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    [2.1.01] -   netVillage  

[2.1.01] - netVillage

*, Inc. - Company Profile
* Applications for Your Web Site
* Entertainment Collection for netVillage
  * Spice Up Your netVillage Chat Sessions
  * Online Interaction For Your Users
  * A Place Where Friends Meet
  * Entertainment Teleconference General Features
  * Game Modules General Features
  * Requirements

* Fax/Online for netVillage
  * An Outgoing Fax Service For Your Organization
  * Easy Management and Viewing of Information
  * Configure Your System For Exceptional Security
    and Accounting
  * General Features
  * Security Features
  * Requirements

* Omni-Mall for netVillage
  * Online Ordering and Real-Time Credit-Card Verification
  * Flexible and Easy Configuration
  * Market and Sell Your Products Online
  * General Features
  * Security Features
  * Requirements

* Hardware Options for netVillage
  * The GalactiBox
  * The G-Box is not just an Expansion Chassis
  * GalactiBoard
  * Easy to Configure
  * GalactiBox Features
  * Intelligent Serial Kit for netVillage
  * Host Controller Boards
  * Port Modules
  * Easily integrates with netVillage
  * Everything is included
  * SuperSerial XP Host Controllers Specifications

* netVillage Developer's Kit
  * An open platform for developing online applications
  * General Architecture
  * Terminal-Mode Modules
  * Client Apps
  * Server Agents
  * Development Requirements
  * Development Kit Features

* Security Mechanisms
  * The secure solution for remote access
  * A firewall to your LAN
  * Password protection
  * Five models of netVillage
  * Locks and Keys
  * Assigning Locks and Keys
  * Classes of users
  * Security you can trust

* Direct Pricing Information

*, Inc. - Company profile
Company:, Inc.
1301 West Newport Center Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Sales: (888)922-8455
Customer Service: (954)570-7676
Support: (954)419-1380
FAX: (954)360-7112

Incorporated: October 1999

Overview: Developer of multiuser communications software
and hardware for workgroup, Internet and online

Markets: Companies looking to set up Web sites, private
online services and workgroup environments over the
Internet or Intranet. Customers include small
businesses, Fortune 500 companies, educational
institutions and government agencies.

Historical Progress: 1999 -- Purchased the Worldgroup
software from Galacticomm. Renamed it to netVillage.

Products: netVillage -- online system software for
Windows/DOS platforms. Includes the netVillage Plug-in
for Netscape. License for eight simultaneous users
included. System can be expanded with User Six-Packs
to support up to 256 simultaneous users.

netVillage Internet Server -- Bundled product combining
netVillage, the Advanced Internet Option, Dial-Out and
Dial-Up Options. License for 20 simultaneous users included.

netVillage Enterprise Server -- Bundled product combining
netVillage, the Advanced Internet Option, Omni-Mall, Novell
Option, Dial-Out and Dial-Up Options. License for 128
simultaneous users included.

Connectivity Options -- User Six-Pack, X.25 Software Option,
Advanced Internet Option, Dial-Out Add-on, Novell Option,
Dial-Up Option.

Add-on Options -- Advertising/Announcement Ticker,
Entertainment Collection, Fax/Online, Omni-Mall, Search
and Retrieve, netVillage Developer's Kit.

Hardware -- GalactiBoard, Intelligent Serial Kit.

Support: Readily available technical support. Full-time
staff Internet support from

Distribution: Worldwide distribution through's direct sales force (Internet
e-mail: and a network of
dealers, retailers, value-added resellers,
and systems integrators. Distribution by Ingram
Micro, Tech Data and DistribuPro.

* Applications for Your Web Site

- Plug in interactive client/server apps with netVillage
A complete suite of applications hot-linked to your Web
site. Catalog shopping with real-time credit card
verification. Polls and questionnaires with instant
graphical display of results. A fax server offering
up-to-the-minute information. Video conferencing.
Multimedia databases. Classified ads. Shared file
libraries. Private discussion areas and chat sessions
with shared "white board." And no CGI or Java programming

With the freely distributable netVillage Plug-in for
Netscape Navigator (and Microsoft Internet Explorer coming
soon), dozens of ready-to-go applications can be launched
directly from your users' browsers. No cost-per-user
licensing fees mean all your employees, customers and
business partners can enjoy your client/server apps over
the Web.

The netVillage Plug-in needs to be installed on your users
PCs only once. A user who already has an account on your
netVillage server will be seamlessly logged on. Those
users who have not yet established an account will be asked
to create one, using a simple sign-up dialog box.

Add a few simple commands to your HTML files to fire off
any netVillage app. When a user clicks on a link to an
application, the plug-in connects to the netVillage server
specified by an EMBED tag in your HTML file - and opens a
telnet session through the same TCP/IP stack as the user's
browser. The application is launched independently of the
browser, so the user can continue to access this Windows
client application - even after clicking away to another
location on the Web.

Your netVillage server and Web server do not necessarily
have to be operating on the same machine - or even in the
same location. netVillage works in conjunction with your
favorite Web server - or you can use the Web server
software built into netVillage.

Easy to install, easy to administer. With netVillage, you
can provide rich Web content with the ease of use people
expect from their PCs. The high-impact graphics, sound,
animation and context-sensitive help go way beyond basic
HTML technology. Plug and Play Web Apps

The netVillage baseline product includes online surveys,
group messaging, shared file libraries and teleconferencing.

Add a link to the polls and questionnaires module and
you've got instantaneous information about the people on
your site at your fingertips. Using pop-up screens, in
minutes you'll create your own market research
questionnaires, application forms and opinion polls.
Intelligent branching lets you configure polls with
questions that vary depending on answers received. You or
your users can view tallied results online at any time.
Print bar graphs or pie charts of the results or export
the data for use in other applications. Set up surveys
that different audiences - such as employees, customers
and suppliers - have access to. After they complete the
questionnaire, you can give them special files, demo
software or upgrade their security access.

Bring workgroup applications directly to your site with
group messaging. All the popular features of today's
leading messaging packages are supported - distribution
lists, a spell checker, carbon copies and more. Configure
up to 10,000 group discussion areas for different topics
and define specific access levels for each user or
classes of users. Forum messages are organized in both
chronological order and topic "threads" to easily track
conversations. Users can find messages fast with the
"quickscan" feature and boolean keyword searches.

URLs in messages are automatically recognized. With a
single click on a highlighted address, users can link
to Web sites, ftp files, launch telnet connections, or
send Internet mail - all while maintaining a persistent
session with your netVillage application.

