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    [3.5.01] -   CHARISMA BBS  
    [3.5.02] -   DLX BBS  
    [3.5.03] -   EISBBS  
    [3.5.04] -   EXECUTIVE HOST FOR TELIX  
    [3.5.05] -   FALKEN BBS  
    [3.5.06] -   FEATHERNET PRO  
    [3.5.07] -   FIDOBBS  
    [3.5.08] -   FREESPEECH BBS  
    [3.5.09] -   GAP BBS  
    [3.5.10] -   GRAPEVINE BBS  
    [3.5.11] -   HARMONY BBS  
    [3.5.12] -   ILLUSIONS BBS  
    [3.5.13] -   JETBBS  
    [3.5.14] -   KBBS  
    [3.5.15] -   MUTANT BBS  
    [3.5.16] -   OPUS CBCS  
    [3.5.17] -   OSIRIS BBS  
    [3.5.18] -   PHOENIX BBS  
    [3.5.19] -   QUICKBBS  
    [3.5.20] -   REMOTEACCESS  
    [3.5.21] -   RENEGADE  
    [3.5.22] -   ROBOBOARD BBS  
    [3.5.23] -   RYBBS  
    [3.5.24] -   SAPPHIRE BBS  
    [3.5.25] -   SPITFIRE BBS  
    [3.5.26] -   SUPERBBS  
    [3.5.27] -   SYNCHRONET BBS  
    [3.5.28] -   TAG BBS  
    [3.5.29] -   TELEGARD  
    [3.5.30] -   TINY HOST  
    [3.5.31] -   TRIBBS  
    [3.5.32] -   TURBOBOARD  
    [3.5.33] -   ULTRABBS  
    [3.5.34] -   VIRTUAL BBS (VBBS)  
    [3.5.35] -   VISION-X  
    [3.5.36] -   WAFFLE BBS  
    [3.5.37] -   WWIV  

[3.5.01] - CHARISMA BBS

Info needed for Charisma BBS.


[3.5.02] - DLX BBS

* Where Can I download DLX?
* A note from the author of DLX
* Contacing the author of DLX


DLX has been sold commercially for years, it is now available
as freeware/public domain program.

DLX runs on MS-DOS and supports up to 32 telephone lines at
once on a single computer.  It is a social BBS.  On a social
BBS, the main activity (in addition to file uploading and
downloading), is interacting with other callers by chatting or
exchanging email. DLX supports two kinds of email, public and
private, and two kinds of chatting, one-on-one chatting and
Open Forum (group chat), plus questionaires and a matchmaker.

* Where Can I download DLX?
DLX is available for anonymous FTP from:       /pub/mirrors/msdos/bbs/            /mirror/msdos/bbs/          /pub/msdos/bbs/      /micros/pc/oak/bbs/ /pc/dos/bbs/   /pub/simtel/bbs/

If you prefer to download it over a telephone line, you can get it
from the DLX Support BBS at (206) 525-0995.

* A note from the author of DLX
The complete source code for DLX in the zip file.  DLX is
written in Microsoft Pascal and MASM. Nothing would please me
more than to have some kid in his bedroom write the next great
social BBS. You are free to use this source code for any
purpose.  You may modify it and make your own BBS program, and
even copyright and sell your modified version.

Happy BBSing!

* Contacing the author of DLX
Richard Gillmann, Programmer
Inner Loop Software


[3.5.03] - EISBBS

EIS is a complete remote information manager. A remote
information manager is a program that allows people who own
modems to call your modem and download information, send,
receive, and reply to E-Mail. Operate programs that run on your
computer from theirs, view catalogs, place orders, talk to the
system operator (ie: You), and more.

While EIS offers all these services to the people who call your
modem, you have complete control over who has access to what
parts of your system.  You can control access to specific
message bases, menus, commands, file directories, and even
individual files. If you wish, you can configure the system so
only the people that you have already assigned passwords to
will be able to access the system at all.

* Where Can I download EIS?
EIS is currently available on America Online as EISBBS.ZIP.





[3.5.05] - FALKEN BBS


To learn more about Falken BBS you can obtain the Falken FAQ

From: Bill Bell 
Newsgroups: comp.bbs.misc,alt.bbs
Subject: Falken BBS FAQ
Compiled by:
William Bell
Winter Paradise BBS
Fidonet: 1:2613/444

For Checks/mo in US Funds:
Info*Share Inc.
P.O Box 1501
Woodbridge, VA 22193
Voice: 703-749-2889

Accepting MasterCard, VISA and Discover. Ordes Mailed 2nd Day

Falken 6.69B 2 liner     $99
Falken 6.69B 4 liner    $199
Falken 6.69B 8 liner    $299
Falken 6.69B 16 liner   $399
Falken 6.69B 32 liner   $499
Falken 7.0 upgrade       $70
Maintenance Renewal 1yr  $60
Remote Console Door      $50
Match Maker Door         $35
FFAT Door                $60
Scavenger Hunt           $35
GDB Door                 $30

Info*Share, Inc. is the developer and can be reached via their
BBS at 703-749-2889.

Falken BBS can be ftp'd from the SimTel archives at in the SimTel/msdos/falken subdirectory:

-  Part 1 of 2
-  Part 2 of 2

This is the traditional multi-player Chess game. It allows many
of the chess features found in tournament Chess.

- RIPscript, ANSI or ASCII play
- Play users across on other BBS's thru F-NET
- Falken "stealth user" support
- Two player interactive online playing
- Move-and-wait offline playing
- Logon door to alert users of pending moves
- Sysop can delete games online
- Allows chatting during play
- Castling/and en-passant
- Scores are maintained
- Multi-player "share.exe" support
- News file support

This is the traditional multi-player Backgammon game.
- ANSI play
- Falken "stealth user" support
- Two player interactive online playing
- Move-and-wait offline playing
- Logon door to alert users of pending moves
- Sysop can delete games online
- Allows chatting during play
- Doubling cube is provided
- Winners get BackGammon, Gammon, or single win
- Scores are maintained
- Multi-player "share.exe" support
- News file support

This is a two user character-by-character chat door.
Word Wrap
- Any ASCII/ANSI combination of users
- Falken "stealth user" support
- Turn off pages/sends

This is a bulletin.exe replacement. It allows RIP/ANSI/ASCII
customized bulletin menus, continuous read, ability to abort
text per page (on the non must-read). Can run as a logon door
to force user into bulletins to read must-reads bulletins, and
to ask user if he wants to read updated bulletins. Fixed a bug
from the original bulletin!

This is a Falken Directory automator. If you have a directory
that you want to make a DLOADADD file for, just run Falfile on
this directory and it creates a DLOADADD readable text file.
It automates filename text entry.  Now, it will also optionally
read in FILES.BBS and convert to DLOADADD format. This is handy
for CD ROMs and for those converting from Opus BBS. Includes a
Top Ten downloads list maker, and a New Files Since Date maker.

If you sell merchandise (products, shareware doors, or
subscriptions to your BBS) via MasterCard or VISA, this is a
very useful door. It features 3 doors in one, and support for
logon doors and user activated doors for those already online.

- It can remind users that they need to subscribe.
- Entries are places in account number log file.
- The whole door is customized with a simple text files.
- CEO support for checking/editing orders while online.
- Registered option download password support.
- Search via begin/end dates.
- Optionally save reports to output file.
- Multi-player "share.exe" support.

This door is a showtext.exe replacement. It figures out if the
user is ANSI or not and displays an RIP, ANSI or ASCII file.
Has the ability to display a filename based on the line number
of the caller. Another option is the ability to logoff a user
on specific lines after displaying a text file for certain
levels.  Sometimes non-paying members need to be limited to
certain lines.  Recently updated to support special "@"
commands for internal user/account/system information (ie.
@address to display the user's address).

This door allows you to run WWiV (chain.txt) doors in Falken.
The 3rd party doors must use the FOSSIL, support multiple users
and have an option to disable screen writes.  Documentation
shows some sample WWiV doors. Currently supported on Falken
v6.43 and up.

This door allows you to run games written specifically for
DOOR.SYS under Falken.  Pascal programmers can now write doors
for Falken. Supported under Falken 6.43 and up.  Recently
updated for locked ports, and no write to display option in

This is a multi-purpose door.  It allows sysops and users to
dial-out to other boards or for linking another BBS to Falken
with a NULL modem cable.  New in version 2.0, added DialHOST
and DialMENU which seamlessly transfers DOOR.SYS and CHAIN.TXT
files thru the NULL modem cable using XMODEM CRC, the user then
is brought to a menu which selects doors.  DialMENU uses the
FOSSIL and is compatible with SIO and X00.  In console mode the
sysop may link Western TLCF, Falken TLCF, download XMODEM,
YMODEM, ZMODEM and upload ZMODEM, XMODEM and much more. This is
menu based and even checks for BUSY signals. Recently updated
for Falken V6.65.

This door automatically generates a monthly birthday text file
which can be viewed at logon or in a menu.  This door also
notifies who's birthday is today and congratulates them.  This
door also acts as a Backgammon and Chess move logon checker,
and can operate in stealth (hidden) mode.

Replaces or adds another Falken Tlcf. A developers kit is
available to program doors for Western. Scavenger hunt and
High-Low Game are included as Western doors.  Allows actions to
be customized, RIPscript, and features the best linking EVER!
Links support .netwho (see who is on the other systems),
.netpage to page users on other BBS's, network aware actions
and private whispers through the net and much more! A special
.kiss action has randomn 5 customized displays. The whole tlcf
is customized by editing configuration files. Scavenger hunt
room descriptions can now be customized as well. Make your
Falken BBS come alive with real daisy-chain linking with other
Falken boards (can even link on DELPHI and MajorBBS!). The
linking was recently updated to allow MULTI-CHANNEL links!

