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    [3.4.01] -   FRONT LINE FOR WINDOWS  
    [3.4.02] -   GHOST BBS  
    [3.4.03] -   POWERBBS  
    [3.4.04] -   WINBBS  


* Features
* Host Mode Features
* Where can I download Frontline?
* Contacting the Author
* Registering Front Line


Front Line is basically a replacement for Terminal For
Windows. More importantly it can be used as a Front End
for Excalibur (PDQComm Replacement) or as a simple host
for the desktop. Frontline is very simple to use and
the only part that is different from other terminal
programs is the host options.

* Features
- Potocols: Xmodem Checksum, XmodemCRC, XMODEM -1K(YMODEM),
  Ymodem-G, Ymodem Batch, Zmodem, Compuserve B +, ASCII
- Multiple Comm Port Configurations
- ANSI, TTY, VT100, VT52 Terminal Modes
- Font Settings on the Fly
- Change Terminal Colors
- Support Serial Ports 1 - 8
- Scroll Back Features
- Capture Data
- Baud Rates - 1200 - 57600
- Basic Message System for the SysOp
- Configurable Basic Menus (Host Mode)
- Use Ansi Screens
- Uploading / Downloading

* Host Mode Features
The Host subsytem of FrontLine supports:
- X/Y, Kermit, ZModem Download/Upload protocols.
- Log Manager which is very useful with MultiLine Systems
- Editable Logon
- Ansi Menu Support
- Email To Sysop
- User Listing which can request Address Information if
  the Sysop Desires.
- Comm 1-8 support, Bauds 1200-57600.

* Where can I download Frontline?
Frontline is currently available on America Online in the
Windows Forum. Keyword; Win

* Contacting the Author
AOL: Sonic Mike or Via Internet:
BBS: 916-349-8517/8540 (ANSI or Excalibur Users)

* Registering Front Line
To register send a self addresses stamped envelope with one
high density (1.44) three & a half inch floppy disk &
registration fee of $20, to:

P.O. BOX 41073


[3.3.02] - GHOST BBS

Ghost BBS is an enhanced host for Procom for Windows. Author of
Ghost is Greg Hommel - Internet address:


[3.4.03] - POWERBBS

* Features for PowerBBS for Windows 4.0
* PowerGenerator
* Hardware
* Installation and Support
* Pricing and Ordering Information
  * Product Pricing
* PowerBBS Support Sites
* PowerBBS Internet Mailing List
* PowerBBS App Reference List


Hicksville, NY, January 2 -- PowerBBS for Windows 4.0
is scheduled for release January 20, 1994. This latest
incarnation of the first Windows BBS program breaks new
ground with a proprietary Windows terminal program for
use as a client.

This new client, PowerAccess 1.0, allows callers to
PowerBBS 4.0 systems to interact with the BBS using a
Windows multimedia interface. Callers connecting to
PowerBBS systems with PowerAccess will see icons,
buttons, shapes and graphics. They will also hear
Windows WAV and MIDI files if they have a sound card.
This makes PowerBBS systems much easier to use than
standard ANSI based systems.

Unlike standard ANSI and RIP systems, this client-server
approach to BBSing permits callers to perform tasks
simultaneously. Callers will be able to transfer files
while chatting in teleconferrence, reading mail, or
performing other BBS related operations. All operations
are easily handled with a simple point and click
interface. Callers can even upload and download files
at the same time, all while still interacting with the
other parts of the BBS.

PowerAccess also has strong graphics support. Callers
can request previews of graphics from the BBS before
downloading. Previews are only about 7,000 bytes and
provide true 24 bit color. If a caller decides to
download a graphic, he can choose to view it directly
from within PowerAccess. There's no need to switch to
another program just to see the file.

PowerAccess also has its own built-in mail reader.
Downloading mail and reading it off-line is fully
automated. Callers can even download and upload
mail simultaneously. The mail reader comes with
an address book where callers can enter commonly
used E-Mail addresses. There is also a special
"groups" feature that permits the callers to
group E-Mail addresses for broadcasting a message.

PowerAccess also supports ANSI and ASCII. This
enables a caller to run ANSI based doors on
PowerBBS systems. Callers can use PowerAccess to
call standard ASCII and ANSI BBSs eliminating the
need to switch to an ANSI based terminal.

PowerAccess is distributed royalty free to
PowerBBS sysops and is free to all callers.