Liven things up with Rich-Text Format (RTF) messages
with user-defined fonts, colors and styles. And
netVillage's e-mail application can be used as your
complete wide-area private messaging system or can
interface to your existing e-mail package.

Set up a link to the file libraries module and you've
got the easiest way to organize and share files over
the Web - a powerful improvement over ftp's limited
implementation for file exchange. Find files by
browsing through full-screen listings or searching by
library, category, file name, file date, upload date
and popularity. Use wildcard and boolean keyword
expressions too, and keyword searches even extend into
the text of the file. You can display the contents of
ZIP files before downloading as well.

Visitors to your Web site can tag hundreds of files for
download, then conveniently transfer them with the click
of a button. And, since all netVillage applications are
multithreaded, these transfers are carried out in the
background - freeing your users to access other online
applications or Web pages in parallel.

netVillage's teleconference is perfect for group meetings
in real time over the Web. Discussions are displayed in a
scrolling format with each person's name before his or her
message. Ideas can be sketched using the collaborative
drawing board. Visitors to your site also can exchange
files directly from their teleconference session, at a
background priority, while continuing their conversation.
And, with their Web browser open, they can click on URLs
that are automatically highlighted in discussion text,
enabling a group of users to explore the Web together.

* Add More Apps
Add a complete client/server online shopping system.
Provide 24-hour catalog sales of products, services
and online time. With the Omni-Mall option, visitors
to your Web site can scan through product catalogs
and place or cancel orders at will. Your online mall
can have multiple stores, each with several departments
 and its own products. To increase the selection of
items and system revenue, you can rent space to other
merchants. Associate multiple images, sound clips and
text files with products in your stores for a multimedia
sales presentation.

Omni-Mall supports automated online credit card processing
in real time. And credit card transactions are protected
with the built-in encryption capabilities. Charge the
appropriate sales tax using variable tax tables. Set up
quantity discount levels, shipping methods, delivery
schedules, weight rates and handling charges to be included
on the invoice. Use Omni-Mall in conjunction with Fax/Online
and automatically fax invoices to your store managers for
just-in-time order fulfillment.

Fax/Online also provides a database of up-to-the-minute
documents. Employees can fax documents around the world
without ever leaving their desks - and customers can visit
your site and fax themselves the information they need.
Maintain a list of phone number patterns - such as
commonly used numbers and area codes - for different rate
structures or to restrict calls.

Quickly customize your menus to all of your
netVillage applications with our object-oriented,
point-and-click design environment. Add hypermedia
graphics, digital sounds and multiframe animations
without complex programming.

With netVillage, you update the content of your
applications from Windows dialog boxes -- whether
you are local or remote to your server - making it
very easy to maintain your site and keep it fresh.

* Develop Your Own Web Applications
Use Visual Basic and our developer's kit to create
your own netVillage apps, or modify existing ones.
A well-documented client/server API and application
source code are included.

Or just plug and play any app already available
through our network of over 100 independent software
vendors (ISVs). Of course, you can still include any
Java applets, VRML worlds or any other HTML files
you've already developed - netVillage works hand-in-hand
with other leading Web technologies.

* Efficiently Manage User Access
Take your site beyond incomplete "page hit" auditing.
User accounts bring demographic data, usage information
and access control to your Web site. Generate real
mailing labels - as well as e-mail distribution lists -
for direct marketing campaigns. Conduct surveys to
gather meaningful information about those visiting
your site. Track system and user activities with the
built-in audit trail - you can configure which events
are recorded and create reports for further analysis.

Automatically grant access to information and features
based on who the user is. Software locks and keys
determine how each user will view or access information
and applications. Set up security keyrings, time
restrictions, options for billing and expiration dates
for individual users or classes of users.

* Fulfill All Your Communication Needs
Provide interactive client/server computing using the
Internet or your Intranet as a TCP/IP network. The
network-centric integration of netVillage applications
achieves group productivity over the Web. Visitors
efficiently use their time by performing multiple tasks
simultaneously -- such as downloading files while
ordering merchandise from your online store. Any new
applications -- or new versions of existing ones --
will be updated automatically in the background. And
these applications, once downloaded to a user's PC,
can be used even without a connection to the server.

Users also can access your netVillage server via
modem, Novell IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, ISDN and X.25. From
one central hub, you can manage the same set of
information for all your users. With these
connectivity methods, netVillage serves as a secure
bridge between workgroups, the Web and the world.

Provide your dial-up users with secure proxy and
dedicated SLIP/CSLIP/PPPaccess out to the Internet
using the Advanced Internet Option. Offer a range
of Internet services such as ftp, telnet, rlogin,
finger, NNTP newsgroups, IRC, SMTP and POP3 mail.

* Update Your Web Site Today
Web solutions for commerce, business communications,
publishing, education and more. See for yourself.
Check out our Web site at
and download the free netVillage Plug-in.

When you decide to buy a netVillage server, you can
even place your order online. All netVillage products
are covered by a no-nonsense 30-day money-back
guarantee, and prices start at $595 list.

For the name of your nearest dealer, or for more
information regarding products and training courses,
call (888)922-8455 (954)570-7676 outside the U.S.
and Canada).

* Entertainment Collection for netVillage

* Spice Up Your netVillage Chat Sessions
Host an online get-together for your callers that is
jam-packed with amusement and excitement. The
Entertainment Collection includes interactive arcade,
word and adventure games, and features the
Entertainment Teleconference - a multiuser chat

* Online Interaction For Your Users
Add a new level of excitement by using actions, sounds
and images to enhance your users' real-time chat
sessions. Let your users express themselves with
animated words, such as hugs, waves, shrugs and smiles.
Associate sound clips with these actions and those
callers with sound cards will hear the sighs, chuckles
and music that can accompany these actions. Users can
select their favorite actions by clicking on icons in
the action-word toolbar. For example, if Chris selected
"laugh," the text "Chris is laughing at you" could
appear on the screen accompanied by the sound of laughter.

For visual impact, users can submit photos of
themselves that, once approved by the Sysop, are
available to other users as thumbnails or full
images. Users can actually see who they're talking
to - or images that represent them.

* A Place Where Friends Meet
Establish thousands of virtual rooms where your users
can meet - each room can have its own topic, moderator
and action lists. They can whisper secret messages to
one another, invite people into their own private room,
or sneak away into a one-on-one chat mode. A user list
gives an at-a-glance update of those in the room -
updated in real time as users enter and leave.