A neat school where you can throw desks, hit students, throw
spitwads, and generally have fun! You need western tlcf main
module. This door has a cost saving license.  You are allowed
to use PS #13 on multiple Western TLCFs on your one BBS for
free.  PS #13 was recently upgraded to run as a Western Door
(freeing up memory).

This program allows you to generate a 12 character certificate,
sell or give the certificate to customers and they enter the
number inside Falken to auto-upgrade their account.  You set
the options that the program upgrades them with.  This program
also includes a label printer/maker and 500 entry randomn
certificate generator for those without a printer.

This door is a logon door. You set what line is your 976 or 900
number, then when someone calls that number and logs on
successfully it automatically gives them a set number of
credits and hangs up on them. Has two new modes of
auto-crediting. The first is the option to give some credits to
all users once per day, and the seconds is the option to only
give credits to people who have zero credits.

16. ACCOUNT UTILITY (transfer credits)
This door on credit based systems allows users to transfer
credits to users online/ or offline. It will email users with a
note if they are offline.  A minimum amount of credits is an
option to disallow free credits transfer.

This allows users to scan messages base for new messages and
display the subject message base and message number.

Allows you to replace GFILES and have a way to display text
messages. Some text files are not well suited for Bulletins.
Concert schedules, USA Today, Top Ten lists, and help files.
Now you may run regular Falken doors through more menus and
have unlimited Falken menus!

19. ZMODEM SEND (with CD ROM support)
This door is a zmodem send replacement for Falken. It copies CD
ROM files to disk before transferring to speed up multiple CD

A must for Falken sysops!  This door allows sysops to upgrade
(validate) users online. Allows welcome to this bbs automated
email, fuzzy logic, total configuration, online validation as
well as offline, 20 different selections, VERY easy to use.

21. SWITCH (BBSCFG Debugger and Menu Switcher)
This program outputs the bbscfg.dat file into a human readable
text file.  This text file can then be uploaded for support
personnel or printed out for reference purposes.  "Switch" also
allows you to switch Falken menu entries.

This program renames a directory full of similar filenames
(those beginning with account number) easily.  For example,
some 3rd party doors uses account numbers filenames to keep
track of user options. On my system they begin with "tmw" and
when when switching to "col" I ran this program as  "> fneta
tmw col".

This is a multi-BBS wall for FALKENET V3.01.  FALKENET (product
of Mark Manes and Duane Waddle) is a "Fidonet similar" net
email, message base and programmers interface for Falken BBS.
Inter-Wall uses FALKENET to deliver graffiti to BBS's across
the country.  Each BBS shares a common set of graffiti.
RIPscript support!

24. CBV (Callback Verifier) - FALKEN 6.65+ SPECIFIC
Allows users to validate themselves by having the BBS call and
ask for password.  All the user has to do is type "ATA "
when he hears the phone ringing.  CBV verifies the phone number
according to local, metro or long distance area codes and
exchanges which are site configurable.  A logon, menu and phone
number checker (stripper) are included with examples. Falken
V6.65+ specific door.

25. Email Utility
Allows Sysops/Subops to read/delete and maintain email while

26. MSGPURGE Utility
Run in nightly maintenance mode to kill those dead threads in
the message bases... Easy and powerful.

27. 900 Service Door (TABS)
A Falken 900 service door which upgrades users accounts, has
built-in maintenance, and gives information on how to use the
900 Service provided by TABS (Telephone Access Billing System).
For more info on TABS call voice (800) 755-8227 or BBS (407)

28. Falken EchoReader (FidoNet)
- EchoReader supporting *.MSG formatted messages.
- Supports SQUISH type messages.
- Fast nodelist searching using Version7 Nodelist.
- RIPscript integrated message base.
- Jeditor full-screen editor support.
- Quoting of replies supported.
- Multi-line support using file locking.
- User High message read kept in sync in special FDU files.
- External falrenum.exe program to renumber and sync HM.
- Nfind.exe door utility to search information in V7 Nodelist.
- Intro "welcome" screen for ANSI/ASCII and RIP users.
- Realnames optionally set to mandatory or per user preference.
- Limit users to areas.
- Require realnames in some message areas.

29. Falken Deluxe QWK
- Full featured QWK and REP program.
- Email, Falken Message Base, Bullnew/Falken Bulletin support.
- Falken EchoReader support!
- Large Fidonet Message Size (65535 x 128 bytes).
- Falken Message Base/Email limited to 8192 bytes.
- Logon/Logoff and news files.
- New Uploads listed.
- PKZIP V1.1 and 2.04G support
- When Downloading QWK marks bulletins as read, messages as read,
- email as read, acks email from sender.
- When Uploading REP automatically updates files immediately.
- Download supports Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem sends
- Upload supports Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem receives

30. Falken Super CD ROM
- Separate Database per CD ROM
- Can mark CD ROM as ONLINE or OFFLINE
- If CD ROM is OFFLINE, user may mark messages for email
- If CD ROM is ONLINE, user may download immediately.
- Can easily switch CD ROMs and while online send files.





[3.5.07] - FIDOBBS






[3.5.09] - GAP BBS

* Requirements
* Main features

* Requirements
IBM  AT or 100% compatible (386 required to run Multi User
under a Multi Tasking system such as Desqview).
640K memory
1 360K floppy drive
1 Hard Disk (20MB minimum)
CGA, EGA, or Monochrome monitor
Hayes Smartmodem or 100% compatible
DOS 3.3 or greater.
ANSI.SYS which is loaded upon boot up
SHARE.EXE (if running on a network or other type of multi-user

* Main features
None specified beyond the usual message bases, file areas, text
sections, and DOOR.SYS type doors.

Single Node - $ 79.00
3  Node     -  159.00
6  Node     -  259.00
99 Node     -  359.00

Upgrades (difference in total price)

Product Support Renewal (1 year)      35.00
Printed Manual                        10.00

GAP Development Company
24242 Porto Fino
Dana Point, CA 92629


[3.5.10] - GRAPEVINE BBS
* For Grapevine utilities write

Multi-node; FidoNET(s) support (MSG tosser included); built-in
QWK and BlueWave mail; ASCII, ANSI, AVATAR, RIP, and NAPLPS
support; multi-node; editable prompts; Desqview aware; and much
more! Easy setup, maintainance, and use.


$55 (canadian) registration.
$40 US
27 (British Pounds Sterling).

* For Grapevine utilities write
Internet E-Mail: OR
FidoNET Net-Mail to Jeff Schoner @ 1:103/900.985.


[3.5.11] - HARMONY BBS
* Easy installation. No long hours spent searching through 
documentation to get the board up and running.

* Security. Harmony BBS uses a technique called valid 
requirement strings. With these strings (21 in all) the Sysop 
has thousands of combinations for security. They are 
implemented  throughout the entire system, including accessing 
the message bases, file transfers, voting booths, news, 
bulletins, user scans, doors, etc..  Here  is  an example:


If this were the valid requirement string used in  message base 
#3, only users who had a security level (1-100) of less than or 
equal to 50, were older than 21, had called in less than 30 
days, downloaded more than 5 files, and had access to the post 
office (private  mail) section, would have access to it. This 
of course is an over exaggerated example, but you get the 

As stated, there are 100 security levels in Harmony BBS. This 
may sound small when compared to other BBS programs, but when 
incorporated into the requirement strings, you see the 
flexibility you gain.

* Imbedded Strings (Sigma Commands). In both the private mail 
(called Post  Office), and the menus, the Sysop can imbed what 
we call sigma commands. Sigma commands are specific codes that 
are put in the files, that when displayed to the user, will 
show specific information pertaining only to that user. There 
are over 20 sigma commands in all.

* Menus are configurable. A full set of menus are supplied with 
the system that are very professional. The option to make them 
look however you  want is yours since all menus are simple ANSI 
and ASCII text  files. You can make use of the requirement 
strings  to hide options that you may not want certain users  
to view. Also implemented is a hotkey  feature along with an 
expert modem.  All available sigma commands may be printed 
while the menu is printing.

* Internal QWK packer, and a "QWIK session" feature, that when 
turned on by the sysop, allows users to log on, so directly 
into a send and receive QWK packet mode, and log right off 

* The installation, configuration, and BBS itself are all 
professionally windowed and have mouse support, making it 
easier for the sysop to change user information and data on the 

* BBS can be configured to be run as a totally open system 
(with the need for passwords either being enabled or disabled), 
a totally closed system (with a main BBS password required), or 
combinations of both. For example, you may want to run a BBS 
that is closed to certain people from 11pm to 4am. During the 
day, the only passwords that would be requested would be the 
individuals passwords, but from 11 to 4, the system password 
would take over, and the users would need both to be able to 
log on to Harmony.

* ASCII/ANSI/Monochrome/Caps Only support for users.

* User auto message. The sysop can disable this if they wish. 
The user auto message is a 3 line message that can be left by 
users for the next callers to view at logon.

* Built in denial list to restrict specific names during log on.

* Separate Quote generation program is supplied.

* The sysop can enable or disable the use of aliases throughout 
the BBS. If aliases are enabled, they can be systematically 
disabled throughout certain message bases so that messages on 
that message base can use only real names.

