Here you can find a lot of intresting utilities, doors, etc for Tornado. Several download sites are offered on this page so you can get better CPS :)

File name Download sites Description
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The best filelist-builder program for Tornado. Aligns descriptions, unpacks file_id.diz, supports CD-ROM areas, builds freq-dirs file, generates new files reports in PKT-format, processes echo-requests, avaliable in DOS real and DPMI versions. Freeware. Only Russian docs are available yet. (c) Dmitry Liman 2:461/79
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Guard is a program to protect your station of multi-named and bad users, based on Tornado BBS system + T-Mail mailer + modem with automatic caller's phone number detection. Archive contains executables for DOS, OS/2 and Win32. Both Russian and English docs are available now! (c) Igor Naumkin 2:467/91
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Usrlist ver. 1.02 beta for Tornado 1.60 and higher. (Cursor keys, Hide any user, English version). (c) Max Chistyakov
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Animated Enter prompts for Tornado v.2.0 Final By Dmitriy Aljoshin
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Digital Watch for Tornado, ver. 1.00 (c) Max Chistyakov
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REACTOR Tornado One liner v1.1 Coded by Headcrasher aka Eugene Voronov
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BBS Line Busy Statistic Generator BusyBBS v1.30 by Yuri Zimin

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