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    [2.4.01] -   CYBERSHOP  
    [2.4.02] -   EXCALIBUR BBS  
    [2.4.03] -   FILEX  
    [2.4.04] -   FREEMAIL  
    [2.4.05] -   MINDWIRE  
    [2.4.06] -   O-M-N-I BOARD  
    [2.4.07] -   WINDOWS NT SERVER  

[2.4.01] - CYBERSHOP

DATE: 1/27/96
From: (Bob Brouse)
Voice Phone: 613 722 1288, fax: 613 761 7833, online test site: 
613 761 7737

The Cyber Shop System Software comes in three forms:

* Free demo version on our web site
* The Cyber Shop Home Office System
- a personal online system for home or office
- requires MS Windows 3.x or higher running on a 486 IBM compat. 
PC with 1 modem
* The Cyber Shop Pro System
-a multiple line system designed to run up to 8 lines per 
machine (can be networked for more lines)
-requires MS Windows NT 3.5x or higher running on a powerful 
486 or higher
-requires extra i/o hardware for multiple communictions ports 
such as a Digiboard
-1 or more modems

The prices are very simple, distrib order is more than ten of 
either software.  The support for the software is from here in 
Ottawa, this guarantees a high level of 'Know How'.

Cyber Shop Home Office v2.0 $109.00 Distrib and $159.00 Retail

Cyber Shop Pro System v2.0  $299.00 Distrib and $499.00 Retail 
(more support)

Payment Policy is c.o.d. or payment by cheque before shipping. 
Accounts are available.


[2.4.02] - EXCALIBUR BBS

* Excalibur BBS offers true Windows Multitasking Architecture
* Excalibur v1.0 Features
* Minimum Requirements

* Excalibur MiniFAQ, Mailing list & IRC Chat
  * Internet Sites miniFAQ
  * ListServer Interactive Lists
  * Internet IRCChat Channels


Excalibur Communications Inc.
4410 East 80th Place
Tulsa, OK  74136  USA
1-800-EXCAL-BBS (Sales)
(918) 491-0033  (Fax)
(918) 496-8113  (Support BBS)
(918) 496-7881  (Tech. Support)
FTP Server Client:

* Excalibur BBS offers true Windows Multitasking Architecture
Version 1.0 being readied for wide Commercial Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Thursday, August 18, 1994 Tulsa, OK-
Excalibur Communications, Inc. announces The Next Generation of
Bulletin Board Software. Excalibur BBS version 1.0 is being
readied for wide commercial release.  Incorporating innovative
capabilities in a BBS package, Excalibur is versatile enough to
satisfy both the home hobbyist and Fortune 500 company. With
convenience and abilities that rival the big three, America
On-line, CompuServe, and Prodigy, Excalibur offers convenience
and capability at a cost low enough to fit into the budget of
any operator. In the words of one Excalibur Sysop, ANSI,
RIPterm, and ROBOterm are going the way of DOS... out the
door.  Excalibur’s ease of use and fantastic graphics made me
switch after my first call.

Excalibur BBS is the first commercially available package to
run completely under the Microsoft Windows environment.  Having
been designed for Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, and
Windows NT, Excalibur offers the ability to multitask within
and outside the terminal program.  Users can Upload and
Download files, Preview images on 3 levels of complexity,
conduct on-line conversations with other users and scan the
message base... all at the same time! Utilizing its own
graphical interface, users are presented with System Operator
(Sysop)  designed menus and screens,  incorporating complex
bitmapped graphics and TrueType fonts.  No two Excalibur based
system are the same!  In addition, proprietary Error Correction
and Data Compression offer reliability and convenience to all
users... even those without onboard hardware error-
correction.  As for expandability, Excalibur is virtually

Through the use of DLL based doors called 'Plug Ins', Excalibur
will offer Sysops true Plug ‘N Play abilities.  Imagine Doors
that are both hassle free, and easy to use.  Utilizing our
Application Programming Interface (API), Third Party Companies
are developing everything from Shopping Malls to Interactive
Games and Internet Doors... even Online Databases and
Newsletters for Businesses.  Excalibur is not something to be
seen, it is something to be experienced.  Call today to
experience what thousands of users worldwide are heralding as
"the next generation in BBS software": (918)496-8113, N81

