Frequently Asked Questions

  • What major active sites provide ProBoard support?
  • What support is available from the PB author?
  • What IRC support is there for ProBoard?
  • What Networks are dedicated support for PB?
  • What Support publications are available for PB?
  • What Internet Message Forum supports ProBoard?
  • What webring is associated with PB Support?

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    site email More Info - Arthur Stark - Top's Diamond Mine (TDM) - US
    no email More Info - Benjamin Zanke - Ghostcomm BBS - DE
    site email More Info - Branislav Slantchev - Silicon Creations, Inc. (Sci) - US
    site email More Info - Christian Schulz - Uno Software - DE
    site email More Info - Chuck King - Silverado Online BBS - US
    site email More Info - Cliff Barrack - Wizards World 2 - US
    no email More Info - Constantin Spiess - The Dealer's BBS - DE
    site email More Info - Dennis Murphy - DMJ BBS System / 2 (DMJ) - US
    site email More Info - Eddie van Loon - Dutch Quality Pexes (DqP) - NL
    site email More Info - Filip Duyck - UnReal BBS - BE
    site email More Info - Frank Robbins - ProBoard Innovations (PBI) - US
    site email More Info - Gilles Hemberg - The Church bbs (TCB) - BE
    site email More Info - James Padgett - Logical Decisions Group (LDG) - US
    site email More Info - Matt Jenkins - The Doorway BBS (TDB) - US
    site email More Info - Mike Ehlert - Pacific Coast Micro (PC Micro) - US
    site email More Info - Olivier Debonne - Virtual Soft Productions - BE
    site email More Info - Philippe Leybaert - ProBoard (PB) - BE
    no email More Info - Ray Gould - ComStar BBS - UK
    site email More Info - Rob van den Eijnden - Duck Productions - NL
    site email More Info - Ruben Provoost - JMJ Productions - BE
    site email More Info - Tom Torfs - 80x86 Productions - BE

    Thank You All for providing quality Support for ProBoard!

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  • ProBoard has the author's full support as he is constantly developing and updating the ProBoard software.
  • Most support for ProBoard comes by way of the ProBoard SysOps and Programmers. In order to provide a good support base for the author of ProBoard, several of them have teamed together to create a wide range of support resources on the Internet.
  • The author has even joined some of these Internet support sources to keep well informed about the overall operation of ProBoard in the field and periodically "drops in" to answer some of the questions.
  • Whenever you have an inquiry concerning ProBoard, you first should consider exhausting other means at your disposal before addressing your inquiry to the author.
  • It is not that the author is "too good to answer your inquiries", his time is already taken for programming the new versions of ProBoard and for trying to meet the release dates of that new software as the "one-man band"!

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  • The IRC, which stands for Internet Relay Chat, allows for real time conversation between people on the Internet.
  • The IRC has been in place since 1988 and has grown since, with now more than 100,000 users in 20+ countries.
  • On the IRC, people gather in channels or "rooms", that usually are about a specific subject.
  • Lots of people can participate in the real time discussions, and the number of topics covered on IRC is endless.
  • On IRC you'll meet people with the same ideas and interests, and making friends for life is not unusual.
  • The IRC is run on IRC Servers at various locations on the Internet.

  • Some very good FAQ's on IRC already exist but they are often written around UNIX based IRC clients, and handle problems and give examples you will never need on a Windows based IRC client.
  • That is why this IRC Intro file was developed by Tjerk Vonck at mIRC!
  • IsOnline

  • If you want to chat with other people interested in ProBoard, you can go to the IRC channel #ProBoard on hosted by Scott Drake who is not a ProBoard SysOp.
  • 1st server is:, Port: 6667
    2nd server is:, Port: 6667
  • WebSysOp

  • If you want to chat with other people interested in ProBoard, you can go to the IRC channel #ProBoard on hosted by James Padgett who is a ProBoard SysOp.
  • Presently, subscribers to the PB Mailing List below send an email notification message out through the Mailing List to have other members meet them on IRC! This notification is received by all Mailing List members worldwide within seconds of being send, unless of course, there is an unseen delay en route!
  • The server is:, Port: 6667
  • SysOpNet

  • This IRC channel is reached through SysOpNet (requires a JAVA applet which you can download there), however, it is better to get a true IRC client, like mIRC instead of using JAVA!
  • If your browser does not support forms or java script, you can access the chat area via an IRC program such as mIRC.
  • Main server is: irc.SysOpNet.Org, Port: 6667
  • More servers are listed at SysOpNet.

