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  2.3 - OS/2 BBS SOFTWARE  
    [2.3.01] -   ORACOMM  
    [2.3.02] -   BULLETRON  

[2.3.01] - ORACOMM

Oracomm Support BBS, (612)894-5879
Sales and Support for Oracomm Multiline BBS Software
Surf Computer Services, Minneapolis, MN


[2.3.02] - BULLETRON

From: (Bulletron-OS/2)
Newsgroups: alt.bbs.internet
Subject: B U L L E T R O N   OS/2 BBS Software
Date: 8 Oct 1996 13:03:59 GMT


Visit us today and download the Demo.

Bulletron is the simplest and most powerful OS/2 BBS in the 
world. Expandable and flexible enough to meet the needs of the 
largest corporation, yet simple enough to be mastered by 
non-technical people in less than an hour.

Key Features Include:

- Operate any number of lines within a *single* OS/2 session. 
You don't need to open a session per phone line.

- No limit to the number os user accounts.

- No limit to the number of personal and public messages.

- Can service 2,000 concurrent users with one PC; 446,000 
concurrent users per installation using LAN technology.

- Up to 32,000 sub-boards can be defined.

- Over 32,000 access levels and unlimited special interest 
groups can be defined for controlling access to sensitive 

- Extremely rapid access to any information in the system is 
provided through a balanced binary tree filing systems.

- Inter-office e-mail and news can be transmitted over 
exisiting LAN wiring or Internet using TCP/IP and named pipes 

- Simple, single layer menus display all new message and file 
since last logon in all message areas.

- Conferencing message areas allow people to add comments on 
news messages for group discussion.

- Users can automatically generate Carbon Copies to groups of 

- Order entry facility processes VISA, American Express, Master 
Card and Discover Order forms with Validity checking.

- FAXback feature allows users to have graphic documents sent 
to any FAX machine or FAX modem.

- DOOR interfaces are provided, for executing other programs 
remotely or accessing mainframe databases.

- Systems in different parts of the country can be connected 
using propietary Bulletnet(TM) technology so that mail and 
news bulletins posted in one city automatically appear at all 
location overnight.

- Systems in different parts of the country can have their Chat 
areas connected together.

- Matchmaker database can attach questionnaires to user 
accounts and messages. Questionnaires can be attached to user 
accounts to implement a technical support human resource 

- All menus, help messages, and prompts are changeable by the 
system operator for complete customization or for foreign 
language systems.

- An operator at the local console can monitor up to ten 
sessions simultaneously to provide help for new users.

- Remote new account setup can be disable and accounts can be 
preloaded   from an external file such as registration numbers.

- Onsite setup, training and custom programming available.

The demo copy comes with all the features and the complete 
manual. Remember, you need to have OS/2 installed in order to 
try Bulletron.

Online Technologies
Voice: (516) 689-2457  
Fax  : (516) 689-0167
Contact: Andy Tornquist

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