* Excalibur v1.0 Features
-Windows 3.1, 3.11, and NT and future Win 4.0 Compatibility.
-Robust Database Engine, Holy Grail accessible to any program
utilizing DDE.
-Arthur Visual System Operator Program featuring Drag and Drop
File Management.
-Merlin The WYSIWYG Screen Editor (no artistic ability
-High Speed Display of Binary Graphics, menus and icons.
-Bezier Curves for smooth graphics.
-Uses TrueType Font technology.
-Rotatable Text and Fonts.
-3 Levels of Image Previews: full-color, greyscale and
thumbnail  views.
-Previews:  Bitmap (BMP), GIF, and Targa (TIF) Graphics
-True Windows Multitasking, inside and out.
-High-speed file transfers.
-File Download autoresume.
-Simultaneous 2 Way Upload/Download Ability.
-Full Messaging and E-Mail Capabilities.
-Message Archiving and Offline Mail readers.
-Personal E-Mail Address Book.
-E-Mail File attachments built-in.
-Proprietary Error Correction in addition to existing hardware
-On-the-Fly Data Compression.
-Built-In CD-ROM File Library and Descriptions Loader.
-Multi-User Chat.
-Caller-ID Capable.
-On-Line Credit Card Processing Utilities Included.
-2400-28.8 V.FAST Modem Compatible
-Local Area Network Support.
-Fax, Usenet, Fidonet, ExNet, and Internet front-end/tosser
-True "Plug ‘n Play" addition of Doors via .dll Links.
-Free example .dll Plug-In doors and games, complete with
 Source Code and SDK.
-Capable of running up to 8 Modems via a single CPU utilizing
 a multi-port board.
-Windows NT Remote Access Service WAN Capable.
-32Bit Windows 4.0 and fully Internet Compatible versions

* Minimum Requirements
·386DX or above.
·Windows 3.1 or above.
·4 Megabytes RAM
·Requires 6 Megabytes HD Space
·2400 Baud (or above) Modem, Internal or External

* Excalibur MiniFAQ, Mailing list & IRC Chat

* Internet Sites miniFAQ
windows techknow(tm) Excalibur Internet Sites miniFAQ: by Roger
Heath send requests for updates and changes to:

* ListServer Interactive Lists
Cyberspace HQ
e-mail address  :
msg text to join: subscribe cyblist 
send e-mail to  :

windows techknow
e-mail address  :
msg text to join: subscribe techknow-L
send e-mail to  :

e-mail address  :
msg text to join: subscribe portico username
(user name is real name not sysop)
send e-mail to  :

* Internet IRCChat Channels     #excalibur or #excal.


[2.4.03] - FILEX

Filex software is available through Durand Communications.
Please see section [2.3.05] - MindWire for further info
about Filex.


[2.4.04] - FREEMAIL

                     TOPICS IN THIS SECTION:
                      * What is FreeMail?
                      * System requirements
                      * System limitations
                      * Ordering Information


* What is FreeMail?
FreeMail is an automatic e-mail and file exchange communication
system for Microsoft's Windows 3.1. FreeMail uses standard
telephone lines and modems, and can exchange any kind and size
of file with other FreeMail sites. FreeMail also can exchange
e-mail between other FreeMail sites.

A FreeMail parent can create unlimited, and free, child
diskettes, which can be given to anyone who has a PC running
Windows 3.1.

FreeMail is a communication program which does not allow any
interaction from users during connection time. This means that
reading and writing mail  is  done when FreeMail sites are not
connected together.

* System requirements
Personal computer using 386 or higher microprocessor.
MS-DOS operating system version 3.3 or later.
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or later.
Hard disk with at least 1.5 megs of free space.
A modem which recognizes standard AT (Hayes) command set.
One 3.5 inch 1.44 meg floppy disk drive.
Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

* System limitations
E-mail messages written in FreeMail are limited in length to
about 30 typed pages. Files that FreeMail can send can be any
length and of any form (binary or text). Each FreeMail 'viewer'
can contain about 1,000  active sites. Each active site can
contain about 1,000 items of mail in each viewer (5,000 total)
The 'Other Sites' address book can contain about 3,000
sites. 	(Actual amounts depend on available memory.)

FreeMail 'Children' can not exchange files between other
Children. FreeMail Children can only exchange e-mail of 400
characters with other Children FreeMail Children can fully
communicate with ANY Parent (files and any length E-Mail).

* Ordering Information
The list price for a Parent copy of FreeMail, which can create
an unlimited number of Child copies, is currently (6/14/94)
$74.95  +  $5.00  s/h. Visa and MC accepted.

FreeMail is available from distributors as well as direct from
Saroff Design. You can order directly from Saroff Design by
calling, faxing, mailing, or E-mailing your order.

Voice: (406) 542-3867
FAX: (406) 549-7457

U.S. Mail:
Saroff Design,
1901 Missoula Ave.
Missoula,  MT  59802

Child copies of FreeMail --which you can use to evaluate
FreeMail-- are fully functional but can not create their own
child copies. Child copies are available from any user of
FreeMail or directly from Saroff Design for only $9.95  (just
the shipping/production  charge).

From: (FMIBOZ)
Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
Subject: private document exchange software posted on web
Date: 5 Jan 1996 02:05:42 -0500
Reply-To: (FMIBOZ)

As a service to the Internet community, we have now posted on 
the web fully-functional copies of our document exchange and 
e-mail systems.

With FreeMail companies can set up their own very private and 
secure e-mail and document exchange network using ordinary 
phone lines and modems. FreeMail is the basis of Kinko's Inc. 
Kinkonet world-wide document delivery service.  Recent magazine 
reviews have generated requests for evaluation software; we 
hope this posting via the web will be beneficial to people in 
this newsgroup who have made requests for functioning 
evaluation copies of FreeMail.

Steve Saroff, Chief Technology Officer, FreeMail, Inc.