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  • Several Fido Net networks are available to the ProBoard SysOp!
  • DqP-Net

    What is?
  • Dutch Quality Pexes (DqP) by Eddie van Loon and Willem Weghorst is a ProBoard Net dedicated to DqP developed PEXes and EXEs.
  • Willem Weghorst maintains a non-ProBoard website called T.S.C..
  • How to Join

  • Download the DqP ( Application and Nodelist.
  • Duck-Net

    What is?
  • Duck-Net by Rob van den Eijnden brings Echomail, Drivers, Duck-Productions, ProBoard PEXes, S3M files, Demo's, Utilities, hardware information and the latest news about Duck-Net to its members.
  • Duck-Net members are currently located in Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Portugal.
  • How to Join

  • If you want to be a member whether you have a BBS or not, download and then unzip its contents.
  • Use AANMELD.EXE to apply and follow the on screen prompts.
  • When finished with the application, send it to Rob van den Eijnden by email to receive your node / point number.
  • Once you are added to the LINK list, you can participate in the Duck-Meetings four (4) times a year.
  • FidoNet

    What is?
  • FidoNet consists of approximately 30,000 systems worldwide which comprise a network which exchanges mail and files via Modems using a proprietary protocol.
  • They are connected for the purposes of exchanging email to the Internet through a series of gateway systems which interact with the Internet via UUCP with cooperating UNIX-based smart-hosts which act as their MX-receivers.
  • With the advent of the Internet, BBSes can be placed on the Internet with very little trouble. Besides the normal communications of the BBS via email and Usenet News from the 16-bit DOS world, you are now able to use 32-bit Windows and OS/2 software to Telnet and FTP into those same BBSes once they have migrated to the Internet!
  • FidoNet websites, homepages and various zone information is available on the Internet from the FidoNews Editor Source Page.
  • FidoNet has a World Wide WebRing.
  • FidoNet FTP Hub Services - Fee Required
    CC-BBS Ben Hamilton Irving, Texas US site email
    FidoGate (offline) Larry Evans Spokane, Washington US site email
    I.R.V.I.N.G. Martin Belcke Peoria, Illinois US site email
    NorthStar Ken Wilson Ottawa, Ontario CA site email
    Northwestern Star Bob Seaborn Saskatoon, Saskatchewan CA site email
    Pennsylvania Online! George Peace Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, US site email
    Southern Star John Souvestre Metairie, Louisiana US site email

    FidoNet FTP Hub Services - FREE for ProBoard
    Texas Pine Tree BBs Walter Reihle Killeen, Texas US site email
    Wizards World 2 Cliff Barrack Marietta, Ohio US site email
    Above strikeouts may be coming online with this service soon!

    How to Join

  • Fidonet membership is not to be taken lightly. Every member has certain responsibilities, set forth in Fidonet Policy 4. There is really only one rule -- that you run an FTS-0001 compliant mailer during ZoneMailHour (ZMH) daily.
  • Fidonet is open to any and all comers who are able to meet the ZMH technical requirement, but is not something you join on the spur of the moment without understanding your responsibilities.
  • You will really need to have at least a basic understanding of how Fidonet and your FTS-0001 compliant software work.
  • Detailed information for joining is available.
  • PROBOARD is backboned around the world, so you have a very good chance of being able to receive it. Check with your BOSS to find out.
  • If you need permanent support, connect to a fidonet distributor in your area and link the PROBOARD echomail area.
  • NO$Net

