at konst@quake.vostok.net instead of konst@cca.kharkov.ua.
18-Nov-98 Yesterday it was the Student's day, which was celebrated very well. Why else could I have such a hangover this morning?
14-Nov-98 Now my health seems to be ok. I look through the window and see a lot of snow on the street. It's a real winter, but a little bit early.
09-Nov-98 I got ill.
08-Nov-98 I wonder, why all the news are about software recently? So, first thing I have to tell you is that today 1.60beta version of Tornado has been released. Second, if I want to speak about not only software, I'll tell you that yesterday it was 81th anniversary of the (Great?) October revolution. My friends (Arseny Kaprelyants and Alex Strogaloff) and I deceided to celebrate it, but celebration wasn't very good, we just were sitting at Alex Strogaloff's place, drinking apple wine and watching "X-Files" movie on video player. Weather is strange recently: yesterday is was raining a little, today it was snowing. Tomorrow my girl-friend should return from home which located in Lugansk area. She went to visit her mother on these holidays. It seems today there are no news left.
16-Oct-98 Hector version 1.1beta has been released. I wonder, why I like music of the "Gamma Ray" band so much? :)
10-Oct-98 Visited the meeting of creditors of the bard songs that took place in Kharkov region not far from Eskhar settlement. I went there with Oksana Bekker (my girlfriend) and Eugene Lysov (university friend). The outing was very good. We were there only one day, not day and night, because I was afraid of staying the night (you know, I was ill on pneomonia in the beginning of this summer, and nights before 10th of October were very cold). However, when I was going home after escorting Oksana, I was hot. I understood it was a good idea to stay, but outing was great anyway.
06-Oct-98 Posted first message to the Tornado mailing list. Today its subscribers amount is 8. Released one more alpha-version of Tornado. 1.60gamma is coming soon.
25-Sep-98 Tornado mailing list has been created. You can subscribe it from the Tornado page.
19-Sep-98 Had a very good walk in a forest with a beatiful girl. Released the first alpha version of Tornado for Win95/98/NT. Go to Tornado page for more information.
01-Sep-98 Just had a very bad mood.
19-Aug-98 Deceided to setup ICQ. Great :) My ICQ UIN is 17502151. So, now you can contact me easier.
16-Aug-98 Total web site reconstruction. Today I started this "hot news" page and I'll try to put here as more as possible info about any events happens in my life. It'll be my little "public" diary.

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