[2.4.05] - MINDWIRE



MindWire for Windows - version 1.0 by Durand Communications
Online Windows Platform for Client/Server Applications

MindWire was a Windows based communications platform for
client/server applications operating over a modem, network, and
the Internet. MindWire allowed you to establish a powerful,
user-friendly, online service that can be completely customized
to fit your individual needs. While MindWire contained all of
the traditional features of an online service, such as E-Mail,
File Library, Chat, and Messaging, MindWire also provided a
robust development architecture for third party client/server
applications. The evolution of DCN's entire product development
path has culminated in MindWire. MindWire was to be the ultimate
multimedia communications platform before the company was
bought out in 1998 and Mindwire was scrapped..

MindWire was designed from the ground up to leverage
Microsoft's strategies with respect to desktop (Windows 95),
server (Windows NT), multimedia and database computing.
MindWire follows open standards and architecture for database
access and multimedia design. MindWire supports the following
Microsoft standards:

+ OLE Automation
+ ODBC for database connectivity
+ RAS for SLIP and PPP dialup to an NT Server with RAS Server
+ Microsoft Access for simple database functionality

MindWire client side applications communicate to the MindWire
Server through the MindWire Connector. Connection methods
supported include Network and Modem, and protocols supported
include FILEX (modem dialup to a MindWire Server) and TCP/IP
(Network/Internet access to a MindWire Server).

* Modem Access
* Network Access
* Internet Access

* Modem Access
The FILEX Server, running on Windows 3.1, 3.11 or NT, may be
used to answer modem dialup phone calls to the MindWire Server.
Clients must configure their Connector for the FILEX protocol.

* Network Access
MindWire can operate over any network which utilizes the TCP/IP
networking protocol.

* Internet Access
The MindWire Client and Server software communicate via TCP/IP,
thus users can access the MindWire Server through the
Internet.  In this situation, MindWire Clients and Servers must
have either a direct dedicated lease line connection to the
Internet or have a PPP or SLIP account to a local area Internet

* E-Mail                  * Product Ordering
* Messaging               * Who's Online
* File Library            * Menu Tree
* Account Maintenance     * Outline Viewer
* Chat                    * MindWire Print


* E-Mail
MindWire E-Mail is a comprehensive electronic mail service.
Its advanced features include spell checking, file attachments,
address searching, and a mail reader.  Users may attach an
image, sound file, text document or any other kind of file to
any letter.  Address Searching allows users to look up member
names in an intuitive way. MindWire E-Mail allows users to view
their mail and save copies of sent and received messages in
folders for easy future reference.

* Messaging
MindWire Messaging is a powerful and essential tool for any
organization. This service can be used to organize message
topics and allows users on a network or remote connection the
ability to respond to posted messages by simply clicking the
respond button.  Responses can then be read by other users.
Similar to E-Mail, all messages posted within Messaging can be
spell checked before posting.  Text files may also be imported.
The message scanner allows users to quickly view selected
message topics.  This feature may be completely customized by
the user to match personal preference and makes monitoring of
online discussions much easier.

* File Library
The File Library offers either network or remote users the
ability to view, tag and download files from the MindWire
Server. File Library is designed for remote users who need a
more friendly file service with long name capabilities and the
ability to download multiple files from multiple folders

* Account Maintenance
The Account Maintenance module allows users to quickly update
their personal information online which is stored in the
MindWire account database.  This module is very similar to the
logon sequence for new users.

* Chat
MindWire Chat is a real-time forum for users to simultaneously
communicate to one another.  Users can select from multiple
forums created by the Administrator or invite another online
user for a private chat.  Using QuickTalk, users can predefine
messages and quickly send them to another online user with the
function keys.

* Product Ordering
The Product Ordering client application allows users to select
products they wish to order and complete a purchase order
with product totals, billing and shipping information.

* Who's Online
MindWire includes a special utility called Who's Online that
allows users to see who is currently online.  The application
also allows users to send notes to other online users, search
to find a user's account name, and view user's profiles and

* Menu Tree
MindWire Menu Tree is a utility which allows users to easily
view and access the entire WIP menu tree that is present on the
MindWire Server.  Users can easily navigate the WIP menu tree
by clicking on a tree node.

* Outline Viewer
The Outline Viewer is a simple application that allows users to
view an expandable and collapsible outline tree of your

* MindWire Print
The MindWire Print utility is a simple application that allows
users to print simple text files directly from WIP Menus.

* MindWire Administrator
* File Library Administrator
* Messaging Administrator
* Security
* Audit Trail
* WIP Compatibility
* Client Application Manager
* Client Utility Applications


* MindWire Administrator
The MindWire Administrator is the back-end utility used to
manage the MindWire online environment.  With the
Administrator, one can change the file library, messaging,
security, and accounting information as well as monitor the
online services available to the users. The Administrator has
the built in ability to repair and compact database files, add,
delete, and modify chat rooms, build graphs of MindWire system
statistics, and much more.

* File Library Administrator
The File Library service offers complete Administrator
configurability and folder security for every folder and every
user. The Folder tree allows the Administrator to view the
current structure of the File Folders which will be displayed
to the MindWire clients.  The Administrator may also view three
folders, Unapproved Folder, Approved Folder, and Wastebasket
Folder, which are unique and cannot be viewed through the File
Library client software. File Library also allows for the
importing of files and their descriptions via CD-ROM.