To share ideas, users in a room can launch a common drawing
board and sketch images using a wide selection of tools and
colors. The drawing can even be saved to disk for future

* Entertainment Teleconference General Features
- Capitalize on netVillage's client/server architecture
and let your users enjoy multimedia teleconference
- Support multiuser chat sessions over local networks,
modems, and optionally the Internet, ISDN and X.25.
- Establish multisystem teleconferences by linking to
other teleconference systems.
- Establish thousands of secure public and private rooms
in which your users can meet.
- Associate software security "keys" with each room - only
users who hold the key can enter the room.
- Configure hundreds of action commands that your users can
select from a tool bar. Define up to two action lists for
each room.
- Appoint Tele-Sysops - helpers who can post credits and
disconnect or squelch abusive users.
- Associate sound clips with each action.
- Approve user-submitted photos that can be viewed by
others as thumbnails or full images.
- Maximize your users' time with the background file
transfer feature - accessible directly from the
Teleconference menu.
- Your users can configure topics for their private
channels, enable/disable sounds, determine how text will
display on their own screens and more.
- Users in a room can launch a shared drawing board with
the click of a button.

* Game Modules General Features
Deliver a full suite of multiplayer, terminal-mode games
for your users to enjoy:
- Provide casino-style games, including Tele-Blackjack,
Tele-Poker and Tingo (teleconference bingo).
- Let your users purchase lottery tickets and try to win
free online time or credits with Super Lotto.
- Offer battleship, arcade and word games with Super Nova,
Androids and Hangman's Secret Cove.
- Feature real-time text adventure games with Fazuul and

* Requirements
- netVillage v1.01 or higher
- 11MB disk space

Call Us Today
Enhance your real-time chat sessions. Attract hundreds of
users to your netVillage system with this fun-packed
entertainment module. Call your favorite
dealer, or call us direct at 1-800-328-1128
(or 954-583-5990 outside the U.S. and Canada)., Entertainment Collection and netVillage
are trademarks of, Inc. All other products
are trademarks of their respective companies.

* Fax/Online for netVillage

* An Outgoing Fax Service For Your Organization
Ensure that your sales and customer support staff
always have the latest information at their
fingertips. With Fax/Online you can use your
netVillage system as a fax server, sharing a group
of fax/modems and a document database to efficiently
fax messages and information kits around the world.
Your users can call in and request up-to-the-minute-
information, and it will be faxed to them directly
from your server. If you're running a for-profit
system, you can generate revenue by charging users
for toll calls and for each page of information faxed.

* Easy Management and Viewing of Information
A user entering the Fax/Online module will see the list
of the documents to which he has access. When sending a
fax, your user is prompted for information about where
the fax is going and has the opportunity to type a
message to accompany the file. A Windows caller can use
the built-in viewer to display documents on his screen
or output to any printer attached to his PC.

* Configure Your System For Exceptional Security and
Accounting Fax/Online lets you protect your system
against those who might try to run up your phone bill
or annoy others at your expense. You can set up your
system to restrict or block calls to any number that
you choose (such as emergency numbers or pay services).
You can define software security "keys" required by
users to access certain numbers (such as international
numbers). Before permitting a fax transmission,
Fax/Online checks that the user has the appropriate
access key and credit balance to make the call.

* General Features
- Provide an easy to use fax service with a client/server
interface and context-sensitive online help.
- Add documents by simply faxing them to a fax modem on
your netVillage server.
- Set up different rate structures for various calling
- Define charges for first page and subsequent pages,
depending on the destination.
- Automatically deduct credits from your users' accounts
before a fax transmission is attempted - refunds will be
given for any unsuccessful fax attempts.
- Keep your users informed - Fax/Online will automatically
e-mail your users with the outcome of each fax attempt.
- Send an announcement to users still logged on to your
system as to the status of their fax transmission.
- Protect your build and send queues from the effects of
power outages or system shutdown - both queues are
maintained on disk. Upon system restart the fax delivery
will pick up where it left off.
- Configure the number of transmission retries and the
number of minutes between attempted transmissions.
- Use Fax/Online in conjunction with any Class 2 or 2.0
CCITT Group 3-compatible fax modem.
- Save time by sending faxes in the background while
continuing to access other services.

* Security Features
- Establish a list of numbers that users cannot access,
such as calls to emergency or pay services. - Define
numbers that need added security, such as calls to
exclusive clientele or staff members. Provide software
keys to those users who can fax to these numbers.
- Use software keys to restrict access to certain
documents on your system. Only users who have the key
will be able to view or fax these documents.
- Automatically verify that your users have enough
credits in their account before sending each fax
- Directly fax invoices to the store managers of your
online shopping service (requires the Omni-Mall
add-on option, sold separately).

* Requirements
- netVillage v1.01 or higher
- 5MB disk space
- One or more fax modems supporting EIA Class 2 or
Class 2.0 standard and the CCITTGroup 3 standard

Place Your Order Today
Extend the efficiency and reach of your online service.
Provide up-to-the-minute information by fax to your
users around the world. Call your favorite dealer, or call us direct at
1-800-328-1128 (or 954-583-5990 outside the U.S. and
Canada)., Fax/Online and netVillage are
trademarks of, Inc. Omni-Mall is a
trademark of Datasafe Publications, Inc. All other
products are trademarks of their respective companies.

* Omni-Mall for netVillage

* Online Ordering and Real-Time Credit-Card Verification
Offer a fully interactive online shopping and order-entry
environment from your online service with the Omni-Mall
add-on module for netVillage. Omni-Mall is perfect for
24-hour sales of your products, services or online time,
and even lets you rent space to other merchants. For
real-time credit card verification, a Point of Sale (POS)
Dial module is included.

* Flexible and Easy Configuration
Your online mall can have multiple stores, each run by
its own merchant. Each merchant has control over his or
her own store, organizing it into departments and
structuring the product line. Built-in editors help your
merchants define unique attributes such as the accepted
payment options and purchase limits for each store,
department names, product handling charges, retail prices
and inventory limits.

* Market and Sell Your Products Online
Promote products in your stores using images, sound and
unlimited length text files - your customers can browse
stores online, select the products they want to buy and
then pay using a variety of encrypted payment options
including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa,
COD, purchase order, and online credits. Omni-Mall will
add the appropriate sales tax and shipping costs. You
can fax an invoice directly to the store manager (with
the Fax/Online add-on option). A receipt of the order
can be sent via e-mail to the customer.