PowerBBS for Windows 4.0 is a full featured
BBS package that has grown considerably since
its release in 1989. The BBS supports
ANSI/ASCII/RIP callers in addition to callers
with PowerAccess giving it the broadest
possible caller base. The Telnet/FTP add-on
gives the sysop instant access to callers from
around the world through a SLIP connection.

* Features for PowerBBS for Windows 4.0
* Messaging
Up to 1,000 message areas (public or private)
Internal QWK Mail Support
Support for Internet mail and newsgroups
Support for FIDO style mail
Public and private file enclosures
Flexible security for message areas
Support for Microsoft Mail via MAPI Gateway

* Files
Windows based file manager for easy file
maintenance Bulletproof security
Multiple file areas
Support for third party upload checking programs
Automatic importing of file_id.diz files
Built in support for viewing contents of ZIP files
CD-ROM support
Internal X/Y/Z-modem and Kermit protocols
Proprietary bidrectional protocol for PowerAccess

* Teleconference
Supports multiple "rooms"
Each room can have separate actions and/or moderators
Restrict room access by security level
Actions can have sound for PowerAccess callers

* Database
Support for dBASE compatible databases via PowerBase
Single record and multirecord views
One database can be linked to teleconference as a
User Registry
Support for indexing
Download files directly from a database

* Other features
Built in programming language with over 60 commands
Over 80 "macros" to display caller information
Support for doors using DOOR.SYS even for PowerAccess
Caller ID support
Send/Receive Fax support
Free Software Developer's Kit to create BBS add-ons
Highly customizable
Multiple language support
Support for ratios and/or credit systems
Support for handles

* PowerGenerator
PowerGenerator is required to make custom screens
for callers to your BBS using PowerAccess. If
PowerGenerator screens are not available,
PowerBBS will use ANSI versions of those screens.
Menu screens can be created using PowerGenerator. If
these custom screens are not available, PowerBBS will
automatically create generic versions of these screens.
PowerGenerator is an extremely easy to use and very
powerful screen creation program. Features include:

Color icons that can be inset or raised
3-D fonts that can be inset, raised or shadowed
Various shapes with different borders
Import graphics as background bitmaps or pictures on
the screen or both!
Objects can have sound attached to them
Full access to all internal PowerBBS menu commands
Special proprietary PowerAccess only commands

* Hardware
Supports modems up to 28.8
Supports ports locked at up to 57600
Up to 8 remote nodes per PC
Local nodes only limited by memory
PCs can be networked together to add more nodes
Runs on any Windows compatible network
Network log-ins supported
Support for multiport cards such as Digiboard
Requires 386 with 4M RAM and Windows 3.1 or WFWG 3.1

* Installation and Support
Four line BBS open 24 hours a day for free unlimited
tech support Comes with 200 page illustrated manual

* Pricing and Ordering Information
PowerBBS comes complete with 3.5" disks and a bound

If you continue to use PowerBBS beyond a reasonable
trial period (45 days), you are legally and morally
obligated to register the software or discontinue
using it.

PowerAccess is a royalty free terminal package.
No charge is required for its use.

Upgraders: If you have not received an upgrade
notification in the mail, contact Russell Frey on
the Support BBS with your sysop name and serial
number to get the latest pricing information.

* Product Pricing
PowerBBS v4.0 (1 Node)		$109
PowerBBS v4.0 (2 Nodes)		$199
PowerBBS v4.0 (4 Nodes)		$399
PowerBBS v4.0 (16 Nodes)	$699
PowerBBS v4.0 (255 Nodes)	$1299
PowerSuite*	         	$199
Telnet/FTP Add-On**		$149
PowerBase			$149
[included in PowerSuite]
PowerGen			$50
[included in PowerSuite]

*PowerSuite includes PowerEdit, PowerBase, PowerGen,
and MAPI!
**Allows both Incoming & Outgoing TELNET & FTP
sessions for complete INTERNET connectivity!

Note: Orders may be placed by credit card at
    1-800-242-4775 or 1-713-524-6394.
Or Fax your order to: 713-524-6398: include
your Credit Card Number, expiration date, and card
holders name when faxing an order. Make Check or
Money orders in $US$ drawn on a US bank, payable to
Russell Frey.  Send it to:

Russell Frey
35 Fox Court
Hicksville, NY  11801

Please leave any inquiries about pricing to Russell
Frey on the Support BBS.