* Messaging Administrator
The Messaging Administrator allows the MindWire system
administrator to configure the message folders and security
which will be available to users of the MindWire Messaging
application. Features of the Messaging Administrator include:
Create Folders, Rename and Delete Folders, Change Folder Keys,
Delete and Move Messages, Delete and Respond to Messages.
Similar to File Library, MindWire allows security for message
folders by creating and assigning keys to folders.

* Security
MindWire implements security through the assignment of keys.
Each application has features which can limit the access to
end-users depending on their assigned privileges. Keys can
easily be added, modified, or deleted by the Administrator.
MindWire Administrator allows key and account assignments for
groups of users, or for all system users with the Global
Assignment function.  Furthermore, MindWire allows the
Administrator to assign prices to applications that require
keys.  Whenever that key is used, the corresponding number of
credits are deducted from the user's total credits.

* Audit Trail
The MindWire audit trail is the record of all user transactions
on the MindWire Server.  The server writes audit trail entries
for most client requests including logging on, logging  off,
sending WIP screens, downloading files, posting messages,
sending mail, etc.  Using the Audit Trail Viewer you can change
the way the records are sorted in the Audit Trail windows,
filter the entire audit trail for a particular user, date or
action, and print the entire audit trail.

* WIP Compatibility
MindWire is the only platform that offers WIP (Windows
Interface Protocol) for the creation of beautiful color Windows
menus with images, buttons and much more.  Not other Windows
online platform gives you the powerful customizability of WIP.

* Client Application Manager
The Client Application Manager (CAM) is MindWire's utility for
launching and updating applications. When users click an
application button on a WIP men, MindWire checks the CAM
database to see if any of the client application files need to
be updated, updates them if necessary, then launches the
application.  By centering all menuing activity related to
launching applications in CAM, users will always be assured of
having the most up-to-date application files.

* Client Utility Applications
User access to basic MindWire Services can be streamlined by
taking advantage of command line parameters when you implement
client application start-ups in your WIP menus.  The Menu Tree,
Outline, and other Client Utility Applications can be easily
updated by configuring a simple text file and logging it with

* General Architecture Features
* MindWire Connector Features
* MindWire Client Applications Features
* MindWire Administrator Features
* MindWire Server Features
* FILEX Server Features
* Dynamic and Customizable Windows Menus (WIP)
* Developers Features


* General Architecture Features
+ Both the Client and the Server are native Windows applications
+ MindWire utilizes both a terminal/host "emulation"
architecture for graphical Windows menus and a Client/Server
architecture for database access and application design.
+ MindWire uses MS Access databases and ODBC for database
access on the server
+ Complete Network security Built-In

* MindWire Connector Features
+ Auto-dial
+ Configurable dialing directory
+ Configurable connection preferences
+ Built-in WIP menu viewing capabilities
+ Built-in image viewing and sound capabilities (MediaViewer)
+ Built-in automatic software updating and installation (CAM)
+ Compatible with Microsoft RAS (Remote Access Services) with
Windows for Workgroups
+ TCP/IP Built-in for network and Internet compatibility
+ FILEX modem protocol compatible for easy hassle free
modem dialup

* MindWire Client Applications Features
+ Electronic Mail
   Sound Support
   Image viewing support
   File Attachments
   Long messages
   Easy tabs for new, opened and sent mail
   Built-in spell checker
   Cut, Copy, Paste features
   Reply and Forward Email messages
   Address book with Find Member features
+ File Library
   Unlimited File Folders
   Key security for every folder
   Configurable upload directories
   Auto-approve or manual file approval
   Upload, download multiple files simultaneously
   Auto-view images or any associated file
   Auto-disconnect after download
   Auto-view ZIP file contents
   File statistics with key words
   File search capabilities
   Long folder names
   Short and long file descriptions
   Command line support
+ Message Forums
   Unlimited Message folders
   Key security for every folder
   Compose message editor with cut, copy, paste, import
   and spell checker
   Read message support with message or Email reply
   Messages statistics
   Message sorting
   Message filtering
   Scanner provides configurable message viewing preferences
   Message Log maintains record of your activity in messaging
+ Chat
   Multiple Chat rooms
   Configurable colors
   Configurable QuickTalk preferences
   Chat record session
   Private and public messages
   Invite user
   Member profiles with automatic images
   Automatic easy-to-read word wrapping
+ Menu Tree
   Configurable menu tree editor and viewer
+ Outline
   Configurable outline utility
+ Product Ordering
   Configurable product ordering module
   Billing, shipping and payment method definable
   Definable Email reply to Purchase Orders
   Complete PO generation
+ Command Line Capabilities
   Email, File Library, Chat and Message all accept
   command lines