* General Features
- Enjoy the netVillage client/server interface with
context sensitive help.
- Provide the greatest choice of access to users with
ANSI/ASCII terminal mode support.
- Associate thumbnail graphic images with each store
to show customers what the store is offering.
- Describe each product with up to three images (BMP,
GIF, JPG, TIFF, PCX, etc.).
- Attach sound (WAV) files to your products as
attention-getters or to provide spoken descriptions.
- Offer downloadable software products, graphical
images or database information - customers can
download the files they have paid for directly from
your store as e-mail file attachments.
- Define a manager for each store - your store manager
can securely add, edit or delete departments and products.
- Automatically fax invoices to store managers (requires
the Fax/Online add-on option).
- Charge the appropriate sales tax to purchases made from
each store using the built-in tax table.
- Operate over a variety of networks - including the

* Security Features
- Offer data protection to your customers - all credit
card numbers are mathematically verified and encrypted
in the client/server mode.
- Provide airtight security and account management by
defining a software "key" that users must have to enter
each store - users without this key will not have access.
- Define those customers who may order products with a
purchase order - you can grant them software keys that
allow access to this payment option.
- Use software keys to set up guest accounts and
different access levels for users; control who sees
information or can perform functions; determine whether
a customer gets wholesale or retail pricing; and more.
- Protect against fraudulent activity by setting a
purchase limit for each store - the system will
automatically reject any order that exceeds this limit.
- Check the validity of your customer's credit card
using the real-time credit-card verification feature.

* Requirements
- netVillage v1.0 or higher
- 248KB memory, 305KB with POS Dial module enabled
- 1MB disk space
- If using the installed POS Dial module, one modem set
to no data compression and no error correction on a
dedicated outgoing phone line

Place Your Order Today
If you're looking for the most open, cost-effective way
to provide online ordering, call your favorite dealer, or call us direct at 1-800-328-1128
(or 954-583-5990 outside the U.S. and Canada)., Fax/Online and netVillage are trademarks of, Inc. Omni-Mall is a trademark of Datasafe
Publications, Inc. All other products are trademarks of
their respective companies.

* Hardware Options for netVillage
Expand netVillage with multi-user hardware

You know your online service is successful when two lines
just aren't enough for your expanding user base. As your
system activity increases, you can incrementally add
capacity for six more channels at a time with User
Six-Packs - up to 256 simultaneous users on a single PC.

We harness netVillage's power to support large line counts
with the GalactiBox and the GalactiBoard. Both of these
high-performance, multi-user hardware options will increase
your PC's modem capacity.

* The GalactiBox
The GalactiBox, or "G-Box" for short, is a 16-slot,
AT-size expansion chassis specially designed for connecting
large numbers of internal modems, fax/modems, or serial
cards to netVillage.

The G-Box also supports GalactiBoards, voice/DTMF
interface cards, or any 8-bit I/O option cards, to expand
the hardware addressing potential of these cards for
multi-line, multi-user, or multi-tasking applications.

The G-Box comes with an interface card and cabling to
plug right into an expansion slot in your PC. With 16
internal modems in your G-Box, you won't have to worry
about stacks of modems getting knocked over or giant
tangles of cables in the back of your PC. There are
just 16 standard RJ-11 phone cables connecting the
telephone lines to the back of your G-Box, one cable
linking the G-Box to the computer, and one power cord
for the G-Box.

If you order internal modems at the same time that you
order your G-Box, we'll install and test them for you.
This way, we can "burn-in" the entire unit, and you'll
get a box that's ready to plug-and-play without
modification. We carry a complete line of internal
modems that we've tested for reliability with netVillage.

You can also order a G-Box unpopulated and install your own
modem cards. Installing them is easy. You just open up the
G-Box and slide in up to 16 Hayes-compatible modems.

With the G-Box, you can start small and expand later. Once
you fill up one G-Box, you can add more. You can install up
to four G-Boxes with 64 modems using just one COM port

You can use all four of your COM port addresses to reach a
line count of up to 256 by "nesting" up to 16 G-Boxes into
an additional G-Box and connecting that to one slot in your

* The G-Box is not just an Expansion Chassis
The GalactiBox can be used as a standard 16-slot I/O
expansion chassis, but its real power comes from its
ability to multiplex a group of otherwise identical
PC/AT/ISA option cards into one set of I/O addresses.
Simply put, if you tried to place 16 identical modems
into a regular expansion chassis, none of them would
work. All of the modems would respond at the same set
of I/O port addresses, creating bus contention.

The G-Box has a unique port-stacking feature that lets
you connect multiple ports without addressing conflicts.
Port stacking takes advantage of the high order address
bits (A10-A15) that are ignored by almost all serial
port cards made for the PC. Instead of one modem on a
COM port address, you can have 8, or 16, or even 64 with
four G-Boxes.

* GalactiBoard
If you'd like to expand your system eight modems at a
time, or if you prefer external modems, the GalactiBoard
("G-Board") is an excellent solution. This eight-port
serial card connects up to eight external
Hayes-compatible modems or computer terminals, or other
devices to your system.

The GalactiBoard can be used in any PC with the standard
PC/AT/EISA bus. The G-Board was designed for use with
netVillage, but can work with other multi-user
applications as well. You just insert the G-Board into
one of the expansion slots in your computer and connect
external modems to the eight cables.

On high-volume systems, if you run out of expansion slots
for your G-Boards, you can place them in a GalactiBox. You
can insert up to 16 G-Boards into one G-Box, for a total
of 128 serial ports.

Like the G-Box, the G-Board also minimizes cabling. One
30-inch "octopus" cable is included with the G-Board. It
plugs into the back of the G-Board and splits into eight
male RS-232C connections, which can be plugged directly
into external modems. We carry a complete line of external

* Easy to Configure's multimodem software does not use
conventional hardware interrupts, like those associated
with COM1 and COM2 serial ports. We use a much more
efficient time-sliced interrupt scheme that supports
many more channels than regular interrupt-based or
polling-based architectures. Interrupt conflicts are
never an issue.

All 16 lines can answer to the same phone number. When
you're installing your phone lines, simply ask your
phone service to configure them as a single "hunt group."

You can purchase the GalactiBox and GalactiBoard from
your favorite dealer, or call us direct
at 1-800-328-1128 (or 305-583-5990 outside the U.S. and
Canada). These products include a one-year parts and
labor warranty.

