General Information

This software package is distributed within the concept of unlimited shareware. The software, therefore, may be freely used, copied and distributed in any appropriate way unless any profit is gained from these operations.

No one may modify Tornado product or its part in any way without written permission of the product author.

A private person may use an unregistered copy of Tornado without any time limitations, if the person does NOT acquire any direct or indirect profit of it. Any use of the Tornado by commercial, educational, governmental, social, or any other institution (whether or not it is a legal person) is in no way considered as non-commercial. Though, if the product is installed to and run using an equipment owned by such an insitution, the use of the product is nevertheless considered as non-commercial in case it is not involved in any way to any of official activities of the institution and any other institutions.

In order to register Tornado and acquire a right of commercial use of the product, Tornado registration keyfile has to be obtained from author or the official distributor upon payment of the registration fees.

Order of registration

Why to register

Registering Tornado does not limits user benefits to proud statement "Registered to...". Obtaining the keyfile enables full multiline functionality (255 lines compared to 2 of unregistered version). It's probable that in some time Tornado will support the client part of some popular Internet services (at least, telnet and finger are planned), which will be available ONLY in registered versions. Besides, paying for the product is a reasonable reward to the author who spends much time and energy to support and improve the product.

The keyfile will be valid for ALL the Tornado versions prior 2.0 (i.e. numbered 1.xx). Moreover, cost of the keyfile for 2.0 version will be significally lesser for registered users of any prior versions.

Registration fees

Keyfile cost is a combination of basic registration cost plus product cost (varies depending on the target OS):

Buyerin CISother country
FIDOnet member1$10$
Private person10$15$
Legal person25$30$
Friends and supporters1 bottle of beer?

Operating systemFee sum

For example, the total cost of keyfile for DOS and OS/2 versions for a private person living in Ukraine (or Russia, for example) and being a FIDONet member (a typical consumer, indeed ;) will be $16, which includes $1 of basic cost + $10 for DOS version + $5 for OS/2 version.

For cracks users

I'm sure that cracks will be out very soon. You're free to use them; Tornado protection is intentionally made very simple. Surely I could do it more complex, but what for? I think it'd better to spend time and energy for developing something really productive and useful. Just take into consideration that using the cracked version you violate copyright legislation of your country (and can be prosecuted by law) and do not contribute in any way to further developing and improving of the product. Well, though if these reasons just annoy you, then continue using the crack.

Where to order

Any registration issues should at the moment be discussed with the author of Tornado. Contact him for further negotiations about payments transaction and keyfile transmission.

Also you're able to register your copy of Tornado ONLINE! If you have a credit card of one of types supported, click on the button.

There are no dealers in other cities at the moment. But I'm open to all those who want to deal Tornado as to issues of sending registration fees and keyfiles.

The real prices can be a bit higher than the above-mentioned, depending of terms of author's agreement with the dealers. But total price increase must NOT be more than 20%.

For further info about contacting the author refer to paragraph 10.4 of the main documentation (TORNADO.DOC).