* MindWire Administrator Features
+ Configurable File Library
+ Configurable Message Bases
+ Configurable Chat rooms
+ Member Mailing Label support for several different mailing
label types
+ Member management and viewing as well as default status
+ Audit trail viewer with sort, print, view, filter and search
+ Audit trail report utility
+ Configurable pricing (through Credits)
+ Define default credits, time online and account status and
+ Configurable Key security for every user or group of users
+ Key chains for member 'grouping'
+ Graphics and statistical analysis of activity

* MindWire Server Features
+ Compatible with Windows 3.1, 3.11, NT, NT Workstation,
NT Server
+ User Connection status windows
+ Global and Private messaging
+ Compatible with FILEX Server (up to 8 modems) or/and RAS
Server on Windows NT Server    (up to 256 modems per PC)
+ Protocol 'Bender' Built-in for conversion of Netbui to TCP
+ CAM (Client Application Manager Built-in)
+ Automatic installation, updating and launching of client

* FILEX Server Features
+ Autosense Terminal, FILEX, MindWire or FAX
+ Up to 8 FILEX Servers on a single PC
+ Audit Trail for FILEX Access
+ User security for remote hard drive access

* Dynamic and Customizable Windows Menus (WIP)
+ Images, text, buttons, icons, note fields, text windows,
progress bars.
+ 24-bit color
+ Automatic updating of menu resources
+ Mouse fields with bitmaps
+ Easy-to-use drawing utility

* Developers Features
+ Both Client and Server are programmable via OLE
+ Access high level functionality in both the Connector and
Server such as:
   - Automatic updating of files and application components
   - Image and sound support
   - Internet/network/modem/ISDN access
   - Over 200 API's for existing server functionality
   - MS Access database access
   - Uses ODBC for plug and play database connectivity
+ The developers guide is FREE
+ Single Line MindWire Host (Server plus Administrator) is
FREE (No Strings Attached)
+ Distribution of Client Software is FREE
+     All Windows
+     All Client/Server
+     100% Customizable with WIP (Images, Sound, Text,
      Icons etc.)
+     Automatic Software Updating with CAM
      (Client Application Manager)
+     Modem, Internet and Network Aware out of the Box
+     8 User License
+     Client Software is FREE

* Client Side
+ 386DX or Faster
+ 9600 Baud Modem or Faster
+ 8MB Free Hard Disk Space
+ VGA Compatible Monitor
+ MS-DOS 3.3 or Higher
+ Windows 3.1, 3.11 or NT

* Server Side
+ 486DX
+ 16MB RAM
+ 14,400 Baud Modem or Faster
+ 15MB Free Hard Disk Space
+ VGA Compatible Monitor
+ Serial Expansion Card  (for 4 or more modem lines)
+ MS-DOS 3.3 or Higher
+ Windows 3.1, 3.11 or NT

MindWire Client Software (free distribution)
 + File Library Client
 + Electronic Mail Client
 + Messaging Client
 + Chat Client
 + Logon/Sign-up Client
 + Account Manager Client
 + Product order Entry Client
 + MindWire Connector
 + Client Side Developers Guide

MindWire Server Software (includes an 8-User License)
 + MindWire Server
 + MindWire Administrator

Window Shopper- FREE
Allows your clients to shop for products as if they were
in the store.
Classified Ads- FREE
Advertisements can be posted with photographs for your
users to respond to.

News Flash- FREE
Tell your users about the latest news and information.

Additional 8-User License
To expand your network or Internet connectivity option,
DCN offers an 8-User License Option.

DC Interface Builder (WIP)
DC Interface Builder (WIP) is an easy to use drawing program
which utilizes DCN's truly dynamic Windows Interface Protocol
(WIP).  WIP menus can have images, text files, sound files,
Windows icons, scroll bars, buttons and more.  WIP provides a
way to customize the look and feel of any MindWire Server.

DC Compress
DC Compress is a universal image compression and viewing
utility.  DC Compress allows you to compress images with JPEG
and CMP while controlling the compression ratio, image size and
orientation.  Grayscale support is also included.  Images can
be converted to and from the following formats:  CMP, JPG, BMP,
TGA, and TIF.

FILEX is an easy click and drag remote file manager for your
MindWire Server. FILEX includes easy to use management
utilities, file viewers, file conversion, compression


[2.4.06] - O-M-N-I BOARD

Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 21:04:26 -0600
From: Dennis Strain 
Subject: New O-M-N-I V 1.5 Information you Requested

Here is the New O-M-N-I Features List, Price List,
and Order Form. These can be copied and printed in
formatted format from our web site.

No charge for current customers and Beta Testers.

All files are at the *NEW* O-M-N-I Web Site at:


The O-M-N-I HQ will have the new files and information in about
one week, so until then please go to the web page to get the

Dennis Strain - CEO
Copsey Strain, Inc.
O-M-N-I (tm) Software



O-M-N-I (TM) Online/Internet BBS Ver 1.5 Standard Features List

- Highly Customizable: Every part of your O-M-N-I Online
Information System can be made to look and feel... exactly the
way you want. You even have complete control over the way your
message/conference and file areas will look (which is not
possible in many BBS software applications). O-M-N-I's
extraordinary flexibility gives you all the freedom you need
for developing the online system you want.