* GalactiBox Features
- 16 I/O expansion slots per GalactiBox
- Supports internal modems, serial cards, fax cards,
GalactiBoards, or 8-bit I/O option card
- Up to four GalactiBoxes can connect 64 modems on a
single COM port address
- Up to 16 G-Boxes can be nested to 1 machine
- Compatible with the PC/AT and EISA bus
- Automatic wait-state generation: 0 to 15 wait-states
- Up to 16 interrupt sources on the GalactiBox bus
(one per slot), with the appropriate programming of two
on-board 8259A interrupt controls
- One or two interrupts on your computer's bus, with
edge-regenerating logic
- Input power selectable to 110 or 220 volts, 50 or 60
cycles AC
- 200 watt power supply
- GalactiBox does not support: memory, DMA (Direct
Memory Access), bus arbitration, Interrupts 0, 1, 6,
7 GalactiBoard
- 8 EIA-232D-compatible serial ports on one card that
plug into PC/AT/EISA-compatible expansion slot
- Each port has a 16550-type UART with 16-byte receive
and transmit FIFO buffers.
- Supports 300 to 57,600 bits per second transfer rate
- 14 addressing modes, DIP-switch selectable. All modes
(except mode 8) are free of addressing conflicts with
COM1/2/3/4 serial ports
- Configure up to 7 G-Boards (56 ports) using only 4
channel groups
- Configure up to 32 GalactiBoards (255 ports) using
G-Boxes and 8 channel groups
- 30-inch cabling included. Each connector is clearly
marked "PORT 0" through "PORT 7" on both sides
- RS-232C DTE pinouts for direct connection to modems
or other devices.
- Signals supported on each port: Ground, Transmit,
Receive, RTS, CTS, DCD, DTR
- Each serial cable may be extended up to 50' in length
- Interrupt support, for custom programming your own
applications. (netVillage does not use conventional I/O

All specifications subject to change without notice, GalactiBoard, GalactiBox and netVillage
are trademarks of, Inc.

* Intelligent Serial Kit for netVillage

Double your system's performance with intelligent
multi-user hardware

Only gives you the power to support
up to 256 simultaneous users on a single PC.

You'll never have to worry about tangles of cable,
stacks of computers, or layers of multitasking
software with netVillage. Match our software
breakthrough with multi-user hardware, and you can
greatly expand the modem capacity of your PC beyond

To give you screaming performance for a huge number
of simultaneous users, we've teamed up with Equinox
Systems Inc. Now, you can rack up dozens of
high-speed modems to a single PC with our Intelligent
Serial Kit.

Originally, our software only worked with non-intelligent
serial boards. Your CPU (and our software) had the full
burden of handling every byte of data that was piped in
or out of your system in real time - a heavy load under
today's high speed modems.

Now, by using the Intelligent Serial Kit (ISK), you can
offload much of the nitty-gritty piping of data from the
CPU to the intelligent hardware. The ISK is an
expandable I/O subsystem that takes advantage of
Equinox's new RISC-based SuperSerial Technology (SST).
Equinox's intelligent multiport cards free up tremendous
system resources, and solidly boost your system's
potential throughput to over 590,000 aggregate CPS -
more than double any other single-PC solution.

The table to the left illustrates the results of our
field testing with Equinox hardware. We successfully
demonstrated 225 simultaneous file transfers at 19.2
Kbps and 173 simultaneous transfers at 38.4 Kbps -
with no degradation in performance. All of this was
handled by a single Pentium machine.

The testing also demonstrated a record number of
transfers at 115,200 bps and 230,400 bps. Our software
is the first commercial online service platform to
support 230K speeds - just in time for 28.8K modems and
ISDN to take off on a wide scale.

Ironclad Reliability
Equinox SST products feature advanced multistrike surge
protection. Every line of every port is protected against
voltages as high as 15kV - protecting your connections
from real-world surge hazards.

* Host Controller Boards
Start with a single host controller card. It plugs right
into an expansion slot in your PC and provides the
intelligent communications processor to offload the CPU
serial communications workload. Host controllers are
available for the ISA bus system.

Just plug in the host controller and connect your
choice of modules. The Intelligent Serial Kit requires
minimal system resources, so difficult-to-solve system
conflicts are virtually eliminated. After installation,
the comprehensive online diagnostics ensure simplified
maintenance. Only the Intelligent Serial Kit provides
this feature, and even lets you view the real-time data
and status of any port.

* Port Modules
As your line usage grows, add port modules in increments
of 8 or 16 ports - up to a total of 128 ports with a
maximum speed of 115,200 bps or 64 ports with a maximum
speed of 230,400 bps. Expand from 8 ports to 128 ports
in a single slot. The host controller card links to the
port modules with a 4' cable and a RJ45 connector.

* Easily integrates with netVillage
The software driver for the Intelligent Serial Kit
interfaces directly to the server's communication engine
using the Custom Device Interface (GCDI).

In the tradition of our open architecture, the GCDI
enables independent vendors - such as Equinox - to 
add new connectivity to netVillage by creating a DLL
that automatically links into the underlying architecture
at run time. The openness of this interface ensures that
your system will keep pace with the constant change of
communications technology.

Non-intelligent hardware, such as GalactiBoards and
GalactiBoxes, offer a cost-effective alternative for
increasing your modem capacity - and are the recommended
solution for systems with fewer than 30-40 lines. The
GalactiBox is an expansion chassis with slots for up to
16 internal modems or serial cards. The GalactiBoard is
an eight-port serial card for external modems, terminals,
or other computers running communications software. Both
products work in parallel with the ISK.

* Everything is included
The Intelligent Serial Kit includes Equinox's SST 8- or
16-channel port modules, the intelligent software driver,
the Equinox host controller, all RJ45 cabling, adapters
for modem connections, and documentation. Kits supporting
speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps are available in 16-, 32-, 64-,
96-, and 128-line counts. Kits supporting speeds of up to
230.4 Kbps are available in 16- and 32-line counts. Each
kit comes with a five-year warranty and world-class support
from both and Equinox.

* SuperSerial XP Host Controllers Specifications
Processor:	30 MHz Equinox SuperSerial Processor
(2 SSPs provided on SS128)
Performance:	SS64 - 64 ports @230 Kbps
	SS128 - 128 ports @115 Kbps
Bus Interface:	16-bit ISA
Memory Map:	16 Kb (shared)
On-board 	SS64 - 512 Kb
Memory:	SS128 - 1 MB
Power 	5V @ 1A + 5% plus port module
Requirements:	requirements if powered from host

Expansion Bus:	SS64 - single expansion bus, connects up
to 4 modules
SS128 - dual expansion bus, connects up to 4 modules per
expansion bus, 8 modules total
Cable - 4' host cable supplied w/SS64; two 4' host
cables supplied w/SS128
Bus Length - 500' max between modules
Connectors - HD-22
Cable - 6-twisted-pair, low-capacitance, shielded

SuperSerial XP Port Modules (8 or 16)
Application:	Locate near host for direct connect or
distribute within a facility using optional expansion bus
cables and external supplies

8-port Modules:	RM8-RJ (RJ-45)
16-port Modules:	RM16-RJ (RJ-45)
Performance:	8-port modules - 64 ports @230 Kbps
	16-port modules - 128 ports @115 Kbps
Interface:	Type - RJ45
	Signals - TXD, RXD, CTS, DSR, DCD, DTR, RI, GND
Surge Protection:  All ports, all signals, multi-strike
Power 	8-port modules - 5V @0.6A
Requirements:	16-port modules - 5V @1.2A
Power Sources:	Host powered - modules receive power
from host computer when connected via supplied 4' host
Externally powered - optional power supplies required
w/expansion bus cables

All specifications subject to change without notice and netVillage are trademarks of, Inc. Equinox is a registered trademark
of EQUINOX Systems Inc. SuperSerial is a trademark of
EQUINOX Systems Inc.