Call 800-242-4775 voice or BBS 516-822-7396 for
additional pricing information Download the fully
functional shareware version from the Support BBS at
516-822-6948 (2400), 516-822-7396 (14400) or
516-822-7568 (28800) or FTP

* PowerBBS Support Sites
- PowerBBS Support BBS:
516-822-7396 or 516-822-7568

- Compuserve:

- America Online:
Search the Telecom Forum files for "PowerBBS"

- FTP sites: or

* PowerBBS Internet Mailing List
Send mail to "" and write
"Subscribe PowerBBS" in the body of the message.

* PowerBBS App Reference List

"*" = New or updated since last group send of
the "App Reference List"

PowerBBS Files
* PowerBBS v4.01 - (PBBS401A.ZIP/PBBS401B.ZIP) - Russell Frey
* PowerAccess v1.01 - (PACC101.ZIP) - PowerBBS Computing
* PowerGenerator v1.01 - (PGEN101.ZIP) - Brad Friedman

Quick Patches
* PowerBBS v4.0 --> v4.01 - (BBS401.ZIP) - Russell Frey
* PowerAccess 1.00 --> 1.01 - (P100-101.ZIP) - PowerBBS Computing

PowerBBS Information
* PowerBBS 4.0 Press Release & screen shots - (PBBS4INF.ZIP)
* PowerGenerator Press Release & screen shots - (PG1INFO.ZIP)

PowerBBS Utilities
* Powredit v2.2 - (POWRED22.ZIP) - Bill Ebina
* WhoCalld v4.0 - (WHOCALL4.ZIP) - Bill Ebina
* TopUser v4.0 - (TOPUSER4.ZIP) - Bill Ebina
* LogOff v1.0 - (LOGOFF.ZIP) - Bill Ebina
PowrUSER v1.0a - (POWRUS1A.ZIP) - Brad Friedman & James Carr
PowrNODE v1.0 - (POWRND1.ZIP) - Brad Friedman
PowrSTRIP v0.4 - (POWRST04.ZIP) - Brad Friedman
PowrNEWS v1.1 - (POWRNW11.ZIP) - Brad Friedman & Ronny Brodin
Pdoor*sys v2.6 - (PDRSYS26.ZIP) - Stephen Nolan
* PBBS Administrator v4.01(ADMN401.ZIP)       Todd Calvin
PowrSort v0.8             (POWRSRT8.ZIP)      Mark Newton
PowerBBS - MS Mail Gateway v1.6	(?)           Ronny Brodin
ZipView v1.0              (?)                 Ronny Brodin
PBBS Interactive Help v0.9(?)                 James Carr
Birthday Generator v0.2   (BDAY02.ZIP)        James Carr
PB3ALV96                  (PB3ALV96.ZIP)      COOKWARE Software
* PowerTICK v1.0	  (?)                 Charles Jones
PBBS File List Manager v1.32 (PFLM131.ZIP & PFLMUP32.ZIP)
                                              Gerral Reeves
PowerBBS-Only Doors
* Poker for PowerBBS v1.0      (CSSPOK1.ZIP)  Bill Ebina
* BlackJack for PowerBBS v1.0  (CSSBJK1.ZIP)  Bill Ebina
* In-Between for PowerBBS v1.0 (CSSINB1.ZIP)  Bill Ebina
* Pyramid Solitaire v1.01      (CSSPYS1.ZIP)  Bill Ebina
* Hi-Lo for PowerBBS v1.01     (CSSHILO1.ZIP) Bill Ebina
* Golf Solitaire for PowerBBS v1.0 (CSSGLF1.ZIP)Bill Ebina
Graffitti Wall v0.1            (?)            James Carr
General Store v0.1             (?)            James Carr

+ PowerBBS Software and utilities are available for download on 
the 4-line PowerBBS support bulletin board at (516) 822-7396 
[9600-14400] connections or (516) 822-7568 [2400-28800 bps] .

+ Also available on both Compuserve (GO PBBS), America Online, 
and via FTP at

(If anyone has updates or can fill in missing or incorrect
info, please send info to Apologies
in advance. BF)


[3.4.04] - WINBBS

Contact Information:

Steve Martyn
TechMate Communications Inc.
112-4001 Don Mills Road
Willowdale, ON
M2H  3J8

Internet: E-mail:
Home Page:
Modem:  (416) 498-0594 (To download WinBBS/Client)
TechMate Online:   (905) 508-1842 (Requires WinBBS/Client)
Voice:  (416) 493-0966
Fax:    (416) 498-8537

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