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  3.3 - OS/2 BBS SOFTWARE  
    [3.3.01] -   ADEPTXBBS  
    [3.3.02] -   KITTEN  
    [3.3.03] -   LORA  
    [3.3.04] -   MAGNUM  
    [3.3.05] -   MAXIMUS  
    [3.3.06] -   OBLIVION  
    [3.3.07] -   VIRTUAL BBS (VBBS)  

[3.3.01] - ADEPTXBBS

* AdeptXBBS features


(Info current as of 01/20/95)
AdeptSoft of Boca Raton, FL., announces a public wide beta of
their AdeptXBBS 32-bit BBS Software.

AdeptXBBS is an OS/2, 32-bit, multi-threaded, multi-user,
Presentation Manager BBS.

AdeptXBBS incorporates the best that is OS/2:  speed,
reliability, power, and flexibility combined with a  user
interface is totally customizable; every prompt and menu can be
changed, edited and configured.

AdeptXBBS gives robust support for DOS and OS/2 doors, built-in
QWK and Bluewave offline mail support; built-in FILE_ID.DIZ and
CD-Rom support

AdeptXBBS also supports any valid OS/2 serial device, named
pipes and network connections.

Also available as add-ons are: a REXX programming subsystem and
an INTERNET subsystem. AdeptXBBS's REXX programming subsystem
gives total access and complete control over all aspects of the
BBS software, including all memory variables and all internal

AdeptXBBS's INTERNET subsystem features seamless e-mail
(POP/SMTP), newsgroups, FTP, TELNET, Finger and LISTSERV

AdeptSoft can be reached via e-mail at

AdeptXBBS can be FTP'd from the following Internet sites:        - /pub/users/adeptsft - - /os2/incoming       -

AdeptXBBS is available from the following Fidonet BBS's:
The Abandoned Land I  - 1:213/760.0@Fidonet  - (702)359-1138
The Abandoned Land Ii - 1:213/761.0@Fidonet  - (702)359-0629
Erasmus               - 1:142/113.0@Fidonet  - (203)666-5113
The DogStar BBS       - 1:222/10.0@Fidonet   - (705)946-6209
The DogStar BBS       - 1:222/11.0@Fidonet   - (705)942-8370
OS/2 Shareware BBS    - 1:109/347.0@Fidonet  - (703)385-6268  VFC

AdeptXBBS requires the OS/2 HPFS File System.

* AdeptXBBS features
AdeptXBBS has support for:
o DOS and OS/2 Doors, using the DOOR.SYS, and Session Info drop
o The ability to run redirected OS/2 programs
o Completely custom menu system
o Completely custom prompts system
o Multi-Lingual support
o TTY, ANSI, AVATAR, ANSI-TE2 graphics, auto ANSI, and ANSI-TE2
o Multi-node, multi-user chat
o Internet Telnet Support
o Named Pipe Support

AdeptXBBS file system supports:
o Multi CD-Rom changers
o File Tagging
o Virus Checking
o Archive Conversion
o Archive Viewing/Extraction
o Files.BBS/00index.txt importing
o Password protected files, and file areas
o Age limited files, and file areas
o Extensive file area and individual file security
o Built in support for the Xmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem-G, Sealink,
Zmodem, and ZedZap protocols

AdeptXBBS message base system has support for:
o File Attaches
o Password Protection
o Extensive security features
o Context sensitive searches
o Message tagging
o .QWK, Bluewave, Fidonet Point, and Text exporting
o Last Read Pointer Manipulation
o Unlimited Message Areas, Message Per Area, and Message Size.
(The current file system (FAT, and HPFS) will break before the
BBS does)
o Full Screen, and Text Message Editors
o Full Reply Linking/Threading
o On the fly compression of messages.

AdeptXBBS mailer has support for:
o FTS-001 through FTS-009 Fidonet standards
o Around 20 additional FSC proposals
o File Attaches, File Requests
o WAZOO, EMSI, and DietIFNA mail sessions
o Complete events handling, with external program support
o Fidonet v7 Nodelist support
o Auto Execution of a fax program for FAX connects
o Completely and seamlessly integrated into the software
o Remote mailer function requests

REXX programming subsystem and an INTERNET subsystem.

AdeptXBBS's REXX programming subsystem gives total access and
complete control over all aspects of the BBS software,
including all memory variables and all internal functions.