* netVillage Developer's Kit

* An open platform for developing online applications
netVillage's client/server online platform is a
foundation for others to build upon. A large effort has
been made to ensure you have the tools and techniques
you need in order to write add-on applications as well
as customize existing ones. This development environment
harnesses the power of server-side C code coupled with
the ease of design and extensibility of client-side
Visual Basic (VB) code.

* General Architecture
The netVillage server software runs on your host machine
under DOS. It manages agents, the server portion of
client/server applications. The client software,
netVillage Manager, runs on the users' PCs under Windows
and manages apps. Client apps make requests of the server.
These client requests are serviced by server agents. The
server also supports terminal-mode modules. These modules
provide an ASCII/ANSI/RIP interface for non-client users.

The design of the netVillage platform allows developers
to get involved at several levels:

- Customizing existing client apps using VB
- Developing new client apps in VB utilizing existing
server agents (E-mail, Forums, File Libraries, etc.)
- Customizing existing server agents or terminal-mode
- Developing new applications involving apps, agents,
and terminal-mode modules

The link between apps and agents is handled by the Client/Server Protocol (GCSP). The best
thing about this multithreaded, error correcting
protocol is that you, as a developer, don't have to
worry about it. The communications link on both the
client and server sides is managed entirely by the
GCSP engine. Since we've already taken care of the
details involved in managing the actual client/server
link, you don't have to handle the low-level I/O at
all. This leaves you free to focus on the
functionality of your application.

* Terminal-Mode Modules
Terminal-mode plug-in DLLs exist on the server for
providing an ASCII/ANSI/RIP interface to applications.
Generally, a terminal-mode user is in one module at a
time. Modules are organized as state machines, allowing
users to move from state to state. Terminal-mode modules
can intercept users at logon or logoff as well as
register global command handlers for interacting with
users when they are within other modules.

High-level API calls exist for making it as easy as
possible to provide a terminal-mode interface. However,
your terminal-mode application can also access the
low-level channel routines, including interrupt level

* Client Apps
Armed with the GCSP engine, Visual Basic, and the myriad
of other tools available under Windows, client apps run
the show. They can utilize 100% of the resources on the
client machine: intricate graphics, sound, animation,
video, etc. You can create and modify such apps easily
because of the work Microsoft and hundreds of other
companies have put into Windows-based development tools.

Visual Basic is powerful. What it doesn't do for you,
hundreds of add-on tools will. You can even access the
Windows API calls directly from VB, including your own
C libraries, so you have complete control over the
client environment.

For communicating with the server, client apps read and
write data in the form of dynapaks. A dynapak consists of
a name and a value. The value can be either a block of
data (a structure, record, e-mail message, etc. up to 16K
in length) or a DOS file. The GCSP engine handles the
transport of all dynapak requests and values. The app
makes the requests, the agent services them, and the GCSP
engine is the go-between.

The client GCSP engine doesn't just transport dynapaks
to and from the server. It caches them as well,
transparently increasing the apparent throughput of the
link (and thus the apparent responsiveness of the
application). The client GCSP engine can even service
dynapak read and write requests while operating on deck
(offline, but still able to perform many functions
within the context of a system). In many cases, an app
can execute the same code whether operating online or on
deck. When an app makes a request identical to an earlier
one whose result is still in the client-side cache, the
GCSP engine doesn't need to be online with the server
agent in order to service the request.

An app reads and writes dynapaks by making calls to API
routines in the GCSP engine. To sit around and wait
(with a Windows hourglass displayed) for a response from
the server, synchronous flavors of read and write exist.
To continue to operate while waiting for a response from
the server, asynchronous flavors of read and write also
exist. Using synchronous calls, app code is very linear.
Using asynchronous calls, app code is more event-driven.
Most apps will use a mix of synchronous and asynchronous
calls depending on circumstance.

In summary, Visual Basic is the development environment
with extensibility for most any need, and dynapaks are
the tool used for communicating between client apps and
server agents.

* Server Agents
Server agents run as plug-in DLLs on the netVillage
server PC. When a read or write request comes in from a
client, the server GCSP engine automatically routes it
to the read or write handler in the appropriate agent.
From there, the agent is free to service the request in
any way it chooses. When ready with a response, the
agent simply hands that response off to the engine for

A request can be responded to immediately, or it can
take some time. To be called back repeatedly by the
engine over time (cycled), the agent simply calls
cycleme() with a routine address to call every chance
it gets. By cycling, agents can perform things like
database searches in order to respond to a request.
An agent can also communicate with other channels,
wait for real-time events, or perform many tasks in
order to service a client request.

The client can handle doing many things at once, since
it's running under Windows. Although not running under
Windows, the server can multitask as well. Up to 30
requests can be outstanding on any given channel at
any given time. Each request has its own context with
per-request memory to keep track of its status. Except
for conflict checking where necessary, the engine
shields the agent from having to be aware of this fact.
The engine calls the agent when a request comes in,
calls its cycleme() routine as requested, maintains the
request's context, and eventually transports the agent's
response to the client.