* EASY to network. Harmony BBS supports the standard .MSG 
format used by FIDO (and compatible) networks whenever a new  
message is created. Once the message has been exported to the 
network,  Harmony will take all the new messages and place  
them in its  own proprietary, fast and packed message base 
format. Separate addresses and taglines are available for each 
message base, allowing you to easily join more than one network.

* Three internal editors. An ASCII editor, an ANSI editor, and 
a powerful full screen editor for users with ANSI support.

* Supports up to 1,000 message bases, with as many messages in 
each base as a directory can hold.

* Supports up to 1,000 file areas, with as many files in each 
area as a directory can hold.

* All messages (whether  through the network, or posted 
locally) will be appropriately marked if they are  directed 
towards a specific  user. The sysop can determine the number of 
days that they want to keep messages marked, since all marked 
messages are saved until the user receives it.

* Door support. Harmony BBS uses the extended standard DOOR.SYS 
text file when a door is executed.

* Access.  The sysop can at anytime turn on and off certain 
attributes of the BBS.  For example, if a specific networked 
message base wasn't being hosted for some reason, the sysop can 
just set a flag to turn it off until activity resumes. There 
are many more places where access flags are used, including the 
file transfer, post offices, bulletins, and the user statistics 

* Downloads can be marked easily as the list is displayed on 
the screen. This feature, incorporated with batch downloading, 
makes the file transfer section of Harmony  a very friendly 
place to be.

* If a batch transfer is aborted because of a disconnection, 
and the user calls back before anyone else calls, Harmony BBS 
will remember what files that they had in the batch queue so 
that they can continue.

* Extensive use of ANSI graphics. When you call a Harmony BBS, 
you feel alive.

* Full interrupt driven modem I/O. Support for locked baud 
rates, hardware and software flow control, and DTR control.

* Internal voting booths, individually controlled by 
requirement strings.

* Internal BBS database that can be updated by users.

* Various levels of logging. The sysop can control exactly what 
it recorded to the caller log.

* Separate private mail section. All private letters are kept 
in a different part of Harmony called the Post Office.

* If Harmony BBS is networked, users (with proper security) can 
send  netmail. If they have sysop access, they can send it 
crash mail.

* Smart system news reading. All news can be marked  as not 
required to be read at all, or must be read once. News is also 
controlled by  requirement strings, and only users who meet the 
requirement will be able to read that specific news. Harmony 
also keeps track of which news files are new to each user.

* Seven internal protocols (including Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, 
Kermit, and ASCII) with support for many external protocol 

* Credit systems can be activated or deactivated for each file 
area. A different credit system can be implemented for each 
base, as in a file/file ratio or a Kilobyte/Kilobyte ratio.

* Floppy support for file transfers. The sysop can set up 
floppies to be used as file areas. Harmony will automatically 
determine whether a disk is in the drive, and if there isn't, 
that file area will be deactivated.

* Individual time limits and calls per day limits for each 
security level.

* Command line parameters can be passed to Harmony for easy 
combinations of a front end mailer and Harmony.

For the last 2 years, Harmony has been shelved and no progress
(or releases) have been made or scheduled.  Since that time, we
have been evaluating many options which would allow Harmony to
mature.  We have finally decided to hand over Harmony to a new
group of developers.  Look for a new version by the end of the


[3.5.12] - ILLUSIONS BBS



[3.5.13] - JETBBS

* Contacting the author via snail mail


JetBBS v5.0 (JETBBS50.ZIP) for MS-DOS is available at, or

Takes less than 5 minutes to install, just run "JETSETUP". 

Put any command on any key in any menu, or make your own menus 
and even make your own commands using the MNU script language. 
Perfect for special purpose BBSes. 

Fast, smooth multitasking under Windows 3.1, Windows 95, OS/2, 
and DESQview by yielding unused CPU time back to the OS. You 
can keep using your computer while the BBS runs in the 

No extra charge for running multiple lines on one computer. 
Includes inter-user color chat channels, touch, broadcast, and 
who's online commands. 

Intuitive arrow-key controlled scroll-bar interfaces for the 
E-Mail Reader and Message Base, just like a UseNet Newsreader, 
but does not require special client software since it does 
everything using ANSI commands. Also fully supports standard 
ASCII menu-driven access to e-mail and the message base. 

Includes all the standard features you expect in a BBS: 

- Supports four of the most common door protocols: 

- File transfers with ANSI scroll-bar file tagging, keyword 
search, auto-logoff after transfer, short and long 
descriptions, download counts, file_id.diz viewer, external 
transfer protocols. 

- E-Mail with file attachments, upload text to editor, quoted 
reply, forwarding, delete/undelete, easy to use arrow-key 
controlled color mail reader. 

- QWK mail and REP replies. 

- Voting polls. 

Built-in extras you don't find on most BBSes, and some you 
won't find anywhere else: 

- Sub-BBSes that you can make users sysop of. 

- Credit system with mailable checks, various things around the 
BBS that can be purchased, and a "chargecredits" function so 
you can put a fee on any menu command. 

- 8 built-in casino games that use the credit system.

Registration is $59.95 + $3 S&H. A registration form is created 
when the Jet BBS setup program is run.

For technical support, contact the author of JetBBS (Troy 
Beckstrom) on the JetBBS support board at (206)LAB-TEAM, or 

* Contacting the author via snail mail
Troy Beckstrom
2318 Second Avenue #492
Seattle, WA 98121


[3.5.14] - KBBS

* Registration gives you the following benefits
* Registering KBBS
* Where Can I Download KBBS?


* Advanced user graphics handling for ANSI and RIP modes,
including dynamic questionaires, menus, mode conversion and

* Based on AWC's Command Sequence language you have complete
control over the structure of your BBS.  Included are SEQ and
display files to allow SysOps to run a WildCat or PCBoard look
and act BBS's.

* Multi-node, no limit to the number of simultaneous nodes.

* SysOp local console RIP viewing without CPU overloading, even
on multinode systems. Displays what the user sees, during idle

* Multitasker aware and Self Aware. Built in thread-level
multitasking allows user to be doing something while tasks are
processing (such as scanning .QWK & copying files from CD-ROM).

* Handles up to 32,700 conferences, each individually
configurable for alias/real name, local/private/force echo/etc,
conference joining requirements, file attachments, carbon
copies, much more.

* User driven dynamic conference base. Users create and join
their own conferences, which have files, bulletins and more,
all under SysOp defined limitations and strict control.

* SysOp may force users to read new private mail upon login.

* Duplicate message and duplicate upload file checking, and
upload file processing, including SDI/DIZ importing & .GIF

* All databases are encrypted with SysOp chosen 70 digit
encryption key.

* All databases use AWC's compression engine for up to 16:1
compression, although effective compression averages 3:1.

* All databases have SysOp definable data elements for each

* Multi-Level conference and file section grouping (headings,
sub-headings, sub-sub-headings, etc).  SysOp utilities allow
easy management of conferences and files.

* Alias and Real-name modes, configurable by conference. KBBS
can also handle multiple users with the same name or alias
(SysOp definable).

* Includes QWK/REP mail and echo (net) mail, easy conference
setup with mistake checking (no more cross-posting!).  User
defined prescanning.

* Inter-node chatting, public and private, group chatting.
* Built-in call back verifier.
* New files scanning by (1) File date or by (2) Upload date.

* 14 internal protocols, including Zmodem and Kermit. CD-ROM
support for copy-before-download.

* Powerful event scheduling, and idle-time events (background
maintenance that happens while the BBS is waiting for calls or
even while the user is online).

* Door drop files for PCBoard 14.x, WildCat 2.0, RBBS, and
GAP (Door.sys). Door menus optionally show only doors that
support the user's detected graphics mode(s).

* KBBS takes advantage of EMS, XMS, and DPMI to cache,
overlay and swap.

* User time/download byte bank with loans, repayment schedule
and interest, automatic withdrawls (when flagging files for
download), "overdraft protection" and automatic deposit upon
logoff (all of these are SysOp definable).

Minimum Setup suggested:

An 80286 CPU
512K RAM
8 Megabytes of disk space for KBBS
More disk space to store files and conferences
A serial modem, 300 to 115200 baud.

For better performance, the following hardware is suggested:

EMS, XMS or DPMI memory
A 386, 486 or Pentium CPU

SysOps wishing to view RIP graphics on the local console should
have a VGA, EGA, IBM8514, MCGA or Hercules Graphics adapter and
monitor, and 600K of free conventional memory.  A math
coprocessor is also highly recommended.

Runs under DOS; multitasking OS (OS/2, DESQview, etc.) required
for multi-node operation.

The following disabilities have been installed in order to
build an incentive to register KBBS:

* Phase 1 Unregistered versions of KBBS will cease to operate
after Dec 31st, 1994.

* Limited to 3 operating nodes.

* A tagline stating "Licensed for 30 day evaluation" is
appended to all outgoing net taglines.

Pre-login "support shareware" message and delay.

* Registration gives you the following benefits
* Free upgrades to all versions 2.xx (this WILL include FTS
support in later 2.xx versions)

* A commercial copy, complete with disks and printed manuals
when this becomes available

* Unlimited e-mail technical support via the AWC conferences
and the AWC BBS (801-489-7910)

* Registering KBBS
Price: $129 (plus sales tax in UT and CO).

To register, send a check or money order to;

KBBS Registration
154 West 400 North
Springville, Utah  84663-1010

* Where Can I Download KBBS?
Version 2.0P of KBBS shareware BBS is available via ftp from: in the /ftp/pub/tcsmith directory.

