If you have a program, TRS script, or other file that directly relates to Tornado, please share it with everyone!

Here are some recommendations for authors:

Complect your utility package with a proper documentation (at least enough so that anyone can get it running without a lot of screaming and hair-pulling..)

Include a FILE_ID.DIZ. Please, no high-ascii, fancy "artwork", or other sillyness in your FILE_ID.DIZ.. these are for descriptions, not "art" or BBS-ads.

Files may be submitted in the following ways:

Via Fidonet file attach to my station at 2:461/22.

Via ftp by uploading your file to quake.vostok.net/incoming/. Note: If you use this method, please send me email, so that I know you've uploaded a file.

Via a email message attachment to konst@adel.telecom.nov.ru (This method will obviously be limited to smaller files)

Sending notification of your file via email. You must include a URL or anonymous ftp site where your file can be picked up (Yes, I'll even come get it, but only via the internet)


NO untested beta software. It must work.
DON'T include other authors programs in your archive, unless you have permission to do so.

How the author benefits ...

All releases are not only distributed via Fidonet (they'll be hatched to the TORNADO fileecho), but placed on the official Tornado FTP site. Because of this, you get unprecedented distribution for your work.

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