- Secure Dial-up & Internet Access: O-M-N-I provides every tool
necessary to set up a secure full-service Windows/GUI-based
Internet BBS with direct dial-up access and Internet
connectivity. That means you have the option of letting callers
anywhere in the world connect to your O-M-N-I Windows BBS over
the Internet... just as easily as they do the World Wide Web.

- Multiple Caller Support: O-M-N-I supports more nodes
(telephone lines and/or simultaneous connections) on a single
computer than most other BBS software -- in packages ranging
from 1 to 128 nodes.

* User Friendly: O*M*N*I Term (the O*M*N*I custom client) is an
easy-to-use Microsoft(r) Windows-based application. Customers,
prospects, members, clients... even experienced company
workgroups will enjoy the ease and simplicity of installing it
then connecting to your Windows-based O-M-N-I server. They'll
actually feel like they're using a Windows application
installed on their own machine when connected.

- O-M-N-I Term Accessories: The O-M-N-I Term is also useful for
doing things other than connecting to an O-M-N-I Server. For
example, file viewers for many of today's popular image
formats, text files, and RTF files are included. The O-M-N-I
Term can even open a ZIP file and decompress it for you!

- Window Editor: The O-M-N-I Window Editor is a unique and
powerful application in itself. It is used to include the
objects and create all the windows that make up your system's
GUI (graphical user interface). System task teams and designers
will find the Window Editor a real joy to work with. And it
comes complete with your O-M-N-I software package... at no
additional cost.

- Object-oriented Communications: You can choose which objects
are sent live and which ones will be automatically stored on
your caller's computer. By storing commonly used information on
the user's end, your entire system will remain much more
responsive. For example, when you make changes to a window...
only the changes are sent -- not the entire window -- so
callers get them much faster.

- Permanent Forums: You can set up special windows and/or
forums on your online service which will be sent and stored on
your user's computer the first time they enter the area
(instead of being sent during the initial windows download at
first sign-on). This saves valuable time and disk space for
those who may not want to enter a certain area... and adds
significantly to the seamless performance of your system.

- Exports Windows & Objects: O-M-N-I allows you to import and
export windows and objects you've created in the Window Editor
for sharing between (or distribution to) other O-M-N-I Systems.
This makes it possible for system designers to conduct
development at completely different locations and (for
instance) send their work back and forth via e-mail.

- Resizeable Windows: O-M-N-I makes it possible for you to
create a window with a resizeable border... and will
automatically resize the contents of the window for you! No
programming or script writing is required -- the window will
automatically resize the elements on its own.

- Transparent Hot Spots: The Window Editor is capable of
creating invisible areas on a window that will carry out
specific commands when clicked. This makes it possible, for
instance, to create a single image on which you can place
multiple hot spots that the user can click to carry out various
functions on your system.

- Rich Text Documents: In O-M-N-I you have the ability to
create and display "rich text" documents in any of your
system's windows. This means that your special online messages
can contain multiple typefaces, sizes, colors, and paragraph
alignments... not just plain text (although you still have that
option too). Your users will take pleasure in scrolling through
your uniquely styled messages online.

- Image Formats: In O-M-N-I you have a wide range of options
for controlling graphic image quality and transfer speeds. You
can use JPEG, GIF, CMP, WMF, BMP, and ICO images anywhere in
you system's windows... in 4, 8, 16, or 24-bit color.

- Live Image Preview: O-M-N-I gives you the capability of
offering live online image file previews... which gives callers
a chance to see a quick "thumbnail" of an image before
downloading the actual file. The commercial applications for
image file previewing -- from stock photo previews to
full-color ads -- are endless. O-M-N-I supports all major
formats, including GIF, JPEG, TIF, TGA, PCX, CMP, BMP, and PCD.

- Online Sound: You can make your graphical online service come
alive with sound! You can associate any standard Windows WAV
file to a button click, a window opening, a window closing...
and many other events in O-M-N-I. In addition, MIDI sound is
fully supported... with complete control over how many times a
file is played.

- O-M-N-I Basic: Available with some O-M-N-I software packages
(or as an add-on) is an easy-to-use programming and scripting
language which significantly extends the range your design and
command capabilities -- such as adding online forms and
animation to your system!

- Message-Conference & File Areas: In O-M-N-I you have complete
control over how each message board and file area on your
system is set up. You have the option of using either buttons
or directory-tree listings for user access to each conference
or file area on your system. Because you may also control the
way each area will look... you can give a highly professional
appearance to all your online forums.

- Multi-tasking File Transfer: Your users can be uploading and
downloading a file and still maintain full use of the rest of
your system. Not only that, but they can "line up" numerous
file selections at once for transferring in sequence, and sign
off automatically at the end of the process. This assures the
most cost-effective use of your system... by allowing anyone
who's connected to perform other important tasks, or even leave
their terminal, while files are being transferred.

- Live ZIP File Preview: Your callers can see what's inside a
ZIP file in your file listing with just the click of a button
-- so they can actually decide whether or not they want to
download a file.