From: (Ted Smith)
Subject: KBBS updates and Mail List
Keywords: KBBS
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408
261-4700 guest)
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 1994 14:46:04 GMT

Updates to the KBBS bulletin board system are available almost 
daily at  We've also 
established a mail list (KBBS-L) sourced from  To 
subscribe, send a message to with SUBSCRIBE 
as the subject.  Any text in such a message will be lost.  Or 
you can send a message to requesting 
that you be manually added to the list.

The following files are available at the ftp site:

> kbbsinfo.txt -- A brief description of the KBBS program.
> through -- KBBS Bulletin Board
> -- Update to v. 40 -- released 11/8/94
> -- Text about the KBBS program, software and
hardware requirements, features, distribution sites, etc.
> -- Text listing all of the "TO DO" items that
the AWC team has to incorporate into KBBS, as of about 10/25/94.

> -- Utility to convert VBBS files database to KBBS.

> -- Utility for converting from a Wildcat 3.x BBS
      to TriBBS (utilities for converting from TriBBS to KBBS
      are included in version S)

> -- Utility for converting from Spitfire to TriBBS
      (See note above re TriBBS to KBBS conversion)

For more information about files at this site, please contact  Feel free to post these files on your
bbs or in other locations.

Ted Smith ( or
Mountains West Consulting KBBS Distribution Services & Support
Telecommunications Solutions, Training, and Service
Mountains West BBS (916-726-2771)


[3.5.15] - MUTANT BBS

(this info is dated as of 8/94)

- Name of program: Mutant v1.19  (Shareware)

- Requirements to run the BBS software:

IBM AT/286/386/486 compatibles
Minimum 384K free memory
DOS 3.3 or later
Color graphics adapter that does not produce snow
Hard Drive (at least 2 megs free)
Modem or Rolm data connections

Although this is the minimum configuration, Mutant runs much
better with the following configuration:

- 486 IBM compatible
- 600K free Conventional memory
- 640K free LIM EMS 4.0

- 64k+ of Upper memory (memory above A000h).
- Fast Hard Drive (or big Disk cache)
- High Speed Modem
- VGA card

- Main features: Supports up to 1000 message and file
                 areas, unlimited doors, up to 65535
                 users, multinodes, sysop definable
                 prompts and menus, and much more.

- Author's name: Tom Johnson
                 6038 Old Landing Way
                 Burke, VA 22015


- Sales info: Send $40.00 to: Tom Johnson
                              6038 Old Landing Way
                              Burke, VA 22015
                              (no extra fee for multi-node)

- Tech support info:
Help can be obtained by writting the address above, calling one
of the two support systems listed below, or at any of the three
Internet addresses listed above.

- Mutant can be FTP'd from in the pub/mu/mutant directory.

- Official support & sales systems:
Mutant Support  Tom Johnson     BBS: 703-425-2235


[3.5.16] - OPUS CBCS



[3.5.17] - OSIRIS BBS

Subject: Latest Osiris FAQ
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 95 11:22:14 -0600

                  Osiris XLT v2.11 Multiline BBS
                       Copyright 1985-1995
      International TeleCommunciations, All Rights Reserved

Can be configured to LOOK just about anyway you want. Osiris
uses a command record to define each subsystem.

NOTE: Command records are totally BLANK until you start
PLUGGING in commands.

Command records can be LINKED with OTHER command records to
form a UNIQUE BBS system suited to your needs.

Some, but not all, of the features found in Osiris:

- Easy to use INSTALL program. Most sysops can put a full
functional BBS ON-LINE within 5 minutes.

- Callers use a THREADED reader to read news and echomail
similar to what you'd find on Compuser or a UNIX based

- Support for MULTI-PORT serial cards such as Digiboard,
Stargate, AST, and others.

- Supports INCOMING UUCP sessions and can act as an INTERNET
HOST site.

- Built-in 4-D Fidonet Mailer. Certified FTSC compliant by Tom
Jennings, founder of Fidonet.

Automatically detects and processes TIC, RAID, and AREAFIX

Can handle up to 54 addresses.

A.I. Router can auto-route for 54 different networks at once or
54 different addresses within the same network.

Mailer Protocols includes Wazoo, EMSI, HSP, Modem7, Telink,
Sealink, and Sealink with Overdrive. Unlimited Number of Events.

Supports the following Route commands:

  SEND TO {}
  ROUTE {} TO {}
  HOLD {}
  POLL {}
  USE ADDRESS {} For {}
  GATE {} TO {}

Each Noun is followed by ONE of the following verbs:

  4-D Address
  Wild 4-D Address

A WILD 4-D address is like a regular address  but, you can use
the DOS wildcard character '*' in place of any or all of the
individual subsections.

Like the DOS '*', '*' will match anything in that position.

  E.g. 1.237.*.0

  The WILD 4-D address also supports the question mark.

You may use the question mark in place of any single digit
within the NODE or POINT fields.

  E.g.  1.296.20?.0 or 1.296.?00.2?

Point-an-Shoot Configuration system.
Point-an-Shoot Nodelist Editor. Can edit or add nodelist
records WITHOUT having to recompile nodelist.
Point-an-Shoot Matrix Editor.

Lots of security features including but not limited to:

  Session Level Passwords
  Mailer Level Secure Echomail
  Mailer Level Secure Addressing
  Lock-out anyone not in nodelist
  Require SOME type of password for mail pickup.

  Nodelist Compiler.
  Robot Mail Utility.
  Bomb Utlity.
  Bounce Utility.
  Fidonet->Internet Email Gateway.

Uses Standardized MSG message structure. Almost any Fidonet
utility will work with it.

Auto-configuration program. Just tell it the node number, your
Fidonet address, and it will configure everything for you.

- Nearly 550,000 bytes of INDEXED on-line help.

- Sixteen STATISTICAL functions available to callers:

Todays Callers
Yesterdays Callers
All Calls
Six Best Times To Call
Six Worse Times To Call
Top 10 Uploaders
Top 10 Dnloaders
Top 10 Callers
Top 10 Msg Posters
Connect Rate Graph
Protocol Usage Graph
Who Called On A Specific Date.
Show's YOUR Call History, When you called (last 30-90 days)
Average System In-Use Time
Show YOUR Downloads (What Files and When)
Show YOUR Uploads (What Files And When)

STATISTICAL functions available only to the sysop

Who downloaded a specific file.
What files has a specific person downloaded.
Pie Chart showing the user graphic preferences.
Downloads for a specific date.
Uploads for a specific date.
How many people reading each news or echomail area.

NOTE: Some Sysop Statistical functions REQUIRE a VGA monitor.

- Supports ASCII, IBM , ANSI, and RIP Graphics.
- Integrated support for RIP graphics. Nearly every function
has a *CUSTOM* RIP counter part.

  Over 250 built-in Rip screens
  Over 90 custom slides and buttons
  Over 50 ICONS
  Scatter charts
  Fuel gauges
  Exploding pie charts
  Scroll Bars
  Windows like message editor
  Text viewer
  Message reader

Will auto-detects WHO you are, after the first call, and
automatically logs you on.

Built-in RIP Graphic and Sound manager. Will detects missing
ICONS, JPEG, GIF, WAV, or Local Play files on the callers
system and places them in the callers ICON directory. The
caller doesn't do ANYTHING.

Will detects *OLD* ICONS, JPEG, GIF, WAV, or Local Play files
on the callers system and replace them with NEWER versions.

- Fidonet style NETwork matrix mail.
- Built-in On-line Store.
- Ability to change the internal text prompt and colors.
- Support for Novel, 3-Com, Lantastic, and several other
Network packages.
- Support for Bi-directional protocols such as HS-Link and
- Fast B-Tree indexing.
- Build subsystems and select commands via a mouse driven
System manager. The system manager uses virtual windows, scroll
bars, buttons, radio buttons, and check boxes.

The System manager even has it's own built-in THREADED message
editor. You do NOT have to log-on to the BBS to read/reply to

- Flexible security levels and user defined COMPARE methods,
including the commands themselves.

- Set the NODE, TIME OF DAY, and even the DAY of the week for
EVERY SINGLE command, display file, SPL/I command file, or
External application.

- COMMAND billing system. You can CHARGE the caller on a
COMMAND bases. When he or she selects a command, the amount you
define is deducted from their credit.

- SPL/I, a C like programming language. Comes complete with
multiple stage three pass compiler and linker. Generates highly
compressed object modules. Supports WHILE, FOR/NEXT, SWITCH,
IF/ELSE, controls as well as functions to define and manage
BTREE databases and MEMO databases. Over 130 library functions
including WINDOWING functions.

- Message features include reply, carbon copy, return receipt,
attach file to message.

- Three log levels: Normal, Heavy, and Ridicules.

- Create AUTOEXEC SPL/I Command files that get executed WHEN
you are about to LEAVE a subsystem.

- Create AUTOEXEC SPL/I Command files that get executed WHEN
you change into a new subsystem.

- Create AUTOEXEC SPL/I Command files that get executed WHEN
you change into a new file area.

- Create GLOBAL SPL/I Slash command files that you can access
from any subsystem.