    What is?
  • NO$Net was first founded by Filip Duyck and Pieter Onghena. It was originally to serve as a quick way to lead [N0$] Productions PEXes to their distribution sites.
  • Now it has grown to a much wider variety, which is MOD/XM/S3M files, ProBoard PEX Files, Door programs and other BBS-related stuff.
  • N0$Net also offers an unique opportunity to new programmers who want to show their programs to other people. This can be done in a special area.
  • The EchoMail area has a chat area and other areas for PEX support. In the future, BBS Door support area will be added.
  • The FileAreas is used to distribute the files named above.
  • How to Join

  • If you are a SysOp and would like to become a [N0$] Productions Memberboard, leave a message to Filip Duyck on UnReal BBS or Atomic II BBS.
  • Members will be granted a N0$Net nodenumber, and a title (normally Distribution Site).
  • If a member's telephone zone has no HUB, it'll be necessary for that member to become one.
  • The same applies to countries not having an HQ.
  • PB-Net

    What is?
  • Constantin Spiess at The Dealer's BBS, is the German PB support site (FidoNet 2:246 / 1013) and one of the founders of PB-Net.
  • PB-Net is quite a large ProBoard Network with around 800 nodes in Germany and also quite a few in the US, Canada and some other countries offering a range of both mail and file echoes that are related to Proboard.
  • Apart from sound support, there is also an echo just for friendly chat among its members worldwide.
  • PB-Net concentrates on distributing good file utilities that are closely related to ProBoard.
  • How to Join

  • Download the PB-Net ( Application and Nodelist (in German).
  • PSN

    What is?
  • The founder of Pex Support Network (PSN) is Christian Schulz at the Highlander BBS (FidoNet 2:240 / 6120).
  • At the present time, Chrisitian's website, which is also known as UNO for his ProBoard programming software name, is not fully functional.
  • PSN-Net's message base is a little sparse, with the majority of messages just being File Announcements. Many new files are hatched every week, and some have been released with only German documentation, which somewhat limits their usage elsewhere in the world due to language.
  • A PSN information page is found on John Maddox's ProBoard website.
  • How to Join

  • Download the PSN ( Application and Nodelist.

    What is?
  • The Global ProBoard Network (TGPBN) was founded by Faye and Sarah Pearson (from Fe-line Software who are no longer in ProBoard), Arthur Stark from Top's Diamond Mine, Branislav Slantchev at Silicons Creations and by many contributors worldwide.
  • TGPBN is an amateur network built around the FidoNet style mailing systems.
  • This network exists to provide ProBoard SysOps around the world access to the many PEXes and utilities that are available.
  • Many SysOps have been missing out due to the limitations of the existing ProBoard Networks and whether they can receive it in their country.
  • TGPBN utilizes the Internet as a means of distribution for Zone Coordinators and it may be possible at a later date for everyone who has access to the Internet to download files and echomail packets from a FTP site using a fakenet address.
  • The network's goal is to hatch all the files that are written for ProBoard.
  • If you have written a utility for ProBoard then just pass it on to your nearest Host or Regional coordinator for hatching.
  • Many countries has already been linked together via TGPBN and some previously had no contact with any ProBoard SysOps!
  • TGPBN is alive and well in Europe!
    Seems that is providing support for the network in Germany as is indicated in the USENET!
  • TGPBN has been revived in the US since 27 November 1997 by Arthur Stark.
  • How to Join

  • If you are a member of FidoNet (or compatible network), you can easily setup your system to be a part of TGPBN.
  • Download the current TGPBN ( Application and Nodelist (v1.04 dated 27 Nov 97).
  • USENET - alt.bbs.proboard

    What is?
  • Internet newsgroups are a powerful and fun way to communicate with people around the world who are interested in the same things as you.
  • Thanks to the Internet's rapid growth and the exploding popularity of the World Wide Web, people from all walks of life now participate on a regular basis.
  • Newsgroups are so invaluable because they are the only medium that allows disparate groups of people with like interests to communicate on a world-wide scale.
  • Any person in the discussion group can send a message to the entire group, and any of the other members can immediately respond to the entire group, too.
  • However, the alt.bbs.proboard newsgroup has very few ProBoard related messages and is not as effective as a means of support as the other networks as it pertains to ProBoard because of spam!
  • Still, some good posts can be periodically found in this newsgroup!
  • How to Join