- E-mail: O-M-N-I's advanced, built-in e-mail system allows for
complete centralized management of your business,
institutional, or personal mail. Internet connectivity is
available, and a simple name-based addressing system allows for
multiple mailboxes at both the server and user's terminal. Mail
may be composed offline then saved for editing or mailing
later. E-mail message status (for both incoming and outgoing
messages) is indicated with easy-to-read color-coded icons,
which makes tracking volumes of e-mail daily... just a breeze.

- Multiple E-mail Attachments: O-M-N-I's e-mail system also
allows you to attach multiple files to your e-mail messages.
O-M-N-I even automatically compresses all attachments for you!
You no longer have to be concerned about ZIPping up all your
files before you send them... or wondering if the recipient
will know how to unZIP the files once they get them. It's all
done automatically for both the sender and the recipient.

- Multi-node Chat: O-M-N-I features a complete built-in chat
engine, with user paging and whispering. Chat sessions may also
be initiated, entered, or "invisibly" monitored from the server.

- Multiple Chat Rooms/Teleconferencing Areas: With O-M-N-I you
can set up multiple (private or public) chat rooms on your
system, with the ability to page other users on the system and
to "whisper" privately to someone else in the same
teleconference area.

- Ready-to-use Windows: You have the option of installing a
fully operational "sample" online system with O-M-N-I --
complete with predesigned objects and windows which you may
also use as templates for designing new ones. (The O-M-N-I
Window Editor Tutorial, included with your software package, is
also based on this sample system.) So setting up O-M-N-I can be
a simple, turnkey operation!

- Optimized System Management: O-M-N-I puts complete user,
e-mail, message board, and file area management right at your
fingertips... with many simple but powerful tools. One of
O-M-N-I's most important advantages is the way it is organized.
Everything is fully integrated to make the operation and
management of your graphical online service as easy as possible.

- Extensive Accounting Plan Options: O-M-N-I offers extensive
time-based accounting plan options for setting up different
types of user accounting plans on your system -- allowing you
to charge users for the specific way they use your system.

- MS-Access Database Format: The user, e-mail, message board,
and file area databases are all stored in MS-Access 2.0
database files making it easy to write add-on utilities in
Access and Visual Basic -- adding even greater versatility to
your system.

- ANSI Support: O-M-N-I internally supports ANSI Text dial-up
callers, making it easy for your new users to download their
FREE copy of O-M-N-I Term using their standard comm or modem
program. The O-M-N-I ANSI System Editor is included for
designing ANSI Text menus.

- Custom Dialog/Message Text Editing: O-M-N-I allows you to
edit various dialog messages that users see when they sign on
to your system... making the caller's experience on your system
as personalized as possible.

- O-M-N-I Imager: The O-M-N-I Imager is a full-featured image
viewing and conversion utility that includes many standard
image filters, such as sharpen, blur, and emboss. You can also
adjust brightness, contrast, color hue, and saturation -- among
many other things.



O-M-N-I(tm) Products & Pricing

There is an O-M-N-I Online/Internet BBS software package to
satisfy the online requirements of any business or
organization-no matter how large or small.


16-Line Professional O-M-N-I BBS .... $299  [Best Value!]

The O-M-N-I Professional Edition set the industry standard for
full-featured, low-cost startup BBS packages. It is highly
suited to smaller businesses and organizations that want to get
started building a multi-service online information system with
easy-to-use design elements and commands.

32-Line Professional O-M-N-I BBS .... $349

16-Line Designer Edition O-M-N-I BBS .... $389

The O-M-N-I Designer Edition extends the basic design and
command features of the Professional Edition to include O-M-N-I
Basic, a special built-in programming and scripting language
that offers more advanced system designers an almost endless
variety of tools with which to customize their system.

32-Line Designer Edition O-M-N-I BBS .... $439


64-Line Commerce Edition O-M-N-I BBS .... $599

The O-M-N-I Commerce Edition contains all the tools available
for setting up an advanced, highly customized online system ...
for larger companies and organizations that expect heavier
use.  It is ideal for setting up internal LANs and Intranets
utilizing TCP/IP (as well as dial-up) connections.

128-Line Enterprise Edition O-M-N-I BBS .... $799  [Best Value!]

The O-M-N-I Enterprise Edition offers twice the online capacity
of the Commerce Edition at only a slightly greater cost.  It is
the most advanced and powerful O-M-N-I software package
available for more demanding online environments.


2-Line Hobby O-M-N-I BBS  .... $99

Good basic starter system for amateurs, BBS hobbyists, or
system operators who would like to try out O-M-N-I before
investing in a more powerful, full-featured system.

Does not include:
    * Window Exporting
    * Accounting
    * Permanent Forums
    * O-M-N-I Basic


O-M-N-I (TM) Online Information System and Internet/BBS
Software for Microsoft(R) Windows v1.5

CURRENT PRICE LIST - effective 10/25/96
(Prices may change without notice.)

       16-Line PROFESSIONAL O-M-N-I BBS:   $299    [BEST VALUE!]
       32-Line PROFESSIONAL O-M-N-I BBS:   $349

   16-Line DESIGNER Edition O-M-N-I BBS:   $389
   32-Line DESIGNER Edition O-M-N-I BBS:   $439

   64-Line COMMERCE Edition O-M-N-I BBS:   $599

128-Line ENTERPRISE Edition O-M-N-I BBS:   $799    [BEST VALUE!]