- Automated maintenance system does the following:
1) Generates New File Lists.
2) Generates File Request Lists
3) Manages Message areas. Removes deleted msgs and keeps areas
within a certain number of messages.
4) Manages History logs
5) Automatically Posts System Bulletins on certain days.
6) Automatically Posts Messages in specific Message areas on
certain days.
7) Cleans up OLD system bulletins.
8) Converts NEW uploads to correct ARCHIVE format.
9) Removes BBS ADs from new uploads
10) ADDS your OWN BBS AD to new uploads
11) Adds ARCHIVE comments to NEW Uploads
12) Can REMOVE files from selected areas that have not been
downloaded in XX days.
13) Delete Callers that have not called within XX days.
14) Delete ZAPPED caller, those with access level 0.
15) Manages UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD database logs.
16) Can run OTHER application on specific days.
17) Can do a SYSTEM wide virus scan.
18) Can do a SYSTEM wide file integrity check to detect files
(EXE, COM, OVERLAYS) that may have been altered by a NEW virus.
19) Daily Maintenance Report TO the sysop listing all
maintenance activity as well as calls, downloads, uploads, etc.
20) Automatically removes AD's that have EXPIRED (Classified AD

- Built-In Document Retrieval system. View, download, search
text documents. Search option supports up to 8 key words with
AND, OR, and NOT parameters.

- Built-In definable database's. Just draw the screen display
with any ASCII editor and plug in the fields with Dbase style
PICTURE statements. You can index on any or all the fields.
Search indices using up to 8 key words or phrases with AND, OR,
and NOT parameters.

- Built-In Classified AD system. Define the name of the data
file, access level required to POST ad's, and the MAXIMUM time
an AD can run then find a spot and PLUG IT IN.

- Give each CD-ROM it's own PERSONAL file system and file areas.

System manager will automatically create ALL the file areas,
one for each directory on the CD. It can automatically ADOPT
files from the CD-ROM including descriptions if the CD-ROM has
an ASCII text file listing the files and descriptions.

You can use ONE CD-ROM drive with an unlimited number of CD's
and ONLY make the file system that corresponds to the CD
currently in the drive will show up. Switch CD'S weekly and all
you have to do is swap the disks, Osiris does the rest.

You can delete a CD's files and file areas with a single CLICK
of the mouse. In 1/100th of a second, everything associated
with that CD disappears and WITHOUT effecting anything else.

- Automatic caller notification of System bulletins based on
the callers LAST time on-line and the date the system bulletin
was posted.

- Define your OWN method of doing system bulletins.
- Single line file descriptions with optional 99 line EXTENDED
file descriptions.
- Built-in Automatic Virus scan on any newly uploaded file.
- Scans NEW uploads for ANSI BOMBS.
- Automatic Archive integrate checking.
- Auto-Detects and uses:

and several other embedded description files.

- View the contents UC2, ZIP, ARJ, SQZ, ARC, ZOO, and LHARC files.
- View a TEXT file inside a UC2, ZIP, ARJ, SQZ, ARC, ZOO, or
LHARC archive.
- Nest subsystems 32,732 levels deep.
- Full Screen ANSI/WORDSTAR compatible message editor.
- Full Screen Mouse, Scroll Bar, ICON Driven message editor.
- Line editor with Quoting.
- Upload Messages using any protocol.
- TWO built-in (No Doors Required) Off line readers, QWK and
- Select ONLY the message areas you want to read.
- Subdivide message areas into CATEGORIES.
- Subdivide file area into CATEGORIES.
- Define access levels on INDIVIDUAL files in the SAME file
- Automatically builds and sends a FILExx.DES description file
when downloading files. FILExx.DES contains the names and
descriptions of the files you downloaded along with the DATE,
WHERE you obtained the files, and WHO to notify if something is
wrong with the file.
- Automatic notification of NEW uploads.
- System manager automatically scans and displays NEW uploads
to the sysop. No more having to HUNT them down.
- TWO time billing systems. One works on DATE, the other works
on TIME spent ON-LINE.
- Download billing system. Bills user based on DOWNLOADS.
- Extract and REARCHIVE individual files.
- Hooks for an unlimited number of external application such as
on-line games. Just click and enter the name of the program.
- Built-in time and kilobyte banking system with ATM. Automatic
withdraw if you need time or kilobytes to complete a download
or log onto the system.
- Built-in Call Back Verification system.
- Unlimited number of EXTERNAL file transfer protocols, BATCH
files are NOT required.
- Define your OWN startup sequences, i.e. what Osiris does as
soon as the caller types in his name and password.
- Define your OWN new user sequences, i.e. what Osiris does
after the caller enters his or her user record information.
- Define your OWN logoff sequences, i.e. what Osiris does when
the caller selects to LOGOFF.
- Auto File Recovery. If you lose carrier or hang-up and have
files selected for downloading, Osiris will REMEMBER what those
files were and automatically add them to the download queue
when you call back.
- Prodigy style rotating Rip AD system. Completely configurable.
- Time Slicing Support for Desqview, Windows 3.1 and OS-2.

- ANTI-OLD File Uploads. You can specify a year and a
percentage and Osiris will check the DATE stamp on new uploads
and if it finds the "PERCENTAGE" of files contained in the
archive are OLDER than the allowed date, the upload is rejected.

- InterBBS Echomail features:
Point and Shoot Configuration
Echomail notification system
EID dup checking
backup CRC dup checking
MSGID dup checking
Multiple level security system including Packet level passwords.
Echomail BILLING system.

- TIC/Raid Processor.
- Supports up to 8000 message areas. Callers can SELECT which
areas they want to read. One, any combination, or all 8000 and
Osiris will TRACK the messages they have and have not read in
ALL the areas.
- Supports over 1 billion file areas.
- QWK echomail utilities.
- UTI utilities.
- Newsgroup Support includes but not limited to:

Uses *ORIGINAL* subject line, up to 1000 characters, when
replying to a message.

Full Followup-To Support.
Full Reference Support.

Replies are automatically routed back to ALL the newsgroups the
original message was posted to, unless redirected by a
followup-to control line.

NOTE: Newsgroups line contain the NAMES of all the newsgroups
and only ONE PHSYCALLY message is sent.

Caller can elect to have a reply sent via e-mail.

Entire system designed so that no caller can cause problems,
Even posting something to the wrong newsgroups can be prevented.

So easy to use they don't need to know ANYTHING about USENET.
In fact, they may not even notice that it is a newsgroup area.

System is rock solid, over a million newsgroup messages, so
far, handled without a single mishap.

- INTERNET utilities include:
         Incoming Ftpmail server
         Anonymous FTP Interface
         Archie Interface
         List Server
         Newsgroup Import/Exporter
         Whois Interface
         Fidonet To Internet E-mail Gate.
         Internet HOST package featuring:
              Intelligent Router
              News feed program supporting mixed archive
                   formats (compress or gunzip). Can feed
                   up to 1000 sites.
         UUCP connect time billing and statistics program
         News-server. News-server lets those you feed turn
                   newsgroups on and off remotely.

- Can be HOOKED-UP LIVE to Internet with FTP (IN/OUT), ARCHIE,
TELNET (IN/OUT), and GOPHER using a SLIP/PPP, T1, or 56K line
using BBSnet by Murkworks, Inc.

- Technical support:

  Internet . . .
  Voice  . . . .  (314) 686-0154  11 AM - 7 PM CST (M-F),
                                  11 AM - 4 PM CST (Sat).
  Fax  . . . . .  (314) 686-0154
  BBS  . . . . .  (314) 686-0120

- Registration starting as low as 39.95 for a single line system.

- Four generally maintenance release PER year and they are
  ALWAYS provided FREE. A tradition since 1985.

- You find a bug in the Osiris.exe that we can verify and if it
is something we have control over, we'll fix it within 72 hours
and it is FREE. A bug in something we don't have control over,
like a compiler or commerical library, may take a little longer.

Software requires 386 or higher CPU, 350K of Memory, Color Monitor,
and Mouse.

Shareware Software can be obtained

Anonymous FTP

Location : (IP:
Directory: /pub/intltel

Fidonet File Request

Location  :
Magic Name:  OSIRIS

Direct Downloading

Location:  Genesis
Phone   :  (314) 686-0120


[3.5.18] - PHOENIX BBS



[3.5.19] - QUICKBBS

QuickBBS Support BBS (407)896-0494
Product Support for QuickBBS Software
Richard Creighton/Steve Gabrilowitz, Orlando, FL




  Real-Time Conferencing
  External Program Support (Doors)
  System Operator On-Line Functions
  System Presentation



The RemoteAccess BBS-package has been written by Andrew
Milner, and is released by Wantree Development. The current
version of Remote Access (RA) is 2.01.

RemoteAccess should run on any IBM 80x86 compatible computer.
The only two programs you will need in addition to the release
package are DOS 3.x and a FOSSIL driver (the FOSSIL is a
memory-resident program that many communications packages use
to communicate with the modem). Two FOSSILs that have been
successfully tested with RemoteAccess are Ray Gwinn's X00, and
David Nugent's BNU. Either of these should be readily available
from any local bulletin board. You will also need a modem that
is capable of accepting Hayes-type commands. The minimum memory
requirement is approximately 350K, but 512K is recommended.

Andrew Milner's BBS:
Fido: 3:690/418
BBS #:61-9-385-3359
BBS Name:Wantree Development

The archive containing the Shareware version of Remote Access 
doesn't contain a separate list of features. The registered 
version does. It has one at the beginning of the manual that is 
sent to you after registration. You should keep in mind that 
this list is taken from the manual of the professional version, 
which differs from the registered shareware version in a few 
respects. Please refer to the registration topic of this 
section for an overview of the extra features of the 
professional version.