Develop your vision today. Tap into the power to bring
your vision online. The netVillage Client/Server
Developer's Kit is available from your favorite dealer, or call us direct at
1-800-328-1128 (or 954-583-5990 outside the U.S. and

* Development Requirements
Borland C++ 4.5
Borland Turbo Assembler
Phar Lap 286|DOS Extender 3.1
netVillage Client/Server Developer's Kit
Visual Basic for Windows 3.0 Professional Edition
Sheridan Software's 3-D Widgets
netVillage Client App Developer's Kit or Client/Server
Developer's Kit

* Development Kit Features
Client API
- 30 threads per user
- Each app is a separate VB .EXE
- Automatic version control and background updating
- Transparent file transfer handling
- Online or offline capability
- Callback custom control allows for synchronous or
asynchronous operation
- Dynapak prioritization capability
- Greater than and less than dynapak reads for
generating lists of data with one function call
- Routines to view dynapak data as it comes in
- Generic agent for rapid client development
- Local data storage is dynapak based
- Extensive documentation and source examples

Agent API
- 30 requests per channel
- Per-request memory
- Dynapak manipulation routines
- Event-driven, C-based DLL technology
- Data format conversion routines
(VB "types" to C "structs")
- Output queues and threads handled by the GCSP engine
- Priority issues handled by the GCSP engine
- Generic dynapak data file for storage
- Accounting functions (deducting, awarding, exempting
  credit use)
- Security functions (checking keys, setting locks,
  changing classes)
- Extensive documentation and source examples

Terminal-mode API
- Full Screen Editor services
- Full Screen Data entry field display/edit routines
- File Transfer Facility routines for terminal-mode
  file transfers
- State machine, C-based DLL technology
- Routines to allow for individual channel manipulation
- Accounting functions (deducting, awarding, exempting
  credit use)
- Security functions (checking keys, setting locks,
  changing classes)
- Multilingual support
- Date, time, and file handling suite
- Routines for dealing with message file configuration
- Global command API
- Complete Btrieve database API
- Extensive documentation and source examples

* Security Mechanisms

* The secure solution for remote access
Today, more and more business is being conducted online:
electronic commerce, information dissemination, exchange
of sensitive data and more. In this open computing
environment, the security of your system is critical.

That's why netVillage offers an airtight security
architecture. netVillage safely lets you offer online
services to customers and prospects without risking
the integrity of your LAN security or the confidentiality
of your internal workgroups.

* A firewall to your LAN
Unlike many remote access programs, your users can't
access your DOSprompt. At no point do you risk a user
having DOS-level control over your system. In fact,
netVillage's protected mode operation makes it
impossible to execute DOS applications (which run in
real mode) while the system is online. Protected mode
gives netVillage the multitasking abilities to support
up to 256 simultaneous users on a single PC.

* Password protection
When new users log on to your system, they must create
User-IDs and passwords. By keeping their passwords
private and changing them frequently, users ensure the
security of their User-IDs.

To help protect your system against intruders, the
server hangs up if a caller guesses the wrong password
three times. If this happens, an audit trail entry will
note the time, date, User-ID and channel of the
attempted logon. This hang-up feature discourages hackers
from making dozens of guesses until they figure out a

* Five models of netVillage
To get you started, we've created five categories with
default security settings. During installation, select
one as a starting point and then fine-tune as needed.

The Public Model gives first-time callers access to all
harmless services (reading/writing messages, downloading
files, etc.).

The Customer Service Model gives prospects access to some
services, but reserves the more valuable services for

The Sign-up Model gives applicants the ability to enter
their names and addresses, but they can't access anything
until you give them authorization.

The For-Profit Model lets first-time callers sign up and
access limited test-drive services, while paying customers
can enjoy all of your system's user services.

The Private Model brings stringent access control for
private or in-house online systems. Callers can't log
on unless you've assigned them a User-ID and password.
No new user applications are accepted.

* Locks and Keys
Because of the open distribution of the netVillage client
program, which runs on the user's PC, the server manages
all security access levels through its Locks and Keys
architecture. You control access by placing locks on
features and issuing keys to authorized users.

You activate a lock by telling it to screen users for a
specific key. Users can pass through an activated lock
if you have assigned the same key to the user. The server
will check the user's keys before fulfilling any request.

* Assigning Locks and Keys
You can set locks at three levels: the Menu Tree, the
modules (e.g., e-mail, forums, etc.) and through
Security and Accounting configuration options.

Menu Tree locks determine which menu options specific
users can access. These locks are configured offline at
the Sysop's console. For your ASCII, ANSI and RIP
terminal mode callers, you can choose to hide the option,
dim it, or show it. If a user selects a menu option that
he doesn't have a key for, he will be notified that the
requested option isn't available.

You can also use Menu Tree locks for your client/server
menus. If a user doesn't have the required key, you can
choose to hide the option or show it. Because the client
runs on the user's PC, however, all security issues are
best handled by the server.

Server locks on the modules or in Security and Accounting
options prevent unauthorized access from terminal mode
and client users alike. Module locks determine which
activities are offered to which users within individual
modules. Set these locks online when you create libraries,
forums, polls and so forth. If a User-ID doesn't have the
required key for the module, he will be denied access.

Over 1,000 user-configurable parameters are available in
CNF, the offline configuration facility for the
netVillage server. Special Security and Accounting CNF
options let you customize user access restrictions and
most of the accounting settings.

* Classes of users
For ease of management, you can create millions of
classes of users, such as PROSPECT, CUSTOMER, STAFF,
SYSOP, etc., with associated keyrings of services they
can access. Assign keys to classes or individual users.

You can have up to 10,000 classes of users. For each
class, you can specify a time limit, whether to exempt
incidental charges, a debt limit and the keys users
will have. Configure a class to automatically expire
to another class after a certain number of days.
Inactive accounts can be automatically purged.

For pay-for-use systems, the server can meter online
time by the second. You can grant users a certain
amount of prepaid time. If you allow users to run up
a tab, you can generate a report once a week or once
a month for billing purposes.

* Security you can trust
As data theft on the Internet and online services
continues to make headlines, companies are seeking
foolproof ways to share information and resources
with field staff, customers, vendors and the world
at large. netVillage provides this security with
Locks and Keys that grant individual users and
groups access to different areas of the server.

If you'd like to offer remote access to LAN, modem
and (optionally) X.25, ISDN and Internet users,
netVillage is your secure solution. For more
information or to order products,
call your favorite dealer, or call
us direct at 1-800-328-1128 (or 954-583-5990
outside the U.S. and Canada)., Locks and Keys and netVillage are
trademarks of, Inc.