               2-Line HOBBY O-M-N-I BBS:    $99

                     Printed BBS Manual:    $29
                O-M-N-I Basic (Plug-in):    $99

              O-M-N-I Checkers (8-user):    $49
           O-M-N-I Checkers (Unlimited):    $99
                        O-M-N-I Hangman:    $39
                           Simple Simon:    $29


To make things faster (and somewhat more convenient) for you to
receive your O-M-N-I v1.5 installation package, we've made it
possible for you to directly download your software NOW from the
O-M-N-I World Wide Web site at...

Or from the O-M-N-I Headquarters BBS at...

    Dial-up: 320-656-9045

Once we receive your completed order form, along with payment,
you will be sent a set of special serial numbers which you must
enter at the end of your O-M-N-I install program in order to
validate your registration and complete your installation.

If you prefer to have O-M-N-I installation disks shipped to you
via Postal Mail, please check the appropriate item under
"Product Shipping Method" below and add the shipping charges
that apply.

NOTE: Your O-M-N-I v1.5 software package includes complete
documentation in Windows 3.x Write format. However, you may
also download it separately (free) from the Web. If you wish to
order it as a "Printed BBS Manual," it costs $29 each and must
be sent by Postal Mail with applicable shipping charges (see

If you order O-M-N-I Basic as a separate add-on (to the O-M-N-I
Professional or Hobby editions), you do not need to download
it; you will be sent special serial numbers to activate it on
your existing installation. (O-M-N-I Basic is already included
in the Designer, Commerce, and Enterprise editions of O-M-N-I



Fill out the information below and send in your order one of
the following ways...

Visa or Mastercard orders e-mail this form directly to:

Internet:      America Online: BBSOMNI

+>> Put as the subject of your message:
    "O-M-N-I ORDER" + Your Last Name

+>> COPY this form to the e-mail message. But PLEASE...

Credit card orders may also be sent by FAX to: 1-320-253-0941

Orders by check, money order, bank draft (or credit card) may
also be sent by Postal Mail. Simply complete the order form
below, then PRINT it out and mail it with your payment to:

    O-M-N-I Software
    Copsey Strain, Inc.
    Post Office Box 300
    Sauk Rapids, MN 56379-0300

As soon as your order is processed, your O-M-N-I software
product(s) and/or serial numbers will be sent to you by the
method(s) you've indicated below.




                                  (Type X below if Yes)
       ABOVE IS: Home address ........:
                 Office address ......:
                 Home Office .........:
      DAY PHONE:
       BBS NAME:
      BBS PHONE:

Enter the quantity of each item you are ordering (you may leave
spaces blank for items you are not ordering):

                                  (Type quantity below)
       16-Line PROFESSIONAL O-M-N-I BBS:
       32-Line PROFESSIONAL O-M-N-I BBS:
   16-Line DESIGNER Edition O-M-N-I BBS:
   32-Line DESIGNER Edition O-M-N-I BBS:
   64-Line COMMERCE Edition O-M-N-I BBS:
128-Line ENTERPRISE Edition O-M-N-I BBS:

               2-Line HOBBY O-M-N-I BBS:

                 Printed BBS Manual....:
                 O-M-N-I Basic.........:

              O-M-N-I Checkers (8-user):
           O-M-N-I Checkers (Unlimited):
                        O-M-N-I Hangman:
                           Simple Simon:

Total Product Amount (see price list)..: $

You must receive your registered serial numbers before the
product(s) you are ordering will work. Please check the method
below by which you would like your serial numbers sent to you.

                                  (Type X below if Yes)
                 Internet E-mail.......:
                 Postal Mail...........:


                 Download (Free).......:
                 Postal Mail...........:

Add $15.00 (U.S.) for shipping disks and/or each "Printed BBS
Manual" by Postal Mail in the United states. Add $25.00 (U.S.)
shipping anywhere outside the United States.

                 Shipping Charge.......: $

                 Product Total (above).: $

                 Minnesota Residents
                 Add 6% Sales Tax......: $

TOTAL AMOUNT OF PURCHASE...............: $

                                  (Type X below for selection)
PAYMENT METHOD: *Check ................:
                 Money Order ..........:
                 Bank Cheque ..........:
                 VISA .................:
                 Mastercard ...........:

*Checks must be drawn on a bank with a U.S. Dollar account.
Writing "In U.S. Dollars" on a non-U.S. dollar account cannot be
accepted. If you do not have a U.S. Dollar account it is better
to get an international money order from your bank.

MAKE OUT PAYMENTS TO:  Copsey Strain, Inc./O-M-N-I Software

                 Credit Card Number ...:
                 Expiration Date ......:
                 Name on Credit Card ..:


O-M-N-I (TM) is a trademark of Copsey Strain, Inc. O-M-N-I
software and its contents Copyright © Copsey Strain, Inc. 1994-
96. Portions of the O-M-N-I software package contain trade
secrets and proprietary information that are protected by patents
or copyrights.
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