To find out which features aren't available in the
non-registered version, you'll have to skim through the RA.DOC
file you'll find in the RA_201 archive. The non-registered
version isn't crippled in any way. The only difference is, it
does not include a few features the registered version offers,
but does not interfere with the BBS operation.

+ Full-screen integrated configuration environment.
+ Multi-node; supports up to 250 users concurrently.
+ Full Local Area Network (LAN) support including enhanced   
functions under NetBIOS compatible LANs.
+ Support for DESQview, DoubleDOS, MultiLink, PC-MOS/386,   
TopView and Windows multitaskers.
+ Support for detection and time-slicing for OS/2.2xx.
+ Supports multi-line on-line messages between nodes.
+ Full system and user audit security logging.
+ Support for the popular FidoNet technology.
+ Direct support for high speed modems up to 38,400 baud.
+ Full support for 16550 buffered serial I/O devices.
+ Built-in screen blanker while in "wait for call" mode.
+ Automatic remote ANSI detection (supports terminal programs   
that are ANSI X3.64 compliant).
+ Support for Interactive EMSI automated log-on and user   
parameter detection, eliminating the need for users to enter   
their name and password at log-on.
+ XMS swapping support.
+ Support FAX/Modem operation and can be used in conjunction   
with FAX software to receive incoming faxes as well as BBS   
+ Provision to create custom log entries using a menu function.
+ Supports the FSC-0035 Internet gating specification.

+ Databased file system providing fast responses.
+ Up to 65535 separate file areas, each with it's own   
configurable set of characteristics including upload,   
download and file list security and flag settings, file group   
assignments, and more.
+ Supports the most popular file transfer protocols.
+ Full support for single and multi-disc CD-ROM devices used in
  the file database.
+ Interface system to install up to fifteen external protocols.
+ Fully configurable file ratio system allows the Sysop to
  decide what criteria must be met in order for users to
  download files.
+ Optional 'no download' peak hours time slot.
+ Optional 'upload reward' system.
+ Checks for duplicate uploads globally (configurable for each
  file area).
+ Optional scan for new files at log-on (with or without file
+ Ability to flag any file as free and/or password protected.
+ Ability to specify a list of known files which may not be
+ Internal support for external bi-directional transfer
+ Provision that allows users to download a text file
  containing the descriptions of their downloads.

+ 65535 seperate security levels.
+ 255 separate user groups which can be used to completely
  segregate groups of users.
+ Security filter allows the Sysop to specify a list of
  undesirable user names and phone numbers.
+ Provision for users to leave a message to the system operator
  after a password log-on failure.
+ Optional forced password change every certain number of calls.

+ Each message area may be defined as local, EchoMail of
  NetMail area.
+ Full FidoNet point aware.
+ Full FidoNet nodelist support, including comprehensive
  on-line browsing facilities.
+ Full outgoing NetMail accounting, and complete control over
  individual destination node costing.
+ Two seperate message database formats (JAM and Hudson) can
  be defined and used simultaneously.
+ Definable origin line and network address for each message

+ 'High-read' message marker maintained for every user in 
every area.

+ Full reply quoting capability, in both the full screen and
  internal line message editors.
+ Ability for users to send files with messages to other users.
+ Group Mail feature allows users of a certain security level
  to post 'blanket' messages to users based on user group or
  security level.
+ Support for carbon copies within message areas.
+ Support for message and/or NetMail return receipts.
+ Provision to restrict access to message areas based on user
+ Combined message areas allow users to define their own
  'folder' of message areas.
+ Configurable message area status including private, public,
  private/public, read-only and no-reply settings, applicable
  to each individual message area.

Real-Time Conferencing
+ Full user-to-user chat capabilities.
+ Supports up to 125 seperate simultaneous conferences.
+ Extended managment functions for conference moderators.

External Program Support (Doors)
+ Ability to generate almost any required interface file.
+ Support for locked high speed modems.
+ 'Memory Swap' feature can swap the main program to XMS, EMS,
   or disk file, leaving only 3 kilobytes resident during a
+ Full support for the 52-line extended DOOR.SYS exit file

System Operator On-Line Functions
+ Range of 'hot-key' functions available, including lockout,
  shell to DOS, and log to printer.
+ Complete user attribute editor available or making changes to
  users while they are on-line.
+ Provision to use alternate paging tunes.
+ Network manager utility provides complete control over a
  busy multi-node system.

System Presentation
+ Fully multi-lingual (up to 100 languages).
+ Comprehensive script language for building custom
  interactive questionnaires.
+ Complete control over menus and general system layout.
+ Hotkeys or command-stacking selectable per user.
+ 'Shell to mailer' feature for quick startup from a front
   end program.
+ Full ANSI and AVATAR level 0+ terminal emulation support.
+ Global menu commands.
+ Comprehensive range of text files displayed automatically
  under certain conditions.
+ Comprehensive set of text file control codes allow you to
  display system and user data and change certain system
  settings directly from within text files.
+ Support for 'once only' user bulletins at the system, message
  area and file area levels.

You may try RA for a period of three weeks on a trial basis in
order to determine it's suitability for your particular
application. After this period you must register each copy of
Remote Access that you run simultaneously. Multi-line
installations that share a common file base and have the same
name need only register one copy. Site and Group registrations
are available, and are dealt with on a case by case basis.

Registration can be done in two ways, depending on the kind of
system you are running. There is a shareware and a professional

For a shareware registration a system must be physically run
from a noncommercial site. A site is considered to be
noncommercial only if it is a private residence at which no
commercial activities are conducted.

NOTE: As of this release, the shareware version only supports a
maximum of two (2) nodes. The Professional version supports up
to 250.

Shareware Registration can be done at the following sites, at
the following prices:

AUSTRALIA: AUD60               CANADA: CDN60
-----------------              --------------
"Registration/RA"              "Registration/RA"
C/- Terry Harvey               C/- Royce Jones
PO Box 593                     PO Box 1825
Burwood NSW 2134               Bracebridge ON
AUSTRALIA                      CANADA
MasterCard, BankCard

USA: $50                       CONTINENTAL EUROPE: DM90
--------                       ------------------------
"Registration/RA"              "Registration/RA"
C/- Ed Meloan                  C/- Frank Altenburg
1110 Terrace Circle Drive      Wickopweg 9
North Augusta SC 29841         64289 Darmstadt
USA                            GERMANY

ASIA: AUD60 or equivalent      UNITED KINGDOM: GBP33
-------------------------      ----------------------
"Registration/RA"              "Registration/RA"
C/- Teo Chee Kian              C/- FlightPath BBS
PO Box 0685                    PO Box 268
Bukit Merah Central            Hounslow TW5 9PZ
SINGAPORE 9115                 UNITED KINGDOM
                               Accepts MasterCard,
                               Access, Visa

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the person
at your registration site.

Please include either a FidoNet address or a stamped,
self-addressed envelope so that receipt of your payment can be

A professional registration applies to every system that is
physically run from a commercial site (ie. the site is NOT a
private residence, or commercial activities are conducted at
the site). The professional version includes three modules that
are not available in the shareware version:

1. Real-Time Conferencing - supporting up to 250 users
   concurrently, featuring public/private/password-protected
   conferences, conference moderators and sub-conferences.

2. RANETMGR -  The RemoteAccess Network Manager, a utility
   designed to give you complete control over a busy multi-node
   system. Dynamically view the status of each node as users
   log on and off, what each user is doing, broadcast messages
   to any combination of nodes and automatically take any
   combination of nodes down for maintenance.

3. RAEdit - A fully functional, specially customised and
   registered version of GEdit, a premium full-screen message

The professional version supports up to 250 nodes and 100
languages, while the shareware version supports a maximum of
eight languages and 2 nodes.

The shareware version of RemoteAccess is available on the
Internet at the following sites:

- NIC.FUNET.FI (in /pub/msdos/communications/bbs/);
- XMISSION.COM:/pub/other/ra
- FTP://



[3.5.21] - RENEGADE

Renegade is a bulletin board program written by Cott Lang for
DOS systems. It can run on an 80186 in 285k ram, but a 386DX-25
with 2 megs RAM is a more adequate minimum. The actual full
install minus any modifications is around one megabyte on a
hard disk.

* Utilities
* Other locations

Messages Bases
  + Unlimited message length
  + Built-in QWK-Style Offline Mail System
  + Full Screen editor with powerful editing features
    or easy-to-use line editor

File Transfers
  + Convert incoming archives to the archive of your choice
  + Allows use of external scanning programs for virus
  + Use external and bi-directional protocols
  + Automatically imports FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI descriptions

Easy & Configurable Front End Shuttle Logon
  + Makes it so new users can apply without seeing the actual
  + QWK-Mail users can do their packet transfers without having
    to go through the entire logon process.

Local & Remote Sysop Control
  + Password protect local console and remote sysop functions
  + Complete system control from remote

Network Support
  + FidoNet support (node addresses) for message bases
  + QWK Defined message bases for QWK networking
  + Seperate taglines for each message base

Multi-Node Support
  + Supports Digiboard 8-node boards and networks
  + Maximize timeslicing under OS/2, Windows, and DesqView
  + Full-featured Teleconferencing system

Multiple Welcome and Menu Screens
  + Menus made in ANSI format with any ANSI drawing package
  + Easy modifications allow user-selectable menus
  + Random and daily menu display capability

Configurable Color Selections for Sysops and Users
  + Users can select from a predefined set of colors for
    various things such as message, prompt, and text color.

