TORNADO is a program to create and arrange BBS (Bulletin Board System). There is a lot of such programs, the most popular are RemoteAccess, Maximus, PCBoard, SuperBBS, etc. But it's always interesting to do it by oneself. So dealing with the BBS programs setting and customizing on my own BBS, I noticed some inconveniences. This forced me to think about developing my own BBS program. This was happened on 26 July 1995. That day I've created the TORNADO.PAS file in the Borland Pascal 7.0 IDE - really amazing Borland Inc. product. The Tornado is my try (it's up on you to judge whether is it succesful ;) to join the strengthes of the programs of such class, assembling them with own features (as well as with bugs - there are many of them, surely). I paid special attention to comfortable work, number of features increase, and thorough debugging.

This version of the TORNADO is an unlimited shareware. See the major guidelines in the license. Also it's distributed within frameworks of the General software support and GetSoftware projects.
TORNADO is distributed in the "as is" form, accordingly to the common international AS IS principle. This means, that the author isn't responsible in any way for any damage or loss caused by using the Tornado. You are using it at your own risk.

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