Currently I'm developing two software projects. They are Tornado (software for BBS) and Hector (FTN-compatible mail editor). Check the downloads page to download it.

You can press any of the links at the left of you, which will direct you to the corresponding information. I'm trying to make updates to this site regulary, so all the information you can find here is quite actual.

If you DO like my programs, have a big desire to thank me for them, and live outside the former USSR and your company needs a programmer or you simply have a possibility to find a job for me in your country, please feel free to contact me. I'm VERY intrested to find a computer-related job outside here. Also I can work for foreign companies living here (you know, software and money transferring isn't hard in our times). Click here to learn more about me, my interests and professional skills. I'll consider all of your business propositions.

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