Emulation Support
  + Detects RIP, ANSI, AVATAR, and VT-100 on login
  + IEMSI auto-login detected

Online Doors
  + Generate one of 6 different drop files:

* Utilities
Third party utilities can be found at in
/renegade or at many BBS's running Renegade.  Some utilities

   + New User Voting - Users vote other users in
   + Security Robot - Random password, check new user
   + CDROM Utilities - Import FILES.BBS for quick uploading of
     CDROM  areas.
   + Network aids - Documentation for setting up FrontDoor,
     BinkleyTerm, etc.

Renegade is freeware.  It may be freely distributed in
unmodified form. The author has no objections to donations,
however. A $25 donation is suggested, which gets a VIP account
on his multi-node BBS.

Renegade is user-supported. A large international network of
Renegade systems, the RGSNet, can be accessed from many
Renegade systems for questions or comments. Forums on FidoNet
are also dedicated to Renegade discussion.

Renegade is distributed in two ways:  As a full install package
for first time users, and also as an update package for
existing Renegade setups. Be sure to get the right package.
There is a serpate documentation file which first-time sysops
should also get. The version is determined by the date of
distribution, ie. Renegade 05-31 is the May 31, 1994 version.

Renegade can be found on Internet at; 

It can also be freely downloaded from many BBS's running 
Renegade. Ask the sysop to make sure.

Renegade BBS FAQ:

* Other locations
Digital Frontier              Library of Trantor
Sysop: Cott Lang (author)     Sysop: Ben Lineback
Roswell, Georgia              Douglasville, Georgia
1-404-955-5375                1-404-920-7711

The Midnight Run              Excalibur's Realm
Sysop: Rikk Streng            Sysop: John Norman
Washington, New Jersey        W.Paterson, New Jersey
1-908-689-1754                1-201-256-0691

The Jungle                     The Dragon's Nest
Sysop: Charles Bowman          Sysop: Jesse Waldack
Fayetteville, N. Carolina      Bloomington, Minnesota
1-910-488-1954                 1-612-887-2147

The Shed
Sysop: Dave Sawford
United Kingdom
+44 (0)223 563468


[3.5.22] - ROBOBOARD BBS

Roboboard BBS is a Graphical user interface. In order for the
users to connect to your BBS they will have to use a special
terminal program. The program may be downloaded at the first
connection. Opposed to other BBS's which have a graphical
interface as an option (That is BBS who support RIP protocol),
and can be used without the GUI, Roboboard is GUI only. There
is no ANSI - Ascii option.

Technical info:
ROBO-BOARD v1.08 (PLUS)........................ $55.00 (USA)
                                                $65.00 (CDN)
                                                 80.00 (DM)

This version of Robo-Board is registered in the SysOps name. It
features  operation of up to 9 nodes.

ROBO-BOARD v1.08 (PRO).(w/KEY)................. $65.00 (USA)
                                                $75.00 (CDN)
                                                100.00 (DM)

Where Can I Download A ShareWare Version Of RoboBoard?
On the internet there are two versions. The Robo108 is not on
any site currently. The Robo106 is on various sites. They
differ in the configurable template screens which the 108 has
and the 106 hasn't.

The program is currently available at
/.3/garbo/pc/bbs as, with the terminal inside.

RoboBoard's Tech Support:
Author of RoboBoard BBS: Seth Hamilton

Support:     NAME  : The ROBO-BOARD HQ in Aylmer Quebec, Canada.
             SYSOP : Seth Hamilton
             LINE 1: 1(819)685-0957    1200-14400/v32bis/v42bis
             LINE 2: 1(819)685-6798    1200-14400 HST
             VOICE : 1(819)682-6670    (9:00-5:00 Mon EST)
             FAX   : 1(819)685-0994
             MAIL  : 62:6200/0 (WorldNET)

Looking at the pros & cons of RoboBoard
1) On contrary to other packages Robobard sysops can view the
   graphics locally.
2) The quality of the graphics is VGA <=> EGA
3) Supports a standard Hudson message base for networking.
4) Offline Mail option Using Silver Xpress version 4.01, which
   comes with it's built in graphic screens.
5) Drawing, and planning menus is very easy and intuitive.
6) Installation is very simple, and takes about 5 minutes to
   get the BBS up and running.
7) Built in DeskView support.
8) Supports dorinfoX.def doors
9) Will run on a 286 and higher. The FX needs a 386 on both the
   sysop and the users' side.
10) Built in Split screen chat
11) Supports speed up to 38000
12) Registered version will support up to nine nodes, including
    built in IRC like chat.
13) Comes in with predefined screens resembling a nice "Windows
    " look.
14) Supports one channel music.

1) Security and other configurable options are not part of
   the configuration and are determined in a separate file.
2) Message handling is weak. Only full quoting of the text is
3) Not many doors available for the Graphical format.
4) Some of the optional files and screens disabled in the
   Shareware version.
5) Limited command options. You will have to build your screens
with few commands as options.


[3.5.23] - RYBBS



[3.5.24] - SAPPHIRE BBS


Pinnacle Software BBS, (514)345-8654
Support for Sapphire BBS Software
Timothy Campbell/Pinnacle Software, Montreal, Quebec


[3.5.25] - SPITFIRE BBS



[3.5.26] - SUPERBBS




  The most advanced BBS security
  Programmable Command and Menu Structure
  QWK message off-line reader and networking support built-in
  Extensive File Transfer Section
  Inter-node message services
  Real-time user database
  Chatting artificial intelligence engine
  Up to 500 online external programs
  The most configurable BBS available today
  Extensive networking capabilities


Synchronet Multinode BBS Software
Copyright 1994 Digital Dynamics
PO Box 501
Yorba Linda, CA 92686
Voice: 714-529-6328   BBS: 714-529-9525 V.32bis
FAX  : 714-529-9721        529-9547 V.FC
FIDO : 1:103/705           529-9721 ZyXEL

2 node licence..............$ 99.00
4 node licence..............$199.00
8 node licence..............$299.00
16 node licence.............$399.00
250 node licence............$499.00

Professional Packages:
4 node package..............$499.00
8 node package..............$699.00

(Professional packages include: node license, shipping, QEMM
Memory Manager, DESQview 386 Multitasker, & 4 port High Speed
Seriel Cables)

# of nodes that can be run under DESQview on one computer &
amount of memory needed:

CPU	            Nodes		Nodes	MB of RAM
386-16	         1		2	        3
386-25	         2		3	        4
386-33 	         3		4	        4
386-40 	         4		5	        5
486-25	         5		6	        5
486-33	         8		7	        6
486-50	         10		8	        6

NOTE: You can run more than the suggested number of nodes, but
performance will decrease with each additional node.

+ Designed from the ground up as a reliable and feature rich
multinode BBS
+ Up to 250 simultaneous nodes with multinode chat and online
program support
+ RIPscrip graphical user interface and mouse support!
+ Enhanced DESQview, Windows, and OS/2 operation modes
+ Runs under DOS 3.0 or higher on any 80x86 compatible computer
with 450k free RAM - BBS can shrink to 288 to execute external
+ Automatic modem configuration for most modem brands and types
including the latest 28.8k modems

The most advanced BBS security
- ARS {tm} security provides the most flexible, comprehensive,
and user friendly security available in the BBS software
- Post/Call ratio, connect rates, time of day, and other user
data fields can be elements of any ARS security field
- Caller ID support with optional trash-can file
- 100 security levels with 104 sysop configurable flags per user
- Sysop can allow or disallow users to choose their own passwords
- Sysop can force periodic password changes (uniqueness is also

Programmable Command and Menu Structure
Includes free Baja shell/module compiler Users can select a
shell of their choice including emulations of other BBS
packages (Wildcat!, MajorBBS, PCBoard, etc)

QWK message off-line reader and networking support built-in
Off-line file requests
- Off-line new message scan configuration and pointer adjustment
- Send FidoNet or Internet NetMail from QWK REP packet
- Multiple compression formats supported
- File attachments optionally automatically included

Extensive File Transfer Section
- Unlimited external transfer protocols with optional DSZLOG
- Batch uploads, downloads, and bidirectional file transfers
- Transfer credit system is completely configurable
- File viewing, extraction, and partial downloading of archives
- FILE_ID.DIZ and DESC.SDI files can be automatically imported
into extended file descriptions
- Personal user to user(s) file transfers
- Optional batch download file flagging for user convenience
- Internal support for offline directories
- Directories can be sorted by filename or date, ascending or
- Complete CD-ROM (single and multidisk changer) support

Inter-node message services
-Current node status - user online, action, connect rate, and
- User activity - credited downloads, mail activity, logons, and
- Users can list active nodes and send private messages from any
prompt (even between external programs and the BBS)
- Multichannel multinode chat with optional channel password
- Private real-time node to node character by character chat with
remote split screen support
- Users can send telegrams, single line messages, or enter
private chat from any prompt
- User information (gender, age, location, etc) can be included
in node status display

Real-time user database
- Amazingly complete user edit function
- Remote changes to online-user data are immediately effective
- Disk image is always current for enhanced system fault
- Linked free-form data file for every user
- International address and phone number support

Chatting artificial intelligence engine
Multiple personalities available for your users

Up to 500 online external programs
- Multiuser or single user programs
- Programs that use DOS I/O (don't use COM port directly)
- 12 door file formats supported for an incredible level of
compatibility including: DOOR.SYS, PCBOARD.SYS, USERS.SYS,
- Supports native WWIV color code expansion

The most configurable BBS available today
- Powerful object oriented menu driven configuration program
- All menus, text, and colors are sysop configurable without
source code
- New User Questionaire is available and customizable
- All standard new user questions can be disabled individually
- Over 120 message variables (@-Codes) supported

Extensive networking capabilities
- Internal QWK network hub and node support with file transfer
- FidoNet EchoMail and NetMail support
- Send/Receive File Requests from within Synchronet
- UTI drivers for PostLink Networks (RIME, ILink, etc)
- Sub-boards can force real names
- Allow/disallow/force private posts and anonymous posts per
- Supports color codes for WWIV, PCBoard, Wildcat, and Celerity
- Support for multiple networks of the same or different
network technologies with different addresses and tag/origin
- Duplicate message checking using 32-bit CRC for QWK and Fido Networks


[3.5.28] - TAG BBS

Info needed for TAG BBS.