* Direct Pricing Information
April, 1999

netVillage Version 1.0, 8-user                $595.00

Launch plug-and-play client/server applications
from your Web site. Includes customizable surveys,
shared file libraries, group messaging, SMTP mail
and teleconference with collaborative drawing
board.  Built-in Web server software -- or use in
conjunction with your existing Web server. Supports
up to eight sinultaneous users via TCP/IP. Requires
486 or Pentium-class PC, 8MB of RAM and DOS 5 or
higher.  Includes freely distributable netVillage
Plug-in for Netscape Navigator that will launch
Windows client applications from users' browsers.

netVillage Dial-Up Server                     $795.00

Ideal for setting up your own online service or
bulletin board system. Includes 8-user license of
netVillage and Dial-Up Option for modem support.

netVillage Internet Server                  $1,995.00

Become an Internet Service Provider and offer
dial-up users secure proxy and dedicated
SLIP/CSLIP/PPP access out to the Internet,
as well as a range of Internet services, such
as ftp, telnet, rlogin, finger, NNTP
newsgroups, IRC and POP3 mail. Includes 20-user
license of netVillage, Dial-Up Option, Advanced
Internet Option and Dial-Out add-on.

netVillage Enterprise Server                $7,995.00

A complete online interactive software platform.
Offer online shopping with secure credit card
verification, customizable surveys, shared file
libraries, group messaging, teleconference with
collaborative drawing board, ftp, telnet,
rlogin, finger, NNTP newsgroups, IRC, SMTP and
POP3 mail.  Support for TCP/IP, modem, Novell
LAN and ISDN callers.  Includes 128-user license
of netVillage, Dial-Up Option, Novell LAN Option,
Advanced Internet Option, Dial-Out add-on and
Omni-Mall add-on.

Add-on Options
Fax/Online Add-on Option                      $249.00

Provides an outgoing online fax service for your
system.  Users can fax pre-scanned images and
ASCII text files from your document database,
view or print faxes from the built-in viewer,
inquire about fax rate charges, and send copies
to others.  Requires EIA Class 2 or 2.0/CCITT
Group 3 fax modems.

Entertainment Collection Add-on Option        $295.00

Includes the Action Teleconference, a chat
extravaganza with action words, sounds and images;
multiplayer text adventures, ANSI-graphics, Flash
and teleconference games; and more.

Omni-Mall                                     $995.00

Extends your system into an online shopping mall
of products and services.  Users can scan through
product catalogs at no obligation, view images of
available items, and place or cancel orders at will.
Supports automated online credit-card processing
and data encryption.

Connectivity Options
Dial-Out Add-on Option                        $195.00

Allows users on your system to transparently
connect to other computers via TCP/IP and
optionally modems, serial links or X.25
connections.  A flexible script language
lets you configure features or areas of
other systems your users can access.

Dial-Up Option                                $295.00

Supports modem access to your netVillage system.

Novell LAN Option                             $295.00

Allows users on your Novell LAN without TCP/IP
connectivity to access your netVillage system.
Supports Novell NetWare IPX/SPX channels.

User Six-Pack, each                           $295.00

Supports up to six additional simultaneous
users. Installs effortlessly and leaves all
existing configuration and data files intact.
Up to 41 User Six-Packs can be added for a total
of 256 simultaneous users (support for the last
two users is included at no charge).

Advanced Internet Option                      $495.00

Provides dial-up users with secure proxy and
dedicated SLIP/CSLIP/PPP access out to the
Internet, as well as a range of Internet services,
such as ftp, telnet, rlogin, finger, NNTP
newsgroups, IRC and POP3 mail.

X.25 Software Option                          $995.00

Connects your system to an X.25 packet-switching
network without the need for a PAD. Requires the
PC XNet Card - see X.25 Network Hardware.

Developer's Kits
netVillage Developer's Kit                    $495.00

Modify client-side applications, server-side
agents and existing netVillage add-ons or
write your own netVillage add-on options.
Contains the Visual Basic source for baseline
client apps (e.g. e-mail, file libraries, etc.).
Includes the server-side engine in LIB form and
the C source code to all server-side apps,
files necessary to recompile the run-time
executable, two of the utilities and certain
standard DLLs. Documentation is included.
Requires a registered copy of netVillage,
the Phar Lap 286|DOS-Extender SDK, Borland
C++ 4.5, Visual Basic Pro 3.0 and 3-D Widgets
from Sheridan Software. Visual Writer Pro 2.25
and Visual Speller 1.0 required to modify
netVillage's message center. Advanced Internet
Option and Internet Connectivity Source Code
required to modify existing Internet
capabilities or to develop your own Internet

Extended C Source Developer's Kit             $495.00

Contains the C sources to many of the offline
programs, such as the configuration editor,
the menu tree management utilities and screen
drawing tools.  Also contains the C source to
GCOMM.LIB, a collection of low-level routines used
by netVillage and its offline utilities for DOS
functions, operator I/O, text message management,
etc.  Requires the netVillage Developer's Kit.

(All source code listed below requires the
netVillage Developer's Kit and a registered
copy of the specific add-on option.)

Fax/Online Developer's Kit                      $ 99.00
Dial-Out C Source Code                          $295.00

Entertainment Collection C Source Code          $450.00
   Requires Brushed Aluminum set of VBXtasy by
   Spinoza Ltd to recompile the client app.

Internet Connectivity Option Source Code        $495.00
   Contains source code to netVillage's Internet
   capabilities included in the baseline package
   and Advanced Internet Option.  Requires
   Advanced Internet Option.

Omni-Mall C Source Code                       $995.00

Multi-User Hardware
GalactiBoard                                  $495.00

An 8-port EIA-232D serial interface for connecting
external modems, terminals, or other computers
running communications software. Uses 16550-type
UARTs for efficient high-speed file transfers.
Cable assembly included which provides 8 male DB-25
connectors with DTE pinouts.

Update Program
Automatic Software Update Program             $395.00

Per year, per registration number. Receive all
significant new software updates to
products you have purchased as soon as we've fully
tested them. (International ASUPs are $495/year.)
For "one-shot" updates, give us a call for pricing.

Intelligent Serial Kits
Enables netVillage to take advantage of Equinox
Systems Inc.'s intelligent multiport SuperSerial
hardware - delivering unsurpassed performance.
Each ISK includes netVillage intelligent driver
software, Equinox host controller, 8- or 16-port
module(s), power supplies, cables, modem adapters,
and documentation.

16-line (up to 115.2 Kbps)             $1,975.00
32-line (up to 115.2 Kbps)             $2,735.00
64-line (up to 115.2 Kbps)             $4,255.00
96-line (up to 115.2 Kbps)             $5,865.00
128-line (up to 115.2 Kbps)            $7,385.00
16-port upgrade (up to 115.2 Kbps)     $  925.00

16-line (up to 230.4 Kbps)             $1,885.00
32-line (up to 230.4 Kbps)             $2,805.00
8-port upgrade (up to 230.4 Kbps)      $  665.00

8-port Intelligent Serial Board        $  745.00

Shipping Options
2nd day air, anywhere in U.S.           $16.00
Next day air, anywhere in U.S.          $26.00
Canada and Mexico                       $48.00
International software                  Call for quote
Hardware orders                         Call for quote

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