AdeptXBBS's INTERNET subsystem features seamless e-mail
(POP/SMTP), newsgroups, FTP, TELNET, Finger and LISTSERV

AdeptXBBS's Internet sub-system requires a OS/2 TCP/IP stack or
OS/2 Warp.

ADDITIONAL third-party Internet products currently under

OS2CHAT is a third- party product in development for AdeptXBBS.

IRCII is a third-party product that will have an AdeptXBBS
specific version.

UUCP is a third-party product written to seamlessly integrate
into AdeptXBBS.

Beta versions of these products will be available to registered


[3.3.02] - KITTEN

TelPro Technologies
BBS: 804-442-5865
Registration Fee: $195

DOS and OS/2 optimized versions.
RIP support


[3.3.03] - LORA

- Shareware DOS and OS/2 optimized evrsions
- Supporting up to fuor different message bases ta the same
  time, Fido-Base (*.MSG), the QuickBBS(also known as Hudson
  message base), the PIP-Base and the new Squish-Mail made by
  Scott J. Dudley.
- Supporting up to 500 message/file areas.
- Compatible built-in Front-End Fidonet Mailer, FTSC-0001,
  WaZOO and full EMSI capable.
- Supporting multitaskers, leaving not used time to the active
  task, and local networks.
- Integrated multiline chat.
- Supporting up to twenty different languages, for a full
  international system.
- Support for RemoteAccess 1.11, Maximus CBCS 2.00 and SuperBBS
  1.16 compatible Embedded Commands.
- Built-in TimeBank, FileBank, BBS List and UserVote doors.
- Support for off-line mail readers compatible witht he QWK
  packet format.


[3.3.04] - MAGNUM

Gilmore Systems
BBS: 805-379-3210
FAX: 805-379-1340
Registration Fee: $75

- True OS/2 BBS.
- 33-node(1 LAN, 32 dialup) capable.
- A DEMO version (2-node: - 1 dialup + console) is also
  available, restricted to 128 users, 128 files, 128 messages,
  Magnum to Magnum remote mail is deactivated.
- Supports IBM Artic and Digiboard cards.
- 26 Message Conferences, Optional 'Extended MessageBase'
  module provides up to 6,656
- 26 File Xfer areas, Optional 'Extended FileBase' module
  provides up to 6,656
- Thread supporting message sysetm.
- "MILC" commands(MAGNUM Interpreted Language Commands)
- Off-line message format supported: Magnum's POWER, and QWK
- Remote Job Entry (RJE) allows users to start jobs (programs)
  which run concurrently to their session which will continue to
  run after the user has logged off.
- QWK mail format for off-line reading (and message
  entry/reply) is supported.
- Games and other programs which run under OS/2 can all be run
  as a Child Process. A publicly available tihrd-party program
  (downloadable from MAGNMU BBS) will allow Magnum to run
  virtually any DOS-based door program. This capability reqiures
  both Magnum version 7.00 and OS/2 2.1.
- Group Chat is available on all nodes.
- Magnum BBS will run on a Local Area Network by purchasing
  additional copies of Magnum BBS for more DIAL-IN lines.
- Optional CALLBACK available separately.


[3.3.05] - MAXIMUS

Support BBS#(613)389-8315

  DOS and OS/2 optmiized versions.
  Free for non-commercial use.
  Multinode chat
  MECCA macro language programming

  Support for the following doors:
   LASTUSER.BBS(Opus 1.03),
   DORINFO1.DEF (QuickBBS andR BBS),
   ACLLINFO.BBS (WildCat!), and


[3.3.06] - OBLIVION



[3.3.07] - VIRTUAL BBS (VBBS)

Virtual Technologies
Registration Fee: $99

- DOS and OS/2 optimized versions.
- Multinode support for up ot 1028 users on-line is available;
  the shareware version supports up to 4 users on-line
- Supports up to 999 networks completely transparently at any
  one time, including VNETtype, FIDOtype, WWIVtype, and
- Built-in FIDO front end mailer (No need for Front Door)
- DigiBoard support in channel configuration
- Built-in QWK door for off-line readers
- VSCRIPT  script alnguage programming
- Multi-user teleconferencing
- User-defined macros
- Full CD-ROM or WORM capable databases
- Split-screen chat function available
- Supports optional use fo FOSSIL driver
- Support for the following doors:
   DORINFO1.DEF( QuickBBS an dRBBS),

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