[3.5.29] - TELEGARD

Info needed for Telegard.


[3.5.30] - TINY HOST



[3.5.31] - TRIBBS


TriBBS is written by Mark Goowin (, and
the home BBS is Lobster Buoy, in Maine. All TriBBS files are
available for FTP from, in the pub/bbsing/tribbs


[3.5.32] - TURBOBOARD



[3.5.33] - ULTRABBS

* Snailmail Address


UltraBBS has been in BBS business since '90. The main
programmer is currently Craig Baker, a professional programmer
who also runs a computer store in Boulder, CO. UltraBBS is a
shareware DOS program and registration is required after a
reasonable trial period of 30 days. Registration price is
currently $75. UltraBBS isn't crippled in any way, so all you
get when registering is your name in the login screen. Main
features include a very powerful B-tree index which is used for
very quick filebase searches, built-in message encryption,
internal QWK system and all the usual things. There are several
third party utils for UltraBBS, for example several bulletin
generators, filebase managers, filelist generators etc. For the
latest utils, here's the contact info:

Craig Baker

UltraBBS HQ                        EuroUBBS support
Pinecliffe UBBS                    Underground UBBS
(303) 642-7463                     +358-39-374265 (ZyXEL 19k2)
(303) 642-0703                     +358-39-374719 (USR 21k6)
(303) 642-0971                     +358-39-374823 (Zoom 28k8)
v32b/HST, 16 nodes                 +358-39-374311 (ringdown)

* Snailmail Address
Craig Baker
PO Box D.
Pinecliffe, Colorado USA 80471

For internet users, please use the address for
questions instead of the author's address for a quicker reply.
The current version is now UltraBBS II v3.01 revision B,


[3.5.34] - VIRTUAL BBS (VBBS)

* Who is the author of VBBS?
* CORE Support BBS

- Extremely easy setup
- Multinode support for up to 9,999 users online available
  (SHAREWARE version supports up to 4 users online)
- Supports up to 999 networks completely transparently at any
  one time (including VirtualNET, Fido, UUCP, WWIV based, QWK
  format, and VRIME is in development for RIME based)
- Unsurpassed menuing and BBS presentation options
- Easy to learn VSCRIPT script language programming and
- Built in QWK door for Offline Readers
- Built in ansi Full Screen Editor (w/ 36+ text color choices)
- X,Y,Zmodem, Zmodem Batch and HS-Link downloads and uploads
  (BBS & Network)
- Automatically adds Archive comments to uploads
- Files attached to email local and Network
- Automated offline file requesting
- Automated Networked File requesting (networked feature).
- Surveys and Voting
- Multiuser Teleconferencing with port status, paging and
  seperate "rooms"
- Prepared text uploads in email & messaging (even from
  inside of the editor).
- Easy to use quoting feature in email and messaging
  (Configurable Quoter)
- Configurable 'N' scans
- Easy to set up Games and other external online programs
 (nearly unlimited presentation options)
- Save to ascii/ansi text any public or private message
- Form letters
- Unlimited number of message subs, file dirs, games and other
- User defined macros (32,767 lines per macro)
- Built in user time bank
- System bulletins and textfiles across drives
- Random messages (up to 3 lines)
- User phone charge accounting system
- Up to 20 seperate timed events per day (or put multiple in
  a batch file)
- 36+ user definable ansi screen colors (including
  background color)
- File archive viewing.
- Access coding throughout
- Unique Dual purpose (ansi color and ascii) menuing system.
- Pull down menus (PDM) configurable.
- Full messaging and file search functions
- Efficient binary storage of messages and all system text
- Built in daily clean-up.
- Optional System activity display at logon
- Fast Login from console
- Configurable WFC Screen blanking
- Mail forwarding (even across multiple networks, and
  multiple types)
- Assignable function key Control Panel at WFC
- Highly informational and customizable WFC.COM screen. use
  THEDRAW to customize
- Full CD Rom or WORM capable databases
- Runs as a door in whole OR in components from nearly any
  other BBS program
- Extensive log information
- Macro capable Networking software included
- Built in Ansi/RIP Autodetect
- Read and write Email from WFC
- Enhanced and definable Sysop functions
- Split Screen Chat
- "Pseudo" Dos (allows sysop to perform Dos functions w/
   user online)
- Multi-Mail Mailing lists (up to 9 lists)
- Multi network CC:s
- Definable Moderator (SubOp) fields for message and file bases
- SysOp security uploads
- Uses full advantage of DSZ for upload and log info
- Ansi Taglines (optionally random)
- Built in BBS Diagnostics
- Definable Function Blocks for totally configurable hot key
- STACKed menu functioning capable (Up to 999,999 menus
  stacked upon 1)
- Configurable Autovalidation of SysOps
- Supports optional use of FOSSIL driver
- Ascii, Ansi, and Enhanced Ansi operation with Pull Down Menus
- Multiple SysOp/Co-SysOp feedback.
- Handles/Real Names/Annon toggle for each messaging sub and
  file uploads.
- Auto-callback account verification and reverse call capability
- Message bases and file areas can be either "Flat" or
  "Layered" arrangements
- Online Hypertext help system
- Built-in Online User Test/Quiz system

* Who is the author of VBBS?
Roland De Graff
Holland MI

* CORE Support BBS
Virtual ComTech International Inc.

VirtualComTech Node 1  -->     1 616 399 4818
VirtualComTech Node 2  -->     1 616 399 8791

Secondary Support BBS/On-line registrations:

VBBS Business Board Node 1 --> 1 210 787 8974
VBBS Business Board Node 2 --> 1 210 787 0088


[3.5.35] - VISION-X



- USER Configurable MENU Support
- 100 Conference Support
- Real-time multinode chat
- Leech Z-MODEM dectection (Anti-Hacker utility to detect
  illegal file transfer)
- File Deletion after D/L w/ user access of 20
- 100 Independent Message/File Conferences
- Unique and fully secure MATRIX for Loging on and Applying
- Built in Netmail Support
- File Upload Checker
- Rumours and One Liners
- Up to 99 welcome screens displayed randomly
- HST and 16.8k support with locking up to 38400
- Coloured messages
- Configurable color selections for sysops and users
- VGA Support
- Configurable Matrix/Pulldowns
- Online User Editor
- Turbo Chat
- Multi-Node Support
- Desqview and OS/2 Aware
- Network Capable
- New User Voting with Comments
- FULL ANSI support (and detection)
- Animated screen open and closing (Terminator 2 inspired)
- Online Doors

Introductory price - $99 and $5 for shipping and handling.
Phone number to contact: (214) 361-8249 (voice)
e-mail: - (Prasad Golla)


[3.5.36] - WAFFLE BBS

Waffle was designed to connect to the UUCP network, which is a
network of many thousands of machines, the majority of them
running some variety of Unix.

* Other resources


* Allows a PC to communicate with Unix systems using the UUCP
"g" protocol, giving them capability to exchange UUCP mail and
Usenet news. Contains DOS equivalents for UUCICO, UUXQT, UUX,
UUQ, UUCP, RMAIL, RNEWS, and a news & mail reader.

* Can be run as an single-user, individual UUCP node.

* Can be run as a BBS program, including electronic mail,
messages, editor, transfer section, access controls, external
programs, cookies and numerous other amenities.

* A scheduler can execute DOS commands (such as polling
neighboring sites) at specific times or on a regular basis.

* Mail facilities include mail aliases, address routing,
folders, gatewaying of E-Mail into Usenet newsgroups.

* Usenet News facilities include support for batched &
compressed news, the ability to give other sites newsfeeds,
access control on a per newsgroup basis.

* Hooks are provided for gating both mail & news into external
networks (or specific programs).

* Supports FOSSIL communications driver in addition to native
interrupt package, for those with high speed modems.

* Other resources
The Waffle FAQ is available via anon ftp from


[3.5.37] - WWIV

WWIV Software Services
P.O. Box 720455
McAllen, TX 78504 
WWIV Software Services can be e-mailed at

Web Site:
FTP Site:

Current version: v4.24a
Shareware:       $80 for two node registration.

When you register you can connect to WWIVnet, a national 
network of WWIV-BBSs which facilitate the transfer of messages 
via a WAN type of service. (One packet is sent, analyzed by the 
receiver, who then calls another BBS and sends the updated 
packet, etc)  WWIV network software is free with your 
registration.  You also receive the Source Code on disk which 
lets you modifiy every aspect of the software to fit your 
system's needs.  (Software written in C)  No programming 
experience required. If you have a C compiler, many sysops 
release "mods" which are detailed instructions on how to add 
specific functions/features/add ons to the "virgin source code."

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