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  • Is IEMSI possible with ProBoard?

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    ProBoard does not come with IEMSI support as standard, but there are several IEMSI Login PEXes available.

    FarLogin PEX

    FarLogin by Jacques Theys at Farenheid Software features: IEMSI logins, new Users supported, WildCat! style shortcuts, posts messages to new Users and SysOp, dupe phone checker, reversed name search, info screen at startup, DOB checker, multiple login checker, UNIQUE new Users validation system, can bypass password checking, menu driven configuration program.


    FastLog/IEMSI PEX for ProBoard v2.12

    FastLog/IEMSI by Sarah & Faye Pearson at Fe-line Software adds IEMSI capability to your ProBoard BBS. IEMSI new User, duplicate password, DOB, and telephone number checking, IEMSI news, mail, file, hush support, fast logins using prefix character to Username, CRC password checking and save password, scrolling text on the login ANSI screens & much more.


    NutLogin (New User Turbo Login) PEX

    NutLogin by Eddie van Loon at DqP lets a User login with all the settings as you would like to have them on your BBS. (ANSI, clrscreen, screenlength, etc.) Up to 4 or 5 questions can be answered if User is calling from your local area, else 3 more from now on. Eliminate non-ANSI callers or people that answer questions they don't understand!