  • Deja News - To make posting easier, we suggest you register for easy posting, otherwise you will have to submit a confirmation email for each post you submit.
  • To search the newsgroups, please use the search pages provided at:

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    PB FAQ

  • The ProBoard FAQ covers "Frequently Asked Questions" from the field!
  • Before looking elsewhere for answers, you should take a look at this FAQ!
  • The FAQ was first originated by Sarah and Faye Pearson at Fe-line Software which is no longer in ProBoard since December 1996.
  • Before leaving ProBoard, the Fe-line Software folks officially asked Frank Robbins at ProBoard Innovations to take over the FAQ, which he did and now maintains!
  • PB-News

  • Dennis Murphy at DMJ BBS System/2 and the author of the PB Mailing List, has written the PB-News newsletter which is published twice a year.
  • It was mainly intended to keep the ProBoard SysOps abreast of the latest news and developments in the ProBoard community.
  • PB-News has been converted by Frank Robbins into html code and placed online for your reading pleasure at ProBoard Innovations (PB-News).
  • All versions of PB-News will be available online and for downloading at ProBoard Innovations.
  • The original ideal for a newsletter came from Warren Davis and it was called PBNEWS (notice there's no hyphen).
  • Warren published a total of three editions before calling it quits.

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    PB Mailing List

  • Dennis Murphy at DMJ BBS System / 2 and the author of PB-News has developed the ProBoard Mailing List which can be subscribed and unsubscribed to with very little effort, by going to Mailing List at ProBoard Innovations.
  • You may use Option 1 to Subscribe or UnSubscribe to the Mailing List! Other Mailing List functions are available to you at this location via majordomo!
  • The Mailing List provides an open message forum relating to Support Issues and Questions pertaining to ProBoard where inquiries get answered quickly by professional ProBoard SysOps and ProBoard Programmers via the Internet.
  • All subscribers in the Mailing List see every written message which is directed to their email address each time a new message or response to an earlier message is submitted.
  • When you see a message you would like to comment on, just use your email program and response back to that question - then send it - it's that simple!
  • The Mailing List has proven to be a very effective and popular Support tool for promoting ProBoard on the Internet!

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    PB Support WebRing

  • Webrings are an exciting new way to navigate the World Wide Web! This service allows web sites with similiar interest to form "rings" of sites, allowing netizens a fast and efficient way to find content and a great way for sites to build traffic and gain exposure.
  • The ProBoard Support WebRing is managed by Matt Jenkins (ring master) from The Doorway BBS and Frank Robbins (ring master) from ProBoard Innovations.
  • The whole nature of hypertext, the linked, networked structure of the Web, means there are forces you can use to your advantage.
  • Chief among them is gravity. It's self-evident that the closer you can position your site to traffic hubs, the more you'll benefit from the passing users. The Net is not just about who you are; it's about whom you're linked to and who is linked to you.
  • This is why one of the most fascinating and heartening Web movements has been the growth of the WebRing. It's a champion of the little guy, a way for smaller sites to compete, to band together and find a (loud) collective voice.
  • Webrings are like small communities. They're groups of sites which share a common interest. At the bottom of the homepage of each site are buttons which allow you to move around the ring, forwards and backwards, or just wing your way to a ring site at random.
  • If, for example, you have a site about the support of ProBoard, you can join the ProBoard Support Webring. When a ProBoard surfer finds one site in the ring, he or she will find all of them.
  • In a WebRing, individual sites would not have to edit their pages and point to all the other sites in the ring. They would just link once, to a central database location. If a site drops out of the ring, it's easy to remove the details. If all the ring data is stored in one place, then when a site server goes down, as they have a habit of doing, the ring will simply route around it - the circles will remain unbroken.
  • The rings are "owned" by the person who starts them, but the concept of ownership can be nebulous. Some ring communities vote on letting new sites join. Others operate an open door for all. The doesn't censor content or make editorial decisions about ring membership.
  • Ultimately, the WebRing gives ordinary people a chance to promote their sites in an economical and useful way, to do gratis what the corporate sites pay through the nose for. In making this possible, has made a significant contribution to the levelling of the Web and to the